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Brenston Buckner?


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We should really pursue him. He will come cheaper than Sam Adams, and he puts up good numbers. I never heard of him either, but i like his size. He would solidify our Dline and still bring in a decent OG. Go get him Danny

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Err... no one here knows who the hell he is, but we should sign him? Do I need to point out that he plays for the Panthers? Stats on a bad team don't mean too much, and even on a decent team they can be totally misleading. Take Matt Stevens for example. Thank god someone took him (off our hands, that is).

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He has bounced around for a few teams. He is one of those guys who is OK but not great, I have seen him play a few times, and for Vet minimum or a touch more, would be a great addition considering what we have.


:pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint:

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

The Panthers have released a DT by the name of Brenston Buckner...he had 41 tackles and 7 sacks in 2000. 24 tackles and 4.5 sacks in '01, in 10 games. I've never even heard of the guy, but should we take a look?

Heck yeah! What do we have to lose? Besides the vet minimum, that is?

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Buckner was a Steeler than 49er. He had an excellent year with SF in 2000 and the Redskins DID try to sign him last offseason, but the bidding got too high and then Marty decided to gamble on Michael Bankston instead. :mad:

Buckner is another guy who has a lot of talent but just doesn't show the consistency of effort or focus to have had a truly stellar career.

At age 30 it is questionable whether he ever will be a consistent starter.

But as a backup, I don't think the team could do better, considering the alternatives.

I can't believe in a season where we needed to find help on the DL and preferably start buiilding with some youth, the team hasn't been able to find even ONE younger player in the draft or UDFA that looks to be able to come in and help out against the run.

Unbelievable. Two years in a row with a 38 year old DE on one side and another starter over 30 in Wilkinson and yet not too much urgency on the part of the Skins to beef up that area of the team the cheapest way possible, with younger players.

Wynn at 27 helps ease the transition from Marco Coleman and Bruce Smith and Dotson, 32, helps for 2002.

But I was really hoping the Skins were going to use at least one of the picks from #2-#5 on acquiring some DL depth.

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How do you know we haven't already found a solid DL rotation. Until otherwise disproven, I'm going to tow the company line along with Marvin Lewis. He said he was happy with the DL personnel we have on hand. This would include:

DT'S ....

Wilkinson 6'4" 333 lbs.

Dotson 6'5" 287 lbs.

S. Powell 6'1" 298 lbs.

C. Powell 6'2" 272 lbs.

D. Arp - 6'3" 293 lbs.

Will Beck 6'2" 329 lbs.

D. Cowsette 6'1" 288 lbs.

Anthony Thomas 6'2" 319 lbs.

Tim Englehardt 6'2" 296 lbs.

DE's .......

Bruce Smith 6'4" 265 lbs.

R. Wynn 6'3" 290 lbs.

Otis Leverette 6'6" 275 lbs.

Bernard Jackson 6'4" 281lbs.

Greg Scott 6'4" 258 lbs.

With the perceived starters excluded, Marvin Lewis ought to be able to put a serviceable rotation together out of some of these wide bodies.

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I'm very much with CSkin on this one. We don't know what we have in people such as Carl Powell and Will Beck in terms of depth. Lewis does. I was happy with the Dotson signing because I know him. I don't know Buckner, and neither do most of us. I'm not running out to get anymore old guys to man the d-line. Dotson was enough for me.

Most people on this board seem to have this auto response whenever some random player gets cut, or becomes available in free agency. "Let's sign him for the vet minimum, it couldn't hurt". This usually comes in reference to people ranging in talent from Randy Moss to the local high school janitor. It's really pretty funny.

Now, I'm not saying we don't sing Buckner. I'm just saying... wait and see what the professionals have to say.

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sorry, I guess I missed where Lewis said we were set on the DL :)

it was my understanding the team had been on the lookout for DL talent throughout the offseason and that continued even after the Wynn signing, with the pursuit of Larry Webster and Brandon Mitchell to play inside.

true, signing Dotson proves another veteran.

I don't see where much noise has been generated from the staff or front office about any of the younger players we have added as depth.

Leverette got a nice initial endorsement from Marty last season and Carl Powell (DE at 272) is an ex-Lewis player in Baltimore who was in Chicago last season.

of the other players I admit I don't know much about them.

Scott at 258 (#7 pick) looks like a long-term project based on the competition he faced and his need to bulk up.

Of those inside players with size, Thomas and Beck, we will have to see what they have to offer in camp.

I guess what I am concerned about is that neither the DL or OL coaches have come out and given any indication that one or two of the younger players has a chance to break through and make a contribution.

On the offensive line, I remember a conversation with Kim Helton a couple of months ago where he didn't seem at all confident that the team was going to be able to fill the LG spot from among the talent on hand at the time including Brandt, Tucker, Sulfsted, etc....

and that brought on Loverne and Kipp Vickers. :mad:

are things better on the DL?

I haven't heard so. :rolleyes:

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That list isn't exactly encouraging. Heck, I'd try to sign Buckner and Chidi Ahanatou at this point. Buckner is 300 pounds and puts up decent stats along with extensive experience. He's flat out better than all of those names at DT aside from Wilkinson. You people say give them all a chance? When our defensive line was riddled with injuries and rotations were common last year, what did any of those guys do? Who cares about giving the young guys a chance when you can get a relatively cheap player who you know is going to perform for you? We're not here to see what the younger guys can do and give them a chance, we're here to win football games. Buckner gives us the best chance at winning, and that's obvious. Hell, if we were looking at Jay Williams from Carolina, why not give this guy a shot? We could probably sneak him in under the new veteran signing rule and have him count as $450k under the cap, like with Dotson and Vickers.

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defensive linemen sure to make the roster: Wilkinson, Smith, Wynn.

defensive linemen we are pretty sure are going to make the roster: Santana Dotson

defensive linemen with limited NFL experience/and or time on an active roster: Carl Powell, Otis Leverette, Del Cowsette

defensive linemen few if any of us have seen play a down anywhere: Scott, Arp, Beck, Thomas, Engelhart, S. Powell, etc.....

this defense is going to carry how many DL's? 8 or perhaps 9?

that means we have four slots that are almost totally up for grabs.

if some people don't believe we can use another veteran player to provide depth and competition, they must either be a riverboat gambler or one of the younger guys' folks :laugh:

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While I hope Will Beck proves to be a keeper, I still won't breath easy until I hear Adams has fleeced some other team's GM out of umteen-millions.

The noticeable "silence" is scary and makes me feel Dano is up to cap-hell wheeling and dealing again? If I've missed some news of his signing elsewhere, sorry. But, this Lewis saying he's happy with what he's got is so much double-speak IMO.:rolleyes:

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Quick question: Do you guys really think that Marvin Lewis would have come in here and proclaimed, "Wow, we really stink on the defensive line!" He's new here, and he's not going to alienate his new players. So don't take it to the bank that we're just fine on the defensive line from this comment you attribute to Lewis.

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