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Rocket Ismail out for season!!!


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Speaking Rambo, or what ever his name is, I read in the Winston-Salem this morning that Todd Sauerbrun (?) was called for a unsportsman like conduct when he hammered Rambo. After he hit him, the punter got up and stood over him. Then on the next punt, Sauerbrun almost got another penalty when he tackled him again. If the Panther players had not pulled the punter away when they did, he would have been penalized again for taunting. LOL

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Suaerbrun (sp?) is a prick. He went to WVU the same time I was there and I remember he rooted for the Offense to screw up so he could get to punt.

He made a name for himself the 1st game of his last year, when WVU got whipped 31-0 by Nebraska and Sauerbrun booted some bombs (I think one was like 70 yards in the air).

He's a nut though - and someone like Lavar (but not necessarily him) is gonna light him up one day.

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Will this cause them to persue A. Freeman? I think so. Since he's still available, he come cheap for a one year contract.

Actually, I don't think so, Mike. Despite all the hype, the Cowboys are aiming for a shot at a Super Bowl in 2003 or beyond. So, I don't think they're looking for a 1 year band-aid solution. They'll see what develops this year with regard to Bryant and Rambo. They'll also watch the development of guys like Swinton, Randall "The Gay Flash" Williams, Jeremaine Copeland (if he makes the team), and even 5th rounder Deveren Johnson (who'll hopefully be on the practice squad). And I wouldn't completely rule out Rockets return, but its problematic for several reasons - the nature of the injury, his age, Coslet's offense, his 2003 salary, etc.

The Turner curse (hiring a cow$**** to do a mans job) is over. This year the Skins not only SWEEP THE COW$HITS but they blow them out both times running up the score to add to the sweetness of it

Man, I sure hope you're not up on a clock tower with a high-powered rifle at about 7pm on Thanksgiving Day. You know, just in case you're wrong. Have you gotten this worked up about every Cowboys-Redskins game since '97? How have you not exploded yet?

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Holy moly, the anger, animosity. What gives?

I think you need to take a few deep breaths there Mike.

Now, maybe I'm a bad person, and for those sensitives out there whom I offended with my comments, I apologize.

But I can't help but get a little excited when I learn that the star receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, one that has beaten the SKINS twice in the last three years on deep pass plays, won't play this season.

I'm sure the injury is VERY painful, but football is a painful sport. And I'm not going to start feeling sorry for a professional athlete, especially one who plays for Dallas, when he gets hurt.

Terrell Davis just retired at 26. Do I feel sorry for him? Not in the least. These guys play the game they love for a living and get paid extremely well.

At worst, Ismail's career is over and he'll continue on with his life, with millions in the bank. There are a lot worse fates in life than that my friends.

Oh and Mike, don't be so quick to judge one's class, its a sign you don't have any;)

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