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Are the Bucs Defense really that good???


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There defensive rankings are really impressive, but are they that really good. I just don't think so. Look at the teams they have played. Talk about an easy schedule. How do yuo think they meet up against our offense?

The Bucs defense is still good, but they are not great like the Bucs defense from 1999 and 2002. The Dline has not put much pressure on QBs this year at all, which is key to their scheme. This has resulted in a huge drop off in sacks and turnovers. It shows especially in their last 2 losses, in which the defense registered one sack and ZERO tunovers. Barber and Kelly are a great tandem at CB, but there is inexperince at both safety positions. Will Allen is starting for the the injured Dexter Jackson, and Jermaine Philips is in his 2nd year as a starter replacing John Lynch. Both these safeties are good players and talents, but their inexperience can lead to breakdowns in coverage...I wouldn't be surprised if Brunell and Moss exploit one such breakdown...

The LBs core has been solid. Derrick Brooks has seemed to slip this year (something us Buc fans never thought would happen), Quarles has been the MVP of the D this year and Nece has down well too. With that said, the past 2 weeks there has been a loss of gap control that has contributed to some gains on the ground. If they mess up on their gaps Sunday, Portis is the kind of back that can make them pay......like his painful (for me) TD opening day last year...

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Here is the Buc's schedule to date, their yards allowed, the QB they played and the average yardage of the other for the year.

09/11 24-13 W at MIN 248 Daunte Culpepper 302

09/18 19-3 W BUF 147 JP Losman 257

09/25 17-16 W at GB 260 Brett Favre 323

10/02 17-13 W DET 226 Joey Harrington 260

10/09 12-14 L at NYJ 212 Vinny Testaverde 246

10/16 27-13 W MIA 307 Gus Frerrote 305

10/30 10-15 L at SF 208 Ken Dorsey/Cody Pickett 204

11/06 14-34 L CAR 287 Jake Delhomme 321

Just from a first glance it appears they've had a very favorable schedule right now when facing some pretty bad offenses and some pretty bad QBs. But give them credit, they've done what they should to those offenses. This week, however, they face the best offense they've seen so far.

If everything goes like the stats seem to imply, the Redskins should be able to move the ball with some success.

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First few games, yes. Last few, they have been middle of the pack or worse.

I wouldn't say middle of the pack or worse....SF didn't do much...they gained over 100 yards because they had over 40 rushing attempts...they got 5 fgs.....at least 3 of them because the Bucs offense turned the ball over in their own terrority. As a result some of SanFran's FGs came after the Bucs D made them go 3 and out...you can't blame the D for that.

The Panthers did do some things successfully against them as well. Once again the Bucs offense turned the ball over setting up CAR with great field position all day. And CAR D took an INT to the house. Again you can't blame the Bucs D. IF the Bucs were a great defense then the short fields should have been FG's, but last week they couldn't get it done. If you look at the stats, both teams we're about equal, except turnovers and the score. ...The Panthers just have had the Bucs number lately, kind of like you guys and Dallas.

THe Bucs offense has turned the ball over 7 times the past 2 games. The D hasn't helped, since they have 0 tunovers in that span. I hope this is the game they get back on track ;)

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yes the Bucs defense is amazing, dont underestimate them. ive watched all their games, and they stuff the run like no other D. im gonna be nervous when our offense has the ball, i hope portis can get something going cause if not, we will be in for a long day.

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If you check out the play-by-play from nfl.com, you can see that the Panthers were very effective in the intermediate passing game. Delhomme completed several passes between the 12-19 yard range, especially early. This opened up a few deep passes, but in any event, it highlights the weakness of the Bucs defense.

You aren't going to have too much success running the ball against Tampa Bay. Carolina attempted 32 rushes and only gained 77 yards - barely over 2 yards a carry. Stephen Davis only had one long run of 17 yards; the rest were the 3-yard variety by both he and Foster.

Tampa also, in general, plays a lot of cover 2, with safeties deep to prevent the long pass. So this leaves the middle of the field and the sidelines open in the area just past the linebackers, which Carolina exploited well. We'll have to do the same if we want to win, and we'll definitely have to hold onto the ball.

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Scouts Inc hit the nail right on the head with their analysis of the Bucs D


The goal this week, against an explosively quick and athletic, but somewhat undersized defensive unit, is to remain patient and dedicated to the run. The Redskins average 315 pounds along their offensive line and should be able to wear down a defensive front that averages just 282 pounds. DTs Chris Hovan and Anthony McFarland do a great job of disrupting along the interior, but they will wear down if the Redskins keep pounding away at them with OC Casey Rabach, and OGs Derrick Dockery and Randy Thomas.

The biggest concern for the Redskins this week will be protecting QB Mark Brunell. The Buccaneers have only recorded 16 sacks in eight games, but consistently get pressure on opposing quarterbacks from their athletic front four. Brunell still shows the mobility to buy extra time in the pocket, but he no longer has the quickness and speed to handle pressure on his own like he used to.

The Redskins' offensive line ranks among the league's worst units in terms of sacks allowed (22), which is not a huge surprise considering the overall lack of athleticism in the group. LOT Chris Samuels does a better than average job in pass protection, but draws a difficult match-up versus RDE Simeon Rice this week.

ROT Jon Jansen is also solid in pass protection and should hold his own versus LDE Greg Spires. The biggest problems, however, should come along the interior, where OC Casey Rabach, and OGs Derrick Dockery and Randy Thomas, could struggle to keep Hovan and McFarland out of the backfield.

The Redskins do not match up all that well versus the Bucs' defensive back seven, either. No. 1 WR Santana Moss is much more effective versus man-coverage than he is zone, so he is not likely to live up to expectations versus the Bucs' cover-2. The Redskins have been getting decent production out of veteran WRs David Patten and James Thrash, but neither is capable of stretching the defenses vertically.

Furthermore, the Bucs have the athletes at linebacker (Brooks, Quarles and Nece) to keep Portis, Sellers, Royal and H-Back Chris Cooley in check underneath. As is typically the case, the Redskins will have to do a good job of dinking and dunking down the field when they do throw the ball, and occasionally hope to catch the Buccaneers' linebackers or safeties taking false steps in the play-action passing game.

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Not as good as the rankings but they have probably the best team speed on defense in the league.

With our fumble problems I wouldn't be surprised if they get a defensive TD.

Of course I wouldn't be surprised if we shut out their offense either.

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I think our offense can score 17-20 points on the Bucs. According to the above stats the Bucs lost to SF and the panthers scored 34 points on them.

I don't see the Bucs scoring 17-20 points on the Skins D.Of course all it takes is a couple big running plays and we could be down 14 points.

I would like to see our defense score 6 points this game and hold the bucs to 6. That would be great because I have the Skins D in my fantasy league. :-)

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