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  1. Caps never put them away when they had the chance and the Canes just hung in there. Caps got tired as the game wore on and they played like they didn't want to win especially in OT
  2. Canes totally playing like they want it more. SMH!
  3. Way too much time in the defensive zone
  4. A game they probably had in hand is now going to OT. Not good IMO
  5. Caps are playing the Canes game and it sucks
  6. Canes refusing to die. Caps need to keep up the pressure
  7. HUGE to get that 3rd goal and get it back to a 2-goal lead again
  8. Caps need to keep it up and the Canes will begin to crumble as the game goes along
  9. The BS No Goal call won the game for Carolina. This team needs to regroup and re-focus since it is an elimination game for them as well on Wednesday. Hopefully they show up like they have been at home
  10. What kind of BS is this?!!! Pure CRAP!
  11. IMO, if they don't pull this one out tonight, it's going to be a 7 game series. Both teams are completely different at home
  12. By far, the worst performance in years. Truth be told, I think they gave up early
  13. So this one's a loss. They need to wake up for Game 4 and play like the team that's actually up in this series
  14. They need that 4th goal badly or this game is tied or worse
  15. Forget about Harper, this team SUCKS. This looks like a long year. Harper should be glad he's not on this team. They are bad and will be bad this year