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  1. Voted today on the last day of early voting in Virginia. Here's hoping for the best in the days to come.
  2. Here's hoping, but it will be tough. If he does, it's probably over like he said.
  3. Dumpf, Drumpf Jr., and Kushner are basically dumb as **** and the axis of evil
  4. Seriously hoping every one does their part and votes and it doesn't down to 1 stated that decides it especially Florida otherwise it's going to the SC and it's a foregone conclusion where it's headed from there.
  5. Unless it's Faux News with his good buddy Hannity or mana Ingram, he's going to cry fake news
  6. A blowout win is always nice, but against that team is just AWESOME! Here's hoping for another one in a month
  7. Loss last week hurt a lot, but the division is what it should be. Philly is the best of a bad lot again and this team is continuing to grow.
  8. Win was AWESOME, but this more was about Dal@ss being just AWFUL and the WFT taking advantage which they did.
  9. Great blowout win. Going into the bye on a positive note. 2nd place feels better than last place.
  10. Dal@ss is just worse to make to make this offense look that good
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