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When will this team try to establish the run?


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I know we were playing from behind much of the game but 13 rush attempts?

Yeah i noticed that too. We started the game by trying to come out and throw the ball on 1st down. I believe the 1st 3 drives we had this week we came out passing. They would reslut in an incomplete pass and then it would be 2nd and 10 and we'd be in a big hole to make a first down. Then we would go 3 and out leaving our fatigued defense on the field.

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Run the ball? Portis could not get it going. You are kidding right? I think we were forced to throw more, which we have in many of our previous contests, and lossed, because we cannot run consistently.

I would just like to see Gibb's start Rock Cartwright or Bett's just one game, like against the Eagles, and see what happens.

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