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Sumo on ESPN2


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I used to love to watch Sumo when I was a kid... when I lived in Japan we only got one English channel so Sumo was one of the few japanese programs that I could watch.

Something about it... even in sushi bars in America, a lot of times they'll have TV's with taped Sumo matches. It is oddly hypnotizing, you can watch it for hours.

Also, don't think for one second those guys aren't athletes. I hate to say it but an NFL lineman...even a Willie Roaf... would get owned by even an amateur Sumo wrestler. There is so much technique and so much strategy involved... they spend lifetimes trying to become good. It wouldn't be a fair fight.

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Yeah Sumo is pretty neat to watch. Nothing like that in the states. I like to see the Japanese carrying on their tradition. Sumo is less popular these days in Japan. Japanese youth are a different breed these days.

According to ESPN, it is gaining in popularity. It would be ashamed to see it lose popularity in Japan, though.

I enjoy watching other sports now and then. Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Rugby and Australian Rules football are fun to watch.

I can't really get into Basketball or baseball except in the playoffs, or if I actually get to go to the game.

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Every once in awhile I see what ESPN shows during football games on sunday and I saw sumo was onespn2 this past sunday. pretty funny. I seem to remember seeing scrabble on before also.

Hehe, I think I caught that. I've also seen a jump roping competition on ESPN during a football game.

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