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  1. Can't wait for this crap to end and for hopeful relief on so many levels to begin.
  2. On defense, if things are not addressed in the draft, they need to spend wisely to fill holes at LB and at Safety as there aren't that many holes to get that unit to the next level
  3. If Heinicke is re-signed and earns the job, I think he can excel in this offense. They guy can basically make all the throws and is mobile. If they get more weapons for the offense, this team could progress further than they did this year with Heinicke at the helm.
  4. Bucs proved that it is hard to beat a team 3 times in a season and Brees had a horrible last game if that's it for him
  5. If Saints ending up losing, this one's on Brees. Coming up real small.
  6. If not for some bad Saints turnovers, this game isn't that close
  7. Browns got hosed, but you have to play a perfect game vs KC and they haven't.
  8. The Bills executed their game plan to perfection with stopping Lamar on the ground first. Once that happened, it was basically game over. IMO, Harbaugh or the powers that be with the Ravens are going to have to change that offense to make Lamar a pure pocket passer or move him to WR or RB and find them their franchise QB.
  9. Sucks to see Lamar go out but the Ravens have been their own worst enemy tonight
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