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Where's the party in Tampa?


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Monkart, PortisClinton, DeanCollins, Rypien 91, Nova2Tampa, and a bunch of us got together at Al Lopez park for the last game. It is directly across MLK Blvd. from the Stadim. Parking is $15 and we had a blast. I know MonkArt is planning on tailgating there with a few others.

May want to see if the Dead Tree Crew wants to set up there as well. Lots of room, close walk to the stadium and not difficult to get out after the game.

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I'm heading to Tampa AGAIN and wanted to know where people will be tailgating? Didn't have the best experience last time and want to make sure we are with more Redskins fans.

Check here for info I already posted on this thread, I will be there early but have to wait in line at Will-call at 1:30 to get my tickets. Go to post #'s 25 and 27.


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