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Breaking News!! Clayton reports Springs will not play on Sat.


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Clayton reports that shawn springs is not expected to play on Saturday

Are you talking about what he said on ESPN on NFL live? He said it didn't look good for a return, and that that was the biggest injury situation to watch, but I don't remember him saying it was definate.

Off topic, I think Clayton is a good analyst, but I somehow doubt he has ever played football. :D Just an impression he gives.

On edit: Never mind, I see you just posted something about it.


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this is not for sure. Bram weinstein has as much insider information on this team as anyone and he said 10 minutes ago from the hotel in tampa that he is a game-time decision. Clayton is speculating as he usually does quite well. But dont think for a second that the redskins aren't gonna keep the idea in the bucs head that springs will play.

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This is a serious blow. Harris is... "inconsistent", and Rogers is still ailing and is still a rookie. All our other corners are scary.

Without Springs we are in trouble in this game. We need a huge game from the D-line.

corner is the most overrated position. We are going to win if we get pressure and stop the run, not corners

i remember everyone picked the colts last yr because the pats had third string corners. No corner does well without pressure, and almost every corner can guard a wide out when the qb has to throw quick

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There's no way the team has leaked that he can't go. No way. This is the single biggest injury news given that the anticipated matchup between Galloway and our secondary may be critical to the outcome of the game.

I'll believe that it's a game time decision.

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I'd rather have him fully healthy for our next playoff game.

If he's our only injury then I think we are fine. Plus Simms won't get as much time to throw the ball this game, so I'm not worried.

I agree. Let him sit for this game, only using him if we get desparate. We need him healthy for the following weeks game. :cheers:

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