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Last WR NFC pro bowl spot: S. Moss or Boldin?


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Without being overly biased (as if that's possible), who do you think is most deserving of the 2nd Pro Bowl WR selection this year -- Santana Moss or Anquan Boldin?

In fact, they are both TIED right now with 1240 yards for the year

I'm really hoping Santana gets the nod -- We can probably assume Steve Smith will go, but I think Santana is right up there with him

I think he's more deserving than Boldin b/c 1) he's probably had more game-changing plays than A. Boldin -- and after all, the Skins have won a lot more games than the Cardinals; 2) he's not working with the benefit of someone like Larry Fitzgerald at the 2 spot; 3) he's a heck of a lot faster than Boldin, and 4) he's also a lot more fun to watch if you ask me...

So, cast your vote: Who do you think will be in Hawaii this year? Moss or Boldin

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Last year I felt Sean Springs was the most deserving CB in the NFC to make the Pro Bowl, but got no nod.

People attributed it to the record of the Skins, in spite of the Defense's rating.

I think Santana should get in just based on the fact the 'Skins have a better record.

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Gotta be Santana.....

A. He's on a team in playoff contention.

B. He practically single-handedly won the first Dallas game which, BTW was on MNF.

C. He doesnt have Larry Fitz on the other side do draw defenses off (although he does have a running game, so, push)

D. You can vote multiple times, so we are all gonna get on it right? Right.

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Plaxico will be the 2nd wide taken.

Lets do a stats comparison shall we...

Plaxico Burress 68-1046-6-15.4

Anquan Boldin 85-1240-6-14.6

Santana Moss 75-1240-6-16.5

So unless thyey restricted the voting to the New York area only, I'd hope Plax would be #4 at most. Get lost.

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