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  1. Thats gotta be coaching right. No coach has ever lost from being up 3-1 twice and Doc has done it three times. I think a Denver Heat match up would be a lot of fun to watch. There would be lots of prove you got the balls moments for a bunch of young guys who seem to have the balls.
  2. Thats Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana. He plays the dumb southerner but the guy has degrees from Vandy, UVA, and Oxford. Makes him that much more evil that he acts like an idiot when it benefits him.
  3. Covid didn't get here until January with a few cases. Primary infection started in March so thats late winter not Dec/Jan winter.
  4. Was coming in to post about this. Thought it started strong for a post apocalyptic future series through episode 2. Im surprised its not on HBO proper and just on HBO max. Seemed like a pretty good prestige series with Ridley Scott being a producer and director of the first episode.
  5. My daughter had her first day of virtual kindergarten today as well. First hour was all technical difficulties with no one being able to hear the teacher. My daughter is pretty good with focusing (for a five year old) but I can tell this is going to be a long year dealing with this and work. What a freaking time we are living through.
  6. The ability of the Republicans to get these people to vote against their own interest just to own the libs is actually impressive if it wasn't so depressing.
  7. He looked skinny on that Lebron HBO show right before covid but I thought he was doing it for a role. He was really talented and seemed really thoughtful. RiP
  8. Its partly based on a novel of the same name that explores racism through Lovecrafian stories which had lots of racism in there due to Lovecraft being a real terrible racist. The second episode was lit. It felt like a season ender and not the ending of the second episode. Looking forward to where its going and the speed of the story.
  9. No doubt. They have the lowest test rate of any state in the top ten as far as cases and one of the lowest test rates in the country. DeSantis is a shady dude and I totally believe that they are under testing and under reporting so he doesn't look like the incompetent idiot that he is.
  10. From what I've seen Florida reports once a day early on so I wouldn't expect the numbers for Florida to increase today.
  11. Football should just push to a March start and have all their ducks in a row for then.
  12. If they are starving the people and then try to delay/steal the election, i could see an actual storming the castle scenario which is frightening.
  13. I also think that if the pandemic continues to rage or get worse, they will pull some martial law action and use it to cancel the election as a backup to the backup to the backup plan. They are so evil that they have made me wish that they all get the virus and I dont like having that type of hate thought in my brain.
  14. To be fair Ozark raced through like 2 whole seasons of a show in its first episode. So it was a breakneck pace. But im glad they are wrapping it up because you are right. Would recommend. Trying to wrap up Dark now. Germans are clinically weird.
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