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2002, The Year Of The Redskin

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I am thinking this is our year guys. Lets review.


Stacked! The secondary is the best in the league. Champ and Smoot with DG off the bench, gives us the best secondary in the league.

You want linebackers? We got them.

The D-line is above average as of now.

I say top three D in the league.

My theory is this. Snyder has made the defense the best it could be. Really, could it get much better? No it cant. Now we get a guy that can take any body and their brother and score touchdowns. Lewis is here for one year and one year only. If you think he won't be a head coach next season, pass that shiznit over here! This is the year. Pitching and catching. A defense that makes you want to punch your nextdoor neighbor in his neck. I will be sitting in section 138. I know this. The D will be hurting people and the longball will be in order! Lets go REDSKINS! BOOM!

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I know I may be raining on your parade but, as a homer we all tend to see things with rose colored glasses and that's fine, that's what being a ffan is about.

I do think that champ and smoot are really good but DG is past his time and he is an average CB that no one fears any more or some may even target....he is great guy, good person, had great years but nothing to worry about, but still the Secondary on the CB spot is pretty good. It helps that baily and smoot can play man because the safties are not good at all.

the LB core is very good, but the DL is not that great. the one problem with the DL is lack of depth. I don't think you can expect an average DL to play 60 snaps a game and be effective? they may play good int he 1st qtr or two but 4th quarter is where a lot of games are won and lost.....can they hold for 4 qtrs with the starters because the backups are not anything to write home about at all. and God forbid any injuries to occur, I hope it doesn't because I hate for any player on any team to get injured.

this puts a lot of burden on the LBs to make plays and they do have the ability but if the DL wears out and the opposing OLs start to get their hands on the LBs it may be tough for them to find a lot of success consistantly, specially in run defense.

good defense, no doubt, but its a long year, they may start as gang busters but may slow down by years end. the defense needs to be very strong at the start to let the offense find time to jell and that will take time, they may spend a lot of time on the field which doesn't bode well for any defense.

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