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  1. Ron has his idea about how he wants to build this team. I am in the minority, but I think his errors are correctable. I love what I am seeing from Scott Turner. We still need a reliable TE to be Dwayne's comfort blanket. I, like many fans would love to see Dwayne make the turn... Yesterday, it was opposite of previous games. He started off well and petered out. I hope he learns from it.
  2. Right now, we are a 3 quarter team. We could try kneeling and punting on 3rd down to work on our kicking game. Gospel according to Ron Rivera is that you can't expect to win or compete for 4 full quarters in your first season with a rebuilding franchise. In year 2, the team will suddenly turn it on and play for 4 quarters.
  3. Several games today and last week where if the teams were being coached by Ron Rivera they would have given up. Winning is a habit. You have to still teach players that you keep playing to win the game until the clock reads 0:00. He has treated the last two games like it is preseason. He should let us in on the plan... that the team is playing for a chance to have a high draft pick.
  4. I remain bullish about the team. Confident that they will discover what it is they do well on. Loving the effort. Love they seem to know their assignments more than in the past. Loving their tackling, considering there was no preseason. Like their intensity. We have a good competitive team. It will all come together.
  5. Good summation. I am in the Camp E. He is improving with his decision making just wished he would improve with his accuracy. His lack of accuracy to me is the glaring shortcoming to his game. Right about now, I will take a Captain Checkdown to keep the chains moving but he is not even good at the checkdowns... our backs have to gather themselves to adjust to the pass and that action negates the advantage of checking down. For other QBs the checkdown looks like an extended handoff, when it comes to Dwayne, it looks like a complicated pass. I will give the kid
  6. You are overreacting. The sequence and context are totally different. Teams who think they have a dynamic offense will go for it. Not a sign of disrespect.
  7. I won't be so harsh on him but someone needs to remind him he is playing Safety. In two games folks have figured out that he and Darby23 are the weak link in that secondary.
  8. All these could've been said on the game thread. Regarding the play, it wasn't disrespectful. They knew they had a play that could work. And it worked becaused Sweat's awareness is poor. His awareness would get better... But right now, his play recognition is poor. Ps., The team is still learning the group of personnel to have on the field for such plays. Kerrigan or Anderson on that end during such a play would have played the backside containment. Hope Sweat learned from the play.
  9. We are not a bad team. Just not good enough to overcome self inflicted wounds.
  10. Some points that are obvious. We are not good enough to give away the ball. We need to win the field position battle. Dwayne needs to improve...takes him too long to get into the game. Play calling earlier on needs to focus on getting first downs to build momentum. For the amount of playmakers we have on offense, we really can't expect much. McKissic is our best every down back. We are not as bad as we have played. We still don't know what it is that this team does well.
  11. Welcome to the team, young man. Way to introduce yourself to the fans. Stay healthy.
  12. Good win guys. I raise my hand to say I wasn't a believer after the first quarter. But this ain't no Jay #$%^&in Gruden team. Keep it up guys.
  13. Nice W. Plenty of opportunity for the O to get in sync. I will take the no turnover day. Good step in the right direction. Hail Team!
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