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  1. That contract is pretty ugly. I also think he has a place on the team still. Lots of packages with both Collins and Curl with a centerfielder behind them (Reaves/Rookie?)
  2. That’s the thing. He could probably play any LB position in a 34 or 43. I think he’ll be best in the middle, though, and that’s what we need. He can cover backs and TEs. If he times well for the 40, he will rise up these media draft boards. I am certain most teams already have him higher rated than most mocks do. The best comp I can think of would be Adalius Thomas, but I think he has a higher ceiling as a middle of the field guy. He can do a lot of different things. (Quick search I see someone has already beaten me to that comp back in Dec.)
  3. Safety is fine, but agree on LB and TE. I’d also throw in RB, WR, LG and LT (depending on the LSU kid from last years draft.)
  4. Aren’t the Eagles trying to salvage Wentz? Isnt that part of the Pederson sacking?
  5. Give me Collins over Micah (based on projected ‘price.’) Based on everything I have read and watched of him, it’s obvious he will be a Pros Pro. He has freakish size/speed, great instincts, and most importantly he LOVES the game. Skip ahead to 1:15 below:
  6. If we can get Collins and Najee similar to Haskins and Sweat... Oof
  7. Taylor and I are the same exact size. I love his fire, but can a 170 lb man take hits/sacks from 300+ lb men consistently? Sadly, I don't think so.
  8. If you can upgrade the QB position this offseason without investing too much, you do it. But his performance and the way Allen was trending doesn't make QB as big of a need as it was previously thought.
  9. Looks like I was misinformed. The figures I am referencing are PFF's grading. This is different than a QBR rating. PFF had him graded out higher than that performance.
  10. Some great performances for sure, but neither guy bested Taylor’s QBR from Saturday.
  11. The dude can ball. The only thing holding him back is durability concerns. No wonder, he just said on the Junkies that he’s my size.
  12. If you can snag him later, I am into it. But Reaves is a solid cover safety. I think corner is a bigger need than safety. Fuller needs to be in the slot. Jimmy hasn’t panned out to be who we hoped. Keeping Darby and finding another outside corner and sliding Fuller inside would be ideal. It’s too bad Quinton ended up pulling what he did. How much would Sherman or Patrick be this offseason? Any mid-round sleeper corners?
  13. Agreed. I think drafting a bluechip LB fixes a lot of issues; Collins, Parsons, or JOK (my order of preference.)
  14. Just for example sake, Haskins has probably been bigger than everyone he played football with from the ages of 10-18 years old. This got him to a big time program with tons of talent around him. Flash forward a few years, and well, we know how his story ends. If Taylor can stay healthy, he is a starting QB in this league. Maybe not consistently a 90+ QBR player, but who knows? Build that defense, surround him with as much talent as possible, and see how it goes.
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