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I don't think it was the Washington Redskins -- I think it was a team in whatever country they are from Redskins...just a hunch, based on the pictures having nothing to do with the actual Skins....

Welkom op deze pagina,

hier vind je links naar foto's van de Westflanderen Tribes en het Jeugd Rode Kruis Izegem

Ya seems like dutch or something, tried a translation website and it says this...

"Welcome on this page

here you find left to photographs of the Westflanderen Tribes and the Youth of Red Cross Izegem"

OMFG look at the pics!!!! Click on that logo, then training1 hahahaha the uniforms look like halloween costumes on them! witf? :)

One of the helmutts looks like a redskins helmutt

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lol. his teeth are almost as yellow as his jersey...


ok enough cheap shots at the non-americans...i'm going to bed

You're dead wrong man, :laugh:

But so very right in your oberservation. He has the natural bling going on there.

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