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  1. Welcome. But isn't he a little undersized as LS? I know you don't like up in front of them any longer but... Well, the puns and jokes are funny. Wonder if there's any new one he hasn't heard?
  2. Love the pick as well. We needed to upgrade the speed at the LB position we did that. Dude can cover. I trust Ron and JDR.
  3. LOL. Naaaaa. Just think with above average QB play from a QB who is mobile we could win double digit games. No need splurging on a QB that will eat up cap space or cost draft picks. Me, I will go for another Big Nasty in the draft. Sign a complimentary receiver Another TE FA LBs
  4. I like the little I saw of Kyle Allen. Loved me some Heinicke. I won't mind seeing Tyrod Taylor coming home either.
  5. Good stuff. That was what the asked TW71 to do... play and show us. He preferred to do it elsewhere. Congratulations to CR73
  6. Not a fan of playing primetime games. Want to see the team wear fatigues to Philly. Hope DJax isn't playing. And PLEASE contain Jalen Hurts. On our side, it will be down to how our special teams perform. Make our kicks... and field punts cleanily.
  7. It is preposterous blaming Chase for the loss. Lions deserved to win the game. Any fan of football knows that giving Stafford time on the clock with 3 timeouts doesn't bode well for the opposing team. Me, I was surprised that they didn't score a touchdown. Stafford picked out a WR streaking down the field wide open... Receiver dropped the sweet pass. We still didn't adjust. In obvious passing downs we didn't win the one-on-one battles and that includes Chase. The team needs to work on their personal groupings for obvious passing downs. I don't
  8. I hope I don't hear any stat about the $#%^ing Defense and all the First rounders.
  9. Matthew Stafford was a QB I thought and expected this over hyped DL and D to feast on. But they once again underwhelmed.
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