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I really would like to put some faith in some of these explayers observations and sometimes I do. This year however it is kinda like Om's thread. There is something

about this team. I just cant see this offense keep putting up these measly points.

Sooner or later they are going to have a good week, could be this one and put some serious points on the board. I hate these nailbiters.

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I actually think Schlereth is very good at analyzing the Redskins. He was one of the few people who thought that Gibbs would do well in his return. He realizes that we have only played three games and the toughest part of our schedule still awaits. I'm not ready to annoint them as Division champs either.

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It's still very possible that Schlereth and Golic are correct. Not because the Redskins are a bad team, but because our division is SO stacked. 1-0 in the NFC East is better than many past seasons, though and we seem to improve every week. I'm not making a call either way, just adding my :2cents: .

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Golic has picked against us every week except week 1.

Mike and Mike had us last with a 6-10 or 7-9 record.

Metrosexual Mike said that the Jets got a much better deal for Coles than we with Moss (he is a Jets fan) and Golic has said that the other NFCE teams are better.

That's fine, just keep doubting.......

6 more wins and we have our 1st winning season since 1999.

9-7 probably gives us a shot at the playoffs.

I believe in this team, there is just something that makes them click.

Reminds me of the Coach Allen's phrase- about the team playing together, they can't lose.

This team plays as a TEAM.

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