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  1. I think Santos and Mann were the last 2 vestiges of the Bruce Allen era. An actual GM would be next unless they want to give that to Kyle Smith at some point.
  2. Of course without a doubt. Whenever the change happens, there will not likely be enough time to market the new name or the jerseys when they hit the team stores.
  3. They need to get change it something that doesn't impact the team colors and the fight song as much
  4. I'm not against the name, but it's time for Snyder to finally get serious which it looks he is and change it
  5. I seriously want to know how STUPID Kayleigh Mcenany is for defending Drumpf's "Kung Flu" comment.
  6. Doesn't look there's much a chance of a 2020 season at all this year, but at least the Nats will be defending champs when they do come back
  7. Horrible and terrible what happened to George Floyd, but to totally disband the police is just scary to think about. I hope they have a good plan in place because you're just asking for a gangster's paradise to blossom in Minneapolis
  8. All very true, but I think JDR will tailor the scheme to fit his personnel with the front four being the centerpiece and everything will probably revolve around that
  9. That's fine and when Dal@ss has a big play or loss Buck will act as their personal cheerleader as he's been their official broadcaster for years now
  10. If there was ever a year to get excited about a WRs corps, this would be it. Terry McLaurin, Harmon, Sims and the rookies with speed to burn behind them. If Haskins can really progress in his sophomore season, this offense may be explosive and exciting to watch come September.
  11. What do NFL guys not understand about social distancing and quarantining. Not that hard to just stay at home.
  12. Stupid people doing dumb things. Rivera: 1 SEA: 0 Let's see what happens in SF this year with a particular LT
  13. Sorry, but it has to be said. I can't believe that people voted for Drumpf. Hands down, a complete Turd. If he's re-elected, i can't imagine what it's going to be like a year from now with a the situation possibly even more dire and he's still in charge.
  14. I saw RR in an interview online where he said that the 1st game against the reining division champs will show where they're at. I believe that and I think they can come out of the gate Week 1 with a victory, they can be competitive all year and possibly have a shot at the playoffs and maybe the division.