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  1. Note. Dan has a team of lawyers advising him. It no mistake the actions he is taking. He ia good owner witnessed by many.
  2. Hello I have a fire stick. Can anyone point me to an access point?. I dont have local station on vizio tv with comcast internet only. Help
  3. So there are some here that take the cynical route. How shameful is it for Tonya to be the ride and die for her man and Help protect the families legacy. How dare she. Some of you need to wise up. Notice I did not use profanity. Thats what you call self control. Use It.
  4. All who say Dan is the most hated in sports are completely and sadly wrong. Thats only Your Opinion. You have invested your feelings into something that is not worth it... Football. What has Dan done to you personally?
  5. Might want to be careful with monuments. There would be controvery with whtat pwoplw perceive as monuments here.
  6. Trent knew what he was doing from the beginning. Cannot be trusted to be a Redskin..... EVER.
  7. BURGOLD Nail.....did ...IT .....10 Point Landing My Friend
  8. !st Option 1. HIre Bill Bellicheck 2. Make him President and Part Owner 3. Let him run the show. 2nd Option Contact Shanahan. He brought in really good coaches. Team President Let him hire the GM recommend coached Sit back and watch
  9. Can you get Cancer from playing football? Nope Does the redskins medical staff perform surgery? Nope..Andrews yes, but he is a certified surgeon. When the players start blaming the organization for Every Single deed or mishap, the game becomes destroyed with overbearing solid, Beatty MEN Trent should take responsibility for HIs own Actions. What doe that teach his kids, your kids..people who look up to him. Thanks Not Hero material.....Period You can go Now Trent ...YOu R Dimissded....Dissmissdededed
  10. How could he ask for a trade if he could not put a helmet on? I am sure there are pics somewhere with a helmet on Practicing? For sure he is in shape, don't you think?
  11. Please stop feeding into the Trent Narrative about Trent for Trent and All about Trent He is supposed to be intelligent and old enough to get a first second and third opinion. He can a read a damn playbook for G sake and memorize it. That look he gave in that interview said, "yaw believe me don't you?" Please. I have a 7-year old that says "Daddy I want a second opinion from Mommy" His behavior is juvenile and atrocious. and most of All Embarrassment to the fans and organization. I say let him rot on the bench or send him to the worst NFL team besides us that has no chance of winning
  12. U are correct... This management can't seem to get it right on QB. Gruden was clueless about how to use talent. hopefully, the next coach will be a real coach and let Haskins play to his strengths. Obviously he has them. IF here were to leave, another coach would probably make him star.
  13. A good coach would make Haskins what he IS and Not what they want him to be right now. Same as l Jackson for Baltimore. If he were here, Many Here would be calling him a failure or bust like ES fans are calling him. Not all but some He needs a good coach that will use his strengths and game plan for it
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