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Sean Taylor's car


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I don't think the people that took the picture should be displaying his plates. It's OK to discuss or describe them, but they shouldn't be displaying his plates (in-tact). As a criminal justice professional that is enough information to acquire his last three listed addresses if you have clearance to a DMV database. That's why TV shows always blur out the plates. With all the Internet people-search stuff available, I find it disturbing. I know the pics were taken to show fans his ride, but the man has a right to privacy too.

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Originally posted by Tarpon75

Tag has allready expired if it wasn't renewed.June 5,2005 is the date on the plate.However, it was probably taken care of as this picture could have been on the internet for months.

According to another Extremeskins.com poster he just saw Sean Taylor in Ashburn this past week with those tags....so someones facts are wrong!


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Same car my mom has, it is quite lovely.

Anyway, his tag has been discussed before somewhere in the media. So this is nothing new, surprised that so many of you dont actually read the articles that Bubba makes the time and effort to post for all of our benefit.

As far as the thug comment....well he hasnt proven otherwise to this point, although he hasnt proven to be a thug either.

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