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Pictures from my Alaska Trip


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Here's a few pics I took on a recent journey through Alaska.

We took a "Glacier Cruise" thru Glacier Bay, then we climbed from the bottom to the very top of Mt McKinley - only it was not on foot - it was on a little "putt-putt" propeller plane that flew alongside the mountain, then we landed on a glacier on the mountain, and got out and roamed around.....






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wow! Those are really great shots. You might want to resize them alittle and repost.

I resized them on the host site, but the pictures dont seem any smaller.

I figured the link would update, along with the host, but apparently not.

Edit - now I'm seeing that some of them are smaller - maybe I just forgot to edit a few

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Great pics!!

I landed on a glacier also. The pilot had cheese and crackers and wine. It was awesome!!

I went many years ago in July........and have the most beautiful picture of the sun setting at a quarter until midnight.

It is a beautiful state. I would love to go again.

I went to Schnook and to Homer and another little spot that began with a T.


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hey, I went to Alaska over the summer and when we went to visit Mt. Mckinley national park i think its called, we couldnt see the top of the moutain because of the clowdcover, but on the way home flying over we saw some really pretty glaciers, I really loved it there, and theres alot of college kids who go there to work there for summer, and when i go to college, id love to take one of those jobs, its so nice up there in summer.

Another good part- No sales Tax, wooo

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Alaska is one of the only places left on my "Must See" list. Nice pics, thanks for sharing!

Mine as well. I have heard the way to see Alaska is on the cruises, don't know if that is true or not.

Love the pics Mick, however i can't get that cat out of my head :cheers:

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Run into any brown bears?

No, the bears were a little shy this time.

Hey, have you heard the joke about what you find in

Grizzly Bear Sh!t ?

Grizzly bear sh!t has bells in it, and it smells like pepper.

In case you don't get it, it's to imply that the bear bells and pepper spray that hikers use to deter bears, apparently doesn't work very well.

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Those are really cool pictures.

When I'm not tailgating, I try to be out in nature as much as possible. . . sounds like a fun time, what kind of place would you recommend staying at if I were to take a trip up there? Blondie and others feel free to answer as well. . .

It all depends on how much you want to "rough it".

You could quite easily stay in a comfortable, modern hotel in the city of Anchorage, that's close to all the "conveniences" - and still use that as a

"home base" for your journeys, since there's great "outdoors" experience within an hour or 2 in either direction (North or South)

Or you could stay in a cabin, out in the wild and really experience the Last Frontier. And get yourself a nice Fishing Package from one of those Lodges, and you're SET.

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