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  1. Which means the offense needs to take a major step forward. Protecting a lead is what this D is built for right now.
  2. I will go looking for it, but I am pretty sure the Defense's tackle rate went down significantly as a whole after he went out for the season. The big missed tackles he did have are just burned in ya soul. (Lamar and Dan Jones smoking him, and those two guys can do that to just about any defender in the league.)
  3. Multiple firsts to be instant Super Bowl contenders? Count me in. But agreed, not giving up any of our young guys that are already in house.
  4. Shaka at the SAM, Jamin at the Will and Cole at the Mike. I like.
  5. He seemed to love throwing to Cam Sims, I assume because of his size and leaping ability. Get my man Allen Robinson. He comes down with all those balls Cam dropped. Also need to snag a stud RB to help AG. Pound the rock to help protect Taylor and keep the D fresh.
  6. Because the Lions will be replacing Staff with him?
  7. Regardless, if Arod comes available, that helps our cause in finding another QB to add to the team.
  8. I agree with your sentiment and I am no defender of the ‘inmates running the asylum.’ This is what made the NBA unwatchable for me. Having said that, these players who signed a contract can be traded any moment without their consent (barring a no trade clause.) I think a player like Arod or Stafford, who has served their company/organization for so long can and should have a say in their futures.
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