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Dammit, I'm mad at myself


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I realized that in my heated arguement with amsterdamgator, I began sounding like a Cowboys fan. Reading over it again, I can see that I was completely going against my own team.

Let me clarify.

If Danny and Shane wear the burgundy and gold, I'm behind 'em 100%. If Ryan Leaf wears the burgundy and gold, I'm behind him, 100%...err...maybe not. :)

Anyway, before anybody calls me a fairweather fan (or gets the idea in their head), I just want to state that it's AG whom I dislike. Not any of our players.

You are a very divisive person, AG. You can pursue numerous careers with that kind of skill.

If you are a Cowboys fan AG, then you are a very intelligent one. You turned me into Qcard for a second.

When heated arguements begin (and they're with somebody you don't care for especially) then emotions tend to get magnified.

I'm sure AG isn't delusional enough to believe that Danny and Shane are the answer, and I don't believe that Sage is. Although I do believe that he has a better chance to become it than the former two.

I will cheer just as loud if Danny leads us to the Super Bowl instead of Sage. This is where the problem comes in. You, my friend, will not. If Danny flops, you will be gone in a flash, which does not bode well for your future here.

So please, if you don't care about the 'Skins, go back to your Gators board. You've proven to be a presence that most of us don't want here, and you're causing a lot of undue turmoil.

Most of us appreciate the insight of Gatoreye, Pedigator, etc, who share fandom between the Gators and 'Skins. You my friend, do not.

We've had less heated arguements about the same topic without turning friend against friend. It's telling that as soon as you arrived, the board got thrown into such turbulence.

If you're going to be like that on every topic that we discuss...then...oh Lord, I don't even want to think about that.

This must be the offseason at a boiling point. I mean, $hit, it's hot as hell, we've been putting up with baseball for 6 months, and this is one of the most highly anticipated years in recent memory. The season is right around the corner. :)

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I don't want any decrease in pleasure when the 'Skins won ("Yeah, but AG will be able to shove it in my face"). Or any decrease in pain when they lose ("Yeah, but I'll be able to shove it in AG's face.)"

Let's agree to disagree, my Gator buddy. I didn't mean to get so pissed at you, and I hope you feel the same.

My apologies. Let's just toss the crow in the trash and go on with our lives. Betting against the 'Skins is a cardinal sin in my family, and that's exactly what I did. I should go to 'Skins purgatory and have to spend a week with Qcard. :)

OK, I feel better now.

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Hey Orange!

You are THE MAN! Do not get down! We all know you bleed burgundy and gold! Remember Gator fans and Redskin fans are probably the most rabid fans on the face of the earth! I have lived in both places! It is a volatile mix having Gators and Redskin fans rooting for the same team. We are actually too much alike in a lot of ways! I think when all is said and done the Hogettes and Gators will be sitting side by side in the stands enjoying some great football! Diversity brings good things! Spurrier will bring it all together and the proud Redskin tradition will live on!

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Originally posted by codeorama

Well said. AG does not speak for me. I don't care if Spurrier brings in a Former FSU player to QB the Skins.

Same here although if he brought in a former FSwho? QB it would be a little hard for me to accept. :D

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