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Anyone ever visit this site before


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was jumping around the net today and found this site , pfcritics.com/topsites . theres a poll for best football fan sites going on there , and no listing of extremeskins on it , :(

just a though if the mods would place it on their , theres no doubt that with a membership like extremeskins it would top the chart of fan sites :point2sky with that would be more people coming here so maybe it wasn't a great idea afterall

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yesterday when i posted this thread , i didn't notice that this site was actually listed apparently it was on page 2 of the list , anyway it's moved to 16th now since i voted , not sure if that had anything to do with it :rolleyes: anyway there are afew fan sites that are still ahead of us ,namely the fricken Cowgirls and the Crows :mad:

come on people ,got to be ahead of them , don't we ??? :doh:


just find our listing and click on the stats bar all the way at the right :point2sky

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Originally posted by jrockster77

I clicked the stats bar, but I don't think it registered a vote...:(

yea i think there is something wrong there i had to try a second time ,and then a page pops up saying your vote has been recieved :2cents: :D

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I wrote one too, but I find it strange that not much is written about us in there...

Well I did find my favorite surf spot to be completely overcrowded today, so I can't say I'd be heartbroken if we didn't get millions of trolls filtering in from that site...

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This looks to mel ike you can vote for yourself and get right to the top of the list.

Note the top of the list.

No offense to my pals over at gridironfans, since they are a proud member of the BANG! network, but in terms of traffic.. it's not even close.


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