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  1. He seemed to love throwing to Cam Sims, I assume because of his size and leaping ability. Get my man Allen Robinson. He comes down with all those balls Cam dropped. Also need to snag a stud RB to help AG. Pound the rock to help protect Taylor and keep the D fresh.
  2. Because the Lions will be replacing Staff with him?
  3. Regardless, if Arod comes available, that helps our cause in finding another QB to add to the team.
  4. I agree with your sentiment and I am no defender of the ‘inmates running the asylum.’ This is what made the NBA unwatchable for me. Having said that, these players who signed a contract can be traded any moment without their consent (barring a no trade clause.) I think a player like Arod or Stafford, who has served their company/organization for so long can and should have a say in their futures.
  5. Even if he gets you to an NFC Championship Game? I think i’d give up 2 high picks for that and a chance at being in a Super Bowl.
  6. Lol you are misunderstanding me. I get it. No hate from over here brother. I was saying my original rhetorical question of “who cares what this guy thinks” was already covered by your original post; he is typically cynical and he thinks its a good move. I wasnt advocating you only post things I care about. (Basically my original comment was dumb.)
  7. Yea you basically explained why you posted it when you posted it. I just don’t care for his takes. About the same I would give up for Stafford, personally. 2 high picks.
  8. 1. Who cares what he thinks? (Lol) 2. Why not one year? Whats up with the 2 years?
  9. If we bring Stafford in he will be the best backup in the league. It’ll give him a good opportunity to learn from the great Taylor Heinicke.
  10. That contract is pretty ugly. I also think he has a place on the team still. Lots of packages with both Collins and Curl with a centerfielder behind them (Reaves/Rookie?)
  11. That’s the thing. He could probably play any LB position in a 34 or 43. I think he’ll be best in the middle, though, and that’s what we need. He can cover backs and TEs. If he times well for the 40, he will rise up these media draft boards. I am certain most teams already have him higher rated than most mocks do. The best comp I can think of would be Adalius Thomas, but I think he has a higher ceiling as a middle of the field guy. He can do a lot of different things. (Quick search I see someone has already beaten me to that comp back in Dec.)
  12. Safety is fine, but agree on LB and TE. I’d also throw in RB, WR, LG and LT (depending on the LSU kid from last years draft.)
  13. Aren’t the Eagles trying to salvage Wentz? Isnt that part of the Pederson sacking?
  14. Give me Collins over Micah (based on projected ‘price.’) Based on everything I have read and watched of him, it’s obvious he will be a Pros Pro. He has freakish size/speed, great instincts, and most importantly he LOVES the game. Skip ahead to 1:15 below:
  15. If we can get Collins and Najee similar to Haskins and Sweat... Oof
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