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Ramsey tied to goal post by Jansen and Rasby


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They showed this on channel 9. After taping and an ice bath and the rest of it, Spurrier eventually drives by in a golf cart and first asks him how his circulation is. Ramsey says he is okay. Spurrier than smiles and tells the rookie that he heard that he will be left out there about a half hour more and drives off. It was really funny.

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Here is the article in the Post...

Ramsey Gets Rookie Hazing After 16-Day Holdout

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey was the subject of some serious hazing Thursday at training camp. Teammates taped the rookie, who ended his 16-day holdout Wednesday, to a goal post for about a half-hour. "That means they love you when they tie you up," Coach Steve Spurrier told the rookie. (Kevin Clark - The Washington Post)

By Joseph White

Associated Press

Thursday, August 8, 2002; 4:49 PM

CARLISLE, Pa. –– Taped to the goal post from his ankles to his forearms, Patrick Ramsey had little wiggle room as he fielded questions about his first Washington Redskins training camp practice.

"You kind of expect this," said the rookie quarterback, putting a brave face on the hazing that marked the end of his 16-day holdout. "You almost consider it an honor. You've grown up seeing this happen to rookies, and now it's your turn."

If it was an honor, it wasn't a comfortable one.

With Jon Jansen and Walter Rasby leading the charge, Ramsey was secured to the post with two kinds of tape after Thursday morning's practice. Then Jansen dumped a bucket of ice on Ramsey's head, a chilling extra point on a cool summer day.

"That's the Japan trip, right there," said Jansen, noting that Ramsey had joined the team just in time to miss the two 13-hour flights for the American Bowl.

Ramsey, who signed a five-year, $5.7 million contract on Wednesday, didn't get the royal treatment during practice, either. Coach Steve Spurrier started the rookie on the very bottom rung, running scout team plays from the opponent's play book in preparation for Saturday's exhibition game at Carolina.

"We worked him in a little here and there," Spurrier said.

Spurrier and the Redskins are trying to make room for Ramsey after failing in a bid to trade his rights to the Chicago Bears on Tuesday. Spurrier, happy with the other three quarterbacks in camp, said Ramsey might get some playing time before the exhibition games are over.

Otherwise, expect the rookie to spend a lot of time holding a clipboard and running the scout team.

"He knows pretty much what's going on, but he hasn't been in practice," Spurrier said. "He's a little behind."

Ramsey actually threw the ball fairly well. He needed a few tosses to get his timing back, but he became more confident as the practice progressed and drilled a perfect 10-yard touchdown pass to Darnerien McCants in a crossing route over the middle.

It quickly became evident that the receivers will have to readjust to Ramsey's strong arm. He shoots line drives, making the throws of Danny Wuerffel, Shane Matthews and Sage Rosenfels look like lobs.

"It's very strong," McCants said. "You've got to know it's coming. Once you know it's coming, then you can adjust to the ball."

Ramsey will also have to adjust to the hazing. Fred Smoot, who was tied to the same goal post a year ago, guarantees it.

"That was me last year," said Smoot, pointing to the post. "I love it, being over here talking to y'all and not taped to the pole. They said they were going to leave him there for as long as he held out.

"This is the beginning. This is going to be a long two weeks for him. But I'm going to be there for him, since I went through this last year. I going to let him know when he gets into his room, there will be no furniture there. There will be no TV. His bed will be wet. I'm just going to let him know what to expect."

Ramsey was taped to the post for nearly a half hour, with all the players long gone, when Spurrier drove by on his golf cart.

"Circulation OK?" asked the coach.

Yes, said Ramsey, although his hands were turning blue earlier until LaVar Arrington loosened his wrists.

"That means they love you when they tie you up," Spurrier said.

Then the coach drove off. Five minutes later, Jansen sent word to a member of the team's staff to cut Ramsey loose.

Notes:@ Akihito Amaya, the Japanese receiver allocated to the Redskins before the American Bowl, returned home.

"He felt like he had a job opportunity back in Tokyo that was too good, so he felt like he had to get back," Spurrier said.

Amaya was supposed to be with the team for just 10 days, but he was given an exemption through the end of training camp by NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

Amaya, who was used sparingly in practice, had virtually no chance of making the team. ... Spurrier said the starters will play "three or four" possessions against the Panthers. The exception will be Matthews, who will get about 20 passes before he's relieved by Rosenfels.

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Smoot took responsibility for orchestrating the event, of course.

Since it happened to him last year...

The media is no help whatsoever.

All they want is interview, interview, interview

While Ramsey was being hosed down with ice cold water tied to a pole, they were interviewing him instead of trying to help!

The nerve of those people! :)

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I am truly happy this ordeal is over and now we move forward. I won't be emotionally negative either. Every year I think I got a handle on it all, and there it is. I learn something and my memory fails me also.

Ah yes, the Rookie Indoctrination. A right of passage, the welcoming committee has spoken. :cool:

Throwing with arcs and darts - yes!

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HAZING, the necessary evil... :pint: :pint: :pint: :puke:

I was interested by the fact that Jansen led the hazing. For those of you not in a fraternity, the brothers in charge of hazing were *normally* the ones most dedicated to the house and its future. If such is true for Jansen (and Rasby), that's welcome news, since I was mildly concerned with his eagerness to re-sign.

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