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  1. True, my point has he still had some grooming in other orgs. could have made him better coach
  2. Just FYI I know folks want to believe Dan let very good coaches leave, but it took a few years for them to craft heir skill under other coaches before they were offered coaching positions. Young Shanny went on to succeed working for other coaches, not his dad
  3. brettstr

    Next Coach?

    So much for not advancing Talent already in House....O'Connell !!!!. Amazing how everyone else can see the potential in assistants here but all I hear is this board talking about other coaches coming in to replace Gruden. Seems Crazy. I hope Dan is not crazy enough to listen or be influenced by some on this board. Promote Within...NOW What Gives Here?
  4. brettstr

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    Wow. this is one vicious group. All is Hearsay. He said She Said...They said
  5. I personally will be watching the skins game here in Miami to be part of History when the skins go 1-15, I will be able to say I saw it First hand. I am a little used to being broken-hearted by the Nats, a whole lot of Hurt. I am true fan to the end. Even if they don't go any further. Skins....ehhh. use to i And IF the story is true, Dan and Brucey must be really hanging nails now that the Mystics are in the Finals...Doing Well
  6. I honestly don't believe the narrative being examined or told. I DO believe Dan is upset THe Skins have not scratched the surface of success. I do believe Dan is looking at Bruce now that Ted realized Grunfeld was not the GM for the Wizards. IF we pray right, WE can hope Dan talked to Ted and asked for that consulting firm # and has them on speed dial. As a matter of fact has already consulted with them on finding an Executive, coaching, and GM staff. Replace the whole DAmn staff Except for Smith. Doug included.
  7. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!. DId not even think of that.
  8. You sound like the old Batman announcer
  9. brettstr

    Redskins Culture is embedded in the mentality

    Wow. Something to think about. Maybe they should use the team of professionals or database that the Capitals used to find a new coach that is up and coming. As a matter of fact, do just what the Capitals did,. Reboot the entire management teams except Kyle Smith
  10. If Trent reports for the 6 to 8 games, it shows what his true intentions were the whole time, In fact, all the prognosticators about his unhappiness and unwilling to report should become TMZ employees. It would be nice to send him to the bottomless of bottomless pit team to get some git back. He was shown more than enough respect by fans and SOME in the administration. Go Figure that out
  11. brettstr

    Redskins Culture is embedded in the mentality

    Does anyone here believe O'Connell is the best choice? Great thread
  12. I think it has been said pretty much here Trent was treated pretty well by management. Seems to me he is taking advantage of allegedly 1 mistake by medical staff. I will spell it out. Ungrateful Spoiled Brat
  13. It would be amazing if the left side held its own. Then where would the Rooster fly?
  14. I am beginning to believe this is all a game orchestrated by Trent and others to mess with the heads of the media, tease the fans and the organization. A childish game
  15. Maybe Trent is holding out because he knows he cant pass the piss in a glass tube test. just buying time.