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  1. 30 minutes ago, The Batman said:


    I'm with you in spirit, but comparing Smith to Grossman or Beck is grotesquely underselling Smith. Neither of them were anywhere close to the QB he has been. Not even a little bit. 


    No, I was comparing the situation.  I do think, and hope Smith is better, money wise he better be.  This was just many of the things I contemplated last night. 


    7 minutes ago, PF Chang said:

    Seems like the same people who acted like paying Cousins $25M/yr would kill the franchise are completely fine with paying Alex Smith $23.5M/yr. Maybe you could just admit you irrationally think Cousins sucks? 

    I honestly thought kirk wanted 28-29 mil.  25 mil doesn't sound bad for kirk, frankly. When you cons

  2. 6 minutes ago, bobandweave said:


    EChiefs had to go into New England who was hoisting it’s newly received Super Bowl Championship banner that night.


    Given the same team would you rather start Kirk in that game or Alex Smith?



    You definitely want Alex.  The guy wouldn't throw an INT if it wasn't clear he would complete it.

    So if you look in Skins history (ignore KC)... what QB might smith most remind us of?

    Mark Brunell
    Trent Green

    Could Alex Smith be the return of Trent Green? (man I'm still hurting over losing that guy.)

  3. On 1/3/2018 at 9:06 PM, purbeast said:

    While I agree with you, all of the arm chair GM's (and the Redskins GM) thinks you can win without a QB because the Ravens did it once like 15 years ago or whatever. 


    I can't believe I still am reading people saying to draft a rookie or roll with Colt and just get a stronger defense and we'll be ready to compete...

    Most of us that are saying that are okay with sucking next year and taking some lumps, if it sets us up for a stronger 4-5 year run.

    14 hours ago, RedskinsVa7 said:

    I can't even sleep right now cause im pissed off. The sad thing is they don't even tell him that hes getting traded. 

    That was me last night, could not fall asleep.   I'm just thankful since I drew the short straw and had to pick a non skins team on MaddeN (son won the skins rights) I was torn between the Packers, Steelers, Colts, or Falcons.  I chose the Pack... and first thing I did was Trade for Fuller.  (Now I got Fuller and Ricky JF. former skins both now :/)

    14 hours ago, Playaction2Sanders said:


    Maybe Moreau steps up this year. You can always get another corner in free agency..

    If the rumors of Kirk to Denver being lined up with a Brinks Trunk and a Cabin Cruiser on a trailer, and that Denver may release a high priced corner to make room.  Isn't Aqib Talib an old Bruce Allen pick from Tampa Bay?

  4. Alex Smith... Is no Clinton Portis.    But at least we know what's up for a few years at QB.  Typical front office rather than develop a QB or keep one, then. .  Hey if true Talib is out in Denver....... 



    I feel bad for fuller. Love that ball player.  Traded for him on Madden (chose to let son take Washington so I took Green Bay) 

  5. 1 minute ago, goskins10 said:



    There is no grey area when it comes to the name change thread. But it's up to you. I am not a mod. Just trying to help a fellow poster.

    I went ahead and reached out.  Thanks for letting me know, calmly.  I hardly ever want to start threads anymore.  Most of what I want to talk about is already there, and don't have the mega hours to lurk like I used to.

    My comment was not intended as arguing over your interpretation of the rules.  I'm actually at a loss here either way.  I need to make time to go review them now either way.

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  6. Even as we Redskin fans suffer through another season of apparent failure, it seems that not everything you read about the Redskins is true.  This afternoon I saw friends posting on Facebook about a planned name change for the organization.  My friends on facebook who shared a url that said we were changing the name to the "Red Hawks".  However, when I came to the Washington Post Site below, and looked to see what the Post thought, I found out it was not so at all, somewhat relieved actually.:



    Clearly the name change is FakeNews.   (I must admit I almost believed it myself, and several friends apparently were suckered by it today.)

    I'm not posting the link that I saw, and according to the Post article, Redskins Park is already aware.  I didn't see this in the news section, so thought it deserved to be shared.   It seems almost anything could be fake news these days.

    (I'll admit, though RedHawks is not the worst potential renaming suggestion I've seen recently, if push came to shove and we did.  However, Hail to the Redskins! #HTTR)

  7. So I just saw news that (Loosen up Sandy baby. You're wound way to tight.) may have injured his back against the Seahawks

    And their rookie RB, Elliot, was seen at a Colorado Marijuana store...




  8. Sanchez has strenghts but he basically caps out as a game manager type.


    Geno is awful. Like, really really awful. Nobody is winning with that guy.




    I haven't seen enough of Geno to jump to a conclusion on him.  The jets are quite the dysfunctional franchise right now.  I don't think he's top echelon, and he's got similar issues that RG3 has of holding the ball too long and being afraid to make mistakes (at least the last time I saw him play).  I'm  not convinced we've seen the last of him in the NFL, but he's not had much support from what I can tell from where I sit.  

  9. I'd post a video I just found on Youtube, but I don't know if its appropriate to post a youtube video of a cowboys fan ranting and cursing about the win.



    And then I found this one...



    oh and then this one of a Dallas fan crying

  10. LOL.  That Bryant reverse TD is essentially the reason that Catch rules were revised in light of the Calvin Johnson play a few years ago..  Even if its a TD in the end, I still suspect Green bay wins this one.

