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  1. The best way to hide the pen is to score fist and score often when will allow the starters to go 6-7 innings and then use guys like Doolittle and Rainey and then Hudson for the 9th. Just my .02 cents
  2. I must say that the Skins do such an efficient job of finishing games, that we actually get to watch other competitive games after their game
  3. Hey guys it's going to be a 9-0 loss, but on the flip side it was the homecoming game. SMH!
  4. You forgot about that stalwart All Pro Morgan Moses
  5. 49ers did just enough to make the Skins D look like the Skins D
  6. If you thought that was bad, the 2nd half is going to be worse. 49ers D are probably going to get a game changing play to win it
  7. Moses is good at 2 things: Holding and letting the other guys get a free shot at his QB
  8. For all people worried about Houston, they were a NL team once so they know that stadium. Yes, they have Verlander, Cole, and Grienke, but I think the Nats big 3 or big 4 is better than those guys. I still think the Nats are better and there's something special about this team than years past and they get it done in the WS
  9. IMO, it should be Werth for Game 3 and Coach Gibbs for Game 4
  10. They got to find a way to keep rocking those unis then
  11. I'm so glad they won last night so we can bask in the NLCS celebration and have debates like Game 1 starters or ticket prices. This is so awesome. Hopefully the players stay focused so we can talk about an even bigger celebration in a few more weeks
  12. If you had told me that last year or even 3 years ago that Dave Martinez was going to be the manager to lead this team to WS without a certain player who we'll call BH, I would've said that was crazy. That said, here we are and how sweet it is and hopefully it will be sweeter after 4 more wins.