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  1. No one is giving up high quality nutrition like ham for Haskins.
  2. That's possible, but he did sit around for a good while. My point is if Ron wanted him, we would have him. I personally didn't want him here, so I am glad he went after Kyle instead (our future backup.) I wanted to have the season we are having to be in contention to snag Trevor. The best thing that could happen is Gase is fired soon and Greggg can sneak out a couple more wins than the skins.
  3. Can't one commit to Dwayne as the starter and bring in Cam as a backup? We had no other QB on the roster besides Haskins to start the offseason (unless you truly want to include Alex.)
  4. If Ron wanted Cam why didn't he bring him in for peanuts when he could? Cam is not coming here.
  5. Can someone throw out one team that might be interested in Haskins? He doesn't improve a single team. I expect he is cut by Wednesday. Edit: He won't be cut, but that's what I would do.
  6. Dwayne was never going to be the guy. Here or anywhere. I am fine with the pick. We wouldn't have gotten Chase Young without selecting him. The past is the past. It's time to move forward.
  7. Who would trade for Haskins? I am betting no one.
  8. Mediocre QB play gets the job done yesterday. However, I do agree none of the QB's available in the offseason were taking this team to a Super Bowl.
  9. After the Arizona loss he was on instagram replying to haters. Not a good look in my opinion.
  10. The Dwayne pick will look brilliant after it lands us two franchise changing players in Chase Young and our next QB. Got to love him for that.
  11. He can certainly throw the ball, but I am not convinced he can pass it. People talk about separation, but you turn on other games and you see bang bang completions all day long. You don't need receivers to be 5 yards or even a full yard away from the nearest defender to complete a pass. Hope he proves me wrong next week.
  12. He's going to perform at an All-Pro level this year. Can't wait.
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