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  1. I don't have a cut up but was watching live. Shallow crossing tight end ran across his face. Easy pitch and catch w/ Collins trailing. I'm not going to go that far but he is overpaid/has under performed from a coverage perspective this year. We can say that about most in the secondary but....
  2. He got beat for the game winning TD in which he was matched up w/ a 2nd rate tight end. This is the norm and its pretty easy to discern when he is matched up one on one. Eagle tight ends were beating him like a drum last week. The tackling is great and I agree with your assessment from that standpoint but when it's third down and we are blitzing he has been an easy target.
  3. Agreed. I'd call him average. Doesn't force turnovers, out of position multiple times in run fits, and gets beat by average tight ends. We need more speed at that position. He's not worth the coin. One on one matchups make scheme/structure a non-issue and he loses way more than he wins. A good strong safety should be able to cover up average tight ends.
  4. Sorry. Scheme has nothing to do with repeatedly getting beat by slow tight ends in one on one match ups. Happens every single week. On top of that he is not that good in the box.
  5. Couldn’t agree more. Another failed secondary FA signing.
  6. Tackled him low and no flag. Bullsh**
  7. O'Connell calling a gem right now!
  8. Oh and collins too! Talk about BS at the point of attack. He is supposed to be a box safety but can't even fill the alley. SMH
  9. I hate Jay Gruden. Oh and Monate Nicholson. Garbage!
  10. Man Haskins looking REALLY good on that drive. Perfect execution!
  11. collins a step slow as usual
  12. pico926

    More Ryan Anderson please.

    I’m respectfully disagree. He is supposed to be a premier box safety but misses way too many tackles In the box and every game is guilty of taking bad angles to ball. To top it off he gets beat like a drum in coverage and looks like he’s lost a couple steps.
  13. pico926

    More Ryan Anderson please.

    Love Ryan Anderson’s motor and physicality at the point of attack. Would love to see him and Young on the edges next year!
  14. pico926

    More Ryan Anderson please.

    Couldn’t agree more. I could give a damn about a box tackling safety. That’s a commodity these days. He can’t run and can’t cover which is what you need out of a $90M safety.