    The sad part is Tony Romo,

    Noone will believe he actually beat the Lions last week
    And noone will believe he lost this one to the Packers.


  11. Problem #1: I believe twa is right and, while what he pasted doesn't list the part to be replaced, it's the hazard switch that needs to be replaced. I believe this will take care of your turn signal problem.

    Problem #2: It sounds like the ignition switch is going bad. The ignition switch is the electrical part that is connected to the ignition lock (where you put the key). If it is going bad, it can cause a "no start" condition because the switch isn't sending any signal to start the car. That may also be the cause of your various lights you are getting in the dash. If the switch loses signal while the car is running, it can cause a whole litany of strange problems. Simply put, part of the car may think that it isn't running when it actually is and some electrical components might not be powered because the switch is telling them that the car isn't running. I'd start with the switch (as far as your starting problem) and go from there.

    Well I already replaced the Hazard switch today, and the part worked at least for the hazard lights, but the left and right individuals still were not working right. I mean they work when the lights aren't on the dash, but when they are, they don't. Weird.

    I went over to advance because I was pricing the switch for my AC Fan speed controller, and saw they do free Starter and Alternator Checks. So I had them try it. Sure enough the car didn't want to start. Battery has plenty of cranking amps (its rated at 875, and was at I think 809 on his read out, which for a 2yr battery is probably good.) The Alternator was putting out juice according to his readout, but he couldn't get a good gauge on the starter because it stuttered before starting. The more I think about it the more I think it is the switch.

    This is ironic because a year ago I had to replace the lock cylinder because it locked up. That was the only part we replaced, its possible that I may end up replacing it and the switch again to get this right. Thanks for the advice, and I Hadn't thought about the engine not thinking its on, but my neighbor who's been helping me with the car, noted that sometimes a car may be in park, but not think it is, and hence won't let it start. Thanks for the advice, its much appreciated.

  12. Got one possibly two different problems with my car and need some Mechanic advice.

    I have a 2000 Chevy Impala (3.8L V6). The two problems are this:

    1. The turn signals seem to work almost none of the time. Every now and then they'll decide to work, but mostly they don't and sometimes I get a 'buzzing' sound when I try to actuate them while driving. The four way hazard switch works (and I tried replacing it as some articles I saw online lead me to think that maybe that was the problem.) On top of that, other lights in the Instrument cluster light up but don't appear to be actually having problems, namely:

    Traction Control Off Light


    Air Bag Sensor Light

    ANd sometimes the service panel will put out a Battery warning, or a Service Traction System Warning. I'm not sure I believe the later, because I have felt the Traction control kick in despite this light being off in the rain in the last few weeks.

    2. Starting the car seems tricky. Sometimes I get in the car turn the key and its fine. Other times I can turn it, and after jiggling it a bit it will start. Other times it won't start unless I press down on the pedal (brake). I am wondering if this could be a sign of a fault in the switch or alternator. I don't think its the starter, as the car does eventually turn over. The other thing when the key is engaged often I don't here the starter 'click' until I release the key, which seems unusual.

    Anyhow, problem 2 cropped up while I was waiting for a part I was told might solve the instrument panel lights. The Hazard lights do work with the current switch, but the turn signals seldom work.

    Any suggestions on what the possible Cause might be?

  13. On that engine, I believe that the crankshaft position sensor is located down on the bottom near the crank pulley (aka: harmonic balancer). It's probably not too hard to replace but it may need to be lifted into the air in order to access it.

    Generally, the crankshaft position sensor gets its reference off of the crank pulley. Therefore, it would make sense for the crankshaft position sensor to be located directly adjacent to the crank pulley.

    Yeah the 3.8 L sits sideways with the belts on the passenger side. Something tells me your right about ti being near the bottom, which means I'll probably have to take it to a mechanic as a lift is just not an option on my hillside street lol.

  14. Veretax, I had the same issue with My Monte Carlo 3.8 l 3800. It would hesitate and sometimes stall in the middle of traffic going 50mph +. I did the same thing got the error code and replaced the CPS, but still had the issue. Long story short, replaced MAF (mass airflow sensor) never had the problem again. I would look for one at the junkyard first (pretty common engine) before buying new.

    Mass airflow sensor? No clue where that would be either. What I'm trying to diagnose is whether this is something me and a buddy can do in a couple of hours one weekend. Or am I going to have to take it to a garage because of where the CPS is located.

    That and I think its time to change plugs too.

  15. Well after my car stalled on me a few times in traffic, the check Eng lite finally came on so I took it down to advance to read the computer. Computer points to the Crankshaft Position Sensor (or is that ignition sensor?) Amazing the Advance guy guessed it was that a few days ago, but we had no way to prove it.

    So I'm looking around the engine (3.8L 3800) for my Chevy Impala (2000) and I can't for the life of me figure out where it is based on the picture they showed me at the parts store.

    Does anyone have any idea whether this is a bottom/top side part or how to locate it?

  16. The bleed is to get air bubbles from the lines,which is usually evident by more brake pressure need to stop and more pedal travel

    I'm assuming you have checked the fluid level in the reservoir?

    Actually no I haven't checked the reservoir. I'd need to figure out where it is to check it.