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  1. Wait, What? Am I missing something?
  2. Tedskins 21

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Ha Sprinkle owned Monte. Glad they're both taking this personal. I expect (hope) big years from both.
  3. I am sure he has managed his finances just fine. But turning down $16 million is turning down $16 million. He will never see that kind of money again in his life. There's no way he sits out this entire year.
  4. Tedskins 21

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Love your optimism. I hope you are right.
  5. Tedskins 21

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I will be ecstatic if Ryan holds up his same play, the DL stays healthy, and Sweat is what he's being billed at. That's a lot of ifs. The Cowboys have 3 legit studs on their defense. 2 of those being in-space-Linebackers.
  6. 31 year old Trent of let's say 75% of snaps for 3 more years >>> anything you get in the middle of the first, on average. BTW Love the UserName. Haven't had safety play like that for 12 years. Hopefully that changes this year.
  7. Tedskins 21

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Unless some of the young guys in the secondary really shine, and say, Holcomb, or one of my personal favorites, JHC, takes that second ILB job, I think we still lack too much team speed to compete with the Cowboys defense. (Sorry for all the commas, I am just a constant running thought.)
  8. Easier for who exactly? If I am in charge, I'd rather deal with the "drama" all year if it means he didn't get his way. Again, on a personal level, I would more than likely side with Trent and whatever his concerns are. But if I am Bruce or Dan, I am not moving on to make things "easier."
  9. Plenty have alluded to it already; Trent's value is decreasing by the minute. He stands to earn A LOT of money this year. If he doesn't want it/need it, fine. But he misses out on it and will NEVER have the opportunity to make that money again. Basketball is a totally different world, for several reasons. Paul George has what, 5 more years of high level play? Possibly 8+ years of total years left in the NBA? Paul will also be making DOUBLE what Trent stands to make this year. I would be willing to bet a team would trade a first for Trent. But I would prefer to have Trent than that first, and I am sure the Skins feel the same. I think the Skins have more leverage than a lot of you are saying, especially with the signing of Penn.
  10. I sure hope you are wrong. Not sure what stops other players from pulling the same thing down the road. Then sit on him.
  11. I think the Penn signing, if anything, applies the pressure for Trent to return to work. We control his future. If I am the Redskins, I start playing hardball with the guy. (BTW Trent is my favorite player and has been for years. But if I am running this business, I do not let him out of here on his own accord.) Agreed but substitute that #2 to a #1.
  12. This is obviously a complicated situation, but nothing concrete has come out of either camp. But I'm not trading Trent for anything less than a #1. If that sort of deal doesn't arise, then let him forego $16 million (or whatever it is.) Hopefully he comes back soon.
  13. Tedskins 21

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Never seen it. I would finally tune in if it were the Skins. Couldn't be worse than the final season of GoT.
  14. M. Foster is a bum. With the beef we have inside, the addition of Sweat on the edge, and the size/presence of Collins in the box, I believe that JHC can have an impact as one of the starting inside backers. I think he's ready to make that leap forward, especially if R. Foster can play to his pedigree. I know most have hopes for SDH, and I do too, but I think Josh is going to surprise some people this year.
  15. Tedskins 21

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    He can return kicks and he can take the short ball long. Haskins likes to throw underneath. Gruden likes motioning our backs out wide. I imagine he and CT will get packages together, weird as that may sound. Not to mention he’s a high character guy. Maybe he will be a skins doctor down the line haha. I bet he’s a factor by mid to late in the season.