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OT - Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

The Evil Genius

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You know, for a nation so hell bent on saying that Baseball doesn't matter to much...this impending strike seems to have whipped a few into a furor.

Guess we do care.



On a side note, my Dad threw out the 1st pitch to this game at Tiger Stadium :).


The #'s listed are the average player salaries in MLB.


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I took a sign to a Mets Dodgers game and got it in Newsday - but it didn't get posted on the web, just the back page of the print edition. Anyway, it had the Grim Reaper with "scary" lettering aside saying "Fehr the Reaper". The photgs ate it up - they are all about snapping up any sign around. Guarunteed if y'all go to a Aug. 29 game, the place'll be full of them.

Screw the Player's Union. Hope they get locked out for at least one full season.

I'll replace 'em with the MLS - Go Chicago Fire!

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Hey Smootylicious, you look like a young Ted Williams there. Ready to sign up and be scab player??? :laugh:

That's a very good timely sign and I agree, if they strike for more money - f888888888 them!!!

why not just go watch a little league game, like the kids in their world series, cause the put all their little heart into it. the pros seem to be more accounting slanted, oh and endorsements. Oh yeah, if you want to just see, them, not even talk to them, just see them, it'll cost you.

No thanks, I got a woman I can look at and if it's going to cost me just to stare, then I get some other incentives.

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