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When was the last time


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That we had beat Dallas and Philly in the same year, man this feels good. We are sitting very pretty now and have taking the steps needed to get us where we have not been in quite a while. The scary thing about this team is they have not even come close to peaking yet. We can do a lot better on both sides of the ball and we will in the coming weeks.

Hail Skins!!!!!

Oh I have a new version of the Eagles fight song:

Fly Eagles Fly

Crash in the Tree

Burn Eagles Burn

On the way to Victory :laugh: :laugh:

There are were all these Feagle fans in DC Saturday night screaming their chants, I told them to give it back to the Jets :silly:

:logo: :logo: :logo:

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why are we in 3rd place behind the cowboys is what i want to know. i thought the first tie breaker was head to head (meaning we should be in 2nd).

We have a better NFC record too. I think it is because the alphabetize the standings, and tiebreakers don't matter until playoff time.

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