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  1. They're probably going to have to teach him how to block. Here's hoping that that Turner designs some post-up plays for Reyes in the RZ.
  2. No disrespect at all intended to any UK fans of the WFT or anybody living in the UK in general. I'm just used to the typical NFL start times.
  3. Wells Fargo is the Caps house this season. Touchdown on the board today
  4. They should go with the Redwolves or just keep it the WFT. Best option IMO
  5. As this team is presently contracted, they are going into 2021 with Fitzpatrick as the presumed starter with Heinicke and Allen him. All veterans and unless they do make a move to trade up in the draft and get one top rated QBs available, that's the depth chart for the upcoming season. Do I want a franchise QB like a Maholmes or Josh Allen? Of course. However, I don't know if Rivera and Co. want to go in that direction by mortgaging the future and not win now.
  6. The last time this team made a blockbuster trade in the draft, it didn't work out and they didn't get a franchise QB. Franchise QBs are not are not as easy to find as they were about a decade ago. Building a team around a defense and then finding a QB through FA or in the later rounds is a lot easier nowadays.
  7. Making up for the loss at Capital One in a big way
  8. Payne and Allen are former 1st round picks. Don't know if you can find former #1 picks lying around somewhere or be that bad that they're in a position to draft that high again. Ioannidis wasn't a #1 pick but was playing like one when he got hurt.
  9. Exactly, not sure why fans are still stuck on past potential with guys Bryce Love or Reuben Foster. Who knows what these guys may become, but who really cares.
  10. Not sure where the trade scenario with Atlanta came from, but anything involving Chase or anyone the DL is off the table. You don't draft a dominant generational talent one year and trade him in a RG3-like trade the next. A whole lot of BS gets thrown around this time of year.
  11. I guess I'm more of a traditional fan and like the 1 PM start and will take an actual road game instead of the weird neutral field at Wembley stadium in front of people who probably don't know much about American football.
  12. The fact that they haven't had any discussions with Schereff means that this situation is probably headed in the Cousins direction. They sill have until mid July, but this FO is very similar to the old regime where they don't take care of their own.
  13. Here's hoping that 2016 awful tie (thanks to Hopkins) keeps this team out of the running for the London game next year.
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