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WP: Florida Backup Quarterback Portis Is Transferring to Maryland


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The guy was going to Utah and followed Coach Meyer to Florida. He got some playing time this year and showed some positives, but mainly showed rookie mistakes. This was ok, since he was a freshman though, and I figured that he would continue to improve.

But then he started complaining about the playbook and that Meyer was changing everything to fit Leak's and the offensive personnel's strengths. Which is what a good coach is supposed to do. So you MD guys are getting a mixed bag with this guy.

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Care to elaborate for those who don't know anything about this??

It had something to do with Calhoun basically paying off Gay's AAU coach through sponsoring tournaments for show. It was technically indirect payments, so he didn't get in trouble, but the NCAA quickly lowered the hammer and that BS is illegal now. Calhoun, by the way, is the dirtiest coach in the country. If there's a way you can cheat the recruiting standards, he'll be the first one to figure it out.

Also, Baltimoron hoopsters have avoided UM like the plague ever since Bob Wade's fall-from-grace. Dixon is the only decent Bmore player to go to UM since the Wade era, and that's pretty much because nobody wanted him. Gary has gone hard after many Bmore recruits in his tenure, including Gay, but someone/thing is pushing them away.

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