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First friendly reminder:

We're off and running ... so don't forget to make your Week 3 Predictions.


Also, you still have lots of time (Opening Day is the deadline) ... but if you haven't seen it, and you're serious about winning "The Man" this year, make sure you check out the thread for predicting the number of Regular Season Wins the Redskins will have in 2002. The 10 Bonus Points that Trevor got for nailing the number last year proved to be the difference.

Here's the Season Predictions thread.

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Absolutely. :)

This year the regular season Contest is going to be fully automated, but basically will operate the same as last year in terms of scoring, etc. During this preseason, we're running it just like last year's contest, only just for grins and bragging rights.

By the way, this year's regular season winner will walk away with more than "just" the special "Man" icon and title for a year; there will also be a still-to-be-determined cash prize, and maybe some other goodies, as well.

Food for thought.

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OM - I was thinking the same thing... glad to see that sig back :D

Did you get the email about the prizes?

FTR, I always wait til the last minute to get my entry in... a lot of stuff can happen before kickoff... and I want to make an educated guess ;)

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I think I remember noticing that last year, brother. Tough way to go.

Just wanted to mention again that the deadline for posting the Season Predictions is Opening Day, Sept. 8, so you do have time. Personally, I plan to watch the rest of the Skins's preseason games, as well as keep an eye on our opponents (injuries happen), before making my final call.

But I won't wait until the last minute, either. Gotta leave wiggle room to account for the possibility of computer problems, orgies that run longer than scheduled (it happens), massive asteroid impacts ... that kind of thing. :)

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It would be hard (huh?) to complain about missing out on the bonus points if you posted your season wins late due to an orgy running long (huh?). Trade offs to everything, my friend.

And ... who schedules those things, anyway? I've always thought they were moments of serendipity. But what do I know ... I'm not Caligula. :)

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I don't really schedule them, Brave, so much as loosely "arrange" them. :)

"So ... Ericka, Marianne, Chantall and Swan, you all show up, oh, 5-ish, okay? And plan to stay until dawn. The rest of you ladies – especially you, Heidi – you all just come when it feels right. Hee. And promise me you won't leave until I pass out the second time this week. I mean, I was grouchy all day when you all bailed early last Sunday.

As for you "gentlemen" ... just make sure someone calls me in time to get my arse to the bar before kickoff. And order me a pitcher of Killians."

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I agree with skinsfan44, make your season win total pick and don't forget. Also pay attention and don't miss any weeks, I didn't do week 1 and I lost by a stinkin point :shootinth If I remember correctly but I doubt I would have been close to 30-3 vs SD

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