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  1. SteveMcqueen explained the lottery protection better than I can but basically that protection makes it that if the trade was a disaster and we end up being a lottery pick in 2023 we won't get additionally screwed by having to give up our lottery pick. If we are a playoff team in 2023 and we have to give away lets say the 18th pick in the draft then essentially the trade worked because we are in the playoffs. I also can't believe Bill Simmons was right. Sorry for saying he talks out of his ass but he usually does unless its about the Celtics. I dont think Beal is playi
  2. I like John but its the right move to build around Beal. The protections on the pick make this deal a steal for the Wiz. I'm also happy that they did this before the schedule release so hopefully us out of market fans will get more national games to watch.
  3. Simmons pulls crap out as if its happening because its what he thinks is happening and has no real sources. I can't find anyone else saying this either.
  4. If there's one good thing about 2020 (other than kicking out the orange man), its that we only have about a month until we get to see Wall back and the new additions. I'm an optimist but I feel good about the team and think we get back to the playoffs and maybe cause some trouble if Wall looks decent. Maybe that's not a great ceiling but it will still be fun to watch if we are scoring 130 each game.
  5. The ringer had this guy as the number 4 prospect. I think its a good pick considering Okoru and Okongwu were off the board. I feel better about it than Rui which felt like a reach last year and he worked out pretty well. The free throw percentage is troubling but a good pick and roll team defender guy sounds like a fit for the Wiz to me.
  6. This is hilarious. The oblivious self own is a trait of the Trumper like them singing along to YMCA or Fortunate Son.
  7. I looked at a bunch of mock drafts last night in my insomnia and he was going before us around the 7 spot which bummed me out. Most drafts have us picking Okoru who seems like a decent defensive wing type choice.
  8. I feel like the Republicans ate so shady and so stupid that they telegraphed all their cheating ways too far in advance so that everything is backfiring on them. Or u guess I hope this is the case.
  9. Sure, five times more early voters does not mean five times more voters in total. But i think this is going to be the biggest turnout of all time by a pretty large margin. Bigger turnout usually means Dems win. I think Biden wins by at least 20 electoral college votes. I'm just petrified that Trump and Barr will steal it anyways.
  10. I feel like the lines for early voting is a good sign for Dems. I think so much has been publicized with the mail and dems are so riled up, that Dems are out early to make sure Biden wins. I maybe im hoping this is true so I can get to sleep at night which has been problematic lately.
  11. Because they are stupid. The only demographic that Trump is leading in is white men without a college degree. My wife's dad and stepmother are trumpers but are living off social security and other benefits and are too clueless to realize that they are voting against their own interests. Its a shame because they are otherwise very nice and caring people.
  12. If there can be any happy ending to these last 4 years will be watching all of these actively terrible and criminaly negligent people rot in jail.
  13. Thats gotta be coaching right. No coach has ever lost from being up 3-1 twice and Doc has done it three times. I think a Denver Heat match up would be a lot of fun to watch. There would be lots of prove you got the balls moments for a bunch of young guys who seem to have the balls.
  14. Thats Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana. He plays the dumb southerner but the guy has degrees from Vandy, UVA, and Oxford. Makes him that much more evil that he acts like an idiot when it benefits him.
  15. Covid didn't get here until January with a few cases. Primary infection started in March so thats late winter not Dec/Jan winter.
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