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I mean the Ravens beating the Steelers comon!!!!!!!! the giants getting a interference call thats gives them a touchdown aginst the Eagles? I mean the down right crooked calls in todays game with our beloved Redskins.

Looks like a lot of crooked things going down all over the NFL!!!!!!!!!!! MONEY its all about MONEY! thats wtf Im talking about!!


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Billions of dollars floating around???

I mean I got to wonder after todays game???????


i GOT TO WONDER IS IT rigged?????????

Some of it yes...the denver bronco game was rigged no doubt in my mind about that. its really quite sad really...but thats the nfl for you, steroids in baseball, rigged, payed off refs in games in the nfl.

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yes, they are controlled by the Chinese mafia

Hey...I resemble that remark :D :laugh:

What does the Chinese mafia have to do with it? We don't even have football in China...the only football we have is called soccer in English.

Anyways, speaking of the league being rigged...come on guys, I know we lost, but resorting to a stupid remark like this doesn't do anything for us and it doesn't make us look any better.

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Lets look at the rule changes, can NOT chuck a reciever, hence supposed higher scores.

I say just a way to control a game for the reffs,it puts a lousey pass and the team within scoring distance with just a throw of a flag.

The protection they give some quarterbacks is unbelievable they let the team hold and hold and hold, itsI mean up to the reffs?????

I think the NFL is rigged to much money in it for it not to be.

MULTI million dollar players dont give a hoot whether they win or not they get PAID anyway! RIGGED!

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