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Rumor - Cowboys Rocket out for season.

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Sources: Cowboys' Rocket Ismail out for season


By JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News

The Cowboys' Rocket Ismail is expected to miss the rest of the season with a neck injury, two sources said Tuesday after practice. Ismail, 32, was injured last week when linebacker Dat Nguyen hit him during a passing drill.

The team is expected to discuss the situation at an afternoon news conference. Ismail's absence likely means rookie receiver Antonio Bryant, a second-round pick from Pittsburgh, will get significant playing time earlier in the season. He has been working with the first team in Ismail's absence.

Ismail bounced back from a season-ending knee injury that cut short his 2000 season by leading the team in receptions (53) and receiving yards (834) last season. He averaged 15.7 yards per catch last season, 10th best in the NFL and seventh in the NFC.

In memory of the Rocket :cuss: :cry:


:jump: :wave:

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Does anyone have archived all those threads by the Cryboy fans telling us how great an impact Dat Nguyen was going to have for the Cryboys? I guess so.

In all seriousness, I don't root for injuries. Ismail was a good player and he killed us a couple years ago in a classic Norv Turner loss. His loss will hurt the 'Girlz. I want to beat the Girlz, but not this way.

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I'm not sure the Cowboys were planning on relying on their air attack to win too many games for them this year, so while this will sting, I don't see this as a devastating injury for them. Still, they are now suddenly very thin at WR.

But as stated in another thread, this will actually save them some cap space for next year.

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The Cowboys were wise to draft Bryant because there was a great chance based on history that either Galloway or Ismail at age 31 or 32 was going to miss time this season.

As with Westbrook in Washington, sometimes you just can't escape the pattern you are stuck in, in terms of getting hurt and not being able to show your team what you might be able to do.

No doubt Dallas will be in the market for an experienced receiver to backup Galloway and act as a #3 in case Bryant takes some time to deliver.

Antonio Freeman? I wouldn't sign him but you never know what Jerry is going to do :)

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Happily for Dallas, Owner / GM / Coach / Sven-gali / All-Around-Cool-Guy Jerry Jones is on the case as we speak, looking high and low for a suitable replacement for his fallen superstar:




I love the internet. ;)

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God F**&$&^ D$%%^. It was nice having optimism at camp for once, but then this sh*t has to go and happen.....luckily the Cowboys have some talented (but young) players at WR behind rocket and joey...................Bryant is more suited for a starting WR role instead of a 3rd WR/Slot guy anyway. It sure would have been nice to see Rocket line up in the slot with Throwy Picksaway (lol) and Bryant....

Apparently, it wasn't the hit Dat put on rocket that CAUSED the injury. The neck injury was evidently a pre-existing condition they discovered while undergoing examination for effects of the Dat hit.

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Originally posted by Funkyalligator

So lets see....how far into the season will it be before Bryant gets arrested for posession or for failing a drug test?

That's not very funny. Bryant didnt' have drug problems. He got into trouble for arguing with a campus cop, not for "Possession" of anything.

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