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WP: Maske picks Giants & rankings


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Redskins at Giants

This one is a close call and the winner actually might emerge as the team to beat in the NFC East, with the Eagles not quite looking like themselves these days. It's been an emotional week for the Giants, with a dramatic win Sunday and the death Tuesday of co-owner Wellington Mara. It's difficult to tell whether that will work for or against them in this game, but it's tough to pick against Manning after what he did last weekend.

Pick: Giants


No. Team Rec. Last

Week Comment

1. Colts 7-0 1 The ghosts of past failures in Foxborough will be lurking when they play at New England a week from Monday.

2. Buccaneers 5-1 4 They had a week to adjust to their forced QB change.

3. Steelers 4-2 6 Ben Roethlisberger just wins, baby.

4. Eagles 4-2 5 They'd better find a running game.

5. Broncos 5-2 5 They should have wrapped up Sunday's game in Giants Stadium before Eli Manning had a chance to beat them.

6. Bengals 5-2 3 Their big-game inexperience showed against the Steelers, but they'll get there.

7. Falcons 5-2 7 The passing accuracy of QB Michael Vick remains an issue.

8. Panthers 4-2 8 Jake Delhomme needs to play well to keep a QB controversy from bubbling up.

9. Jaguars 4-2 9 A bye week is always good for perpetually banged-up QB Byron Leftwich.

10. Seahawks 5-2 12 The NFC West actually might have one legitimate team this season.

11. Patriots 3-3 4 Don't count out the champs just yet.

12. Redskins 4-2 15 The 49ers weren't exactly as tough a test as Joe Gibbs promised.

13. Giants 4-2 16 The exhilaration over Manning's fourth-quarter exploits Sunday quickly turned to sadness with Tuesday's death of owner Wellington Mara.

14. Chiefs 4-2 14 Maybe they should travel to every road contest on the morning of the game.

15. Cowboys 4-3 13 They let one slip away in Seattle.

16. Chargers 3-4 10 What a way to lose.

17. Lions 3-3 19 Jeff Garcia might be the answer.

18. Bears 3-3 20 The NFC North actually will have a winning team after Sunday, unless the Bears and Lions tie in their tussle for first place.

19. Rams 3-4 26 Mike Martz perhaps has coached his final game with the team.

20. Bills 3-4 17 If they fall out of contention, they need to go back to young QB J.P. Losman.

21. Cardinals 2-4 28 Watch out. This team still could put things together and be a late-season threat.

22. Dolphins 2-4 18 Coach Nick Saban returns to LSU this weekend.

23. Raiders 2-4 29 The injuries are piling up.

24. Vikings 2-4 30 Even with the boat-cruise controversy, they were greeted enthusiastically by their home fans.

25. Titans 2-5 24 Steve McNair returns to the lineup this week.

26. Jets 2-5 23 Maybe Vinny Testaverde wasn't the answer, after all.

27. Saints 2-5 25 They didn't necessarily want to play in Baton Rouge this weekend, but their first game in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina should be emotional.

28. Browns 2-4 22 Will they be the first team to lose to the Texans this season?

29. Ravens 2-4 21 Maybe they should find an offensive genius to hire as their coach.

30. Packers 1-5 27 There's no reason to pay any attention to them again until Brett Favre's final game.

31. Texans 0-6 32 They didn't deserve to move up, but the Niners just had to be this week's bottom dwellers.

32. 49ers 1-5 31 They should have been forced to petition the league to remain in the NFL this week.

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Tough game to pick.

It may not be very PC but I do expect the death of the owner to be inspirational and therefore an advantage. I don't think it's something that the players will be able to draw from all year but for this game they certainly could.

Now, a player or coach dying is a tragedy and therefore a distraction. I think it would be tough to argue otherwise.

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It's difficult to tell whether that will work for or against them in this game, but it's tough to pick against Manning after what he did last weekend.

Pick: Giants

Ok, let me get this straight. Manning had a great last minute drive and TD pass against Denver. Ummmmm, so did Mark Brunell and he did it on the road in pouring rain.

That being said just because the Skins are ranked a spot ahead of the Giants doesn't mean he is a sellout for picking the Giants. It's a road game against a good team guys.

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Why are the Buccs so high? They haven't beaten anyone (the Vikings, Bills, Packers, Lions, and Dolphins) and they lost to the Jets. For that they're 2nd?! I guess it's not their fault they haven't played anyone, but still. 2nd seems high to me.

But at least he has the Skins ahead of the Giants (and the Cowboys). But if he thinks the Skins are a better team, then why is he picking the Giants?

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Why do people talk about the Redkins blowout of the 49ers as if we were the first team they played all year? They did play the 'Pukes all the way to the 4th quarter if I remember correctly. Or what? they were playing at home? :rolleyes:

But they also got blown out by the Eagles (42-3) and they didn't exactly have a close game against the Colts (28-3), or even the Cardinals (31-14). Maybe the game against Dallas says more about the Cowboys not playing well than the 49ers being a good team?

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Our dismantling of the Niners is so dismissed. What's not brought up is that we so dismantled them, we could have easily put up sixty or seventy on them if we wanted too!

Yet, it's the lowly niners. I we barely beat them like some teams, it's "Damn you all struggled against the Niners."

I so can't wait for Sunday. Both teams are improved. No doubt. I just think we are more improved then they, and certainly more balanced.

I think we will control most of the game and they will make a late run.

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