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  1. SAli457180

    Gameday Thread

    Dal@ss is getting shut out which is always a good thing
  2. As well they should. The game is a joke and the teams are a joke
  3. A Davis drop. Who didn't see that coming
  4. SAli457180

    Gameday Thread

    I wish the Skins had double G Williams instead of dufus in the headlights on the sidelines
  5. SAli457180

    Gameday Thread

    Double G Williams may have cost his team a victory by calling that timeout
  6. SAli457180

    Gameday Thread

    Dal@ss basically clinches the division with this W, but hopefully they die a painful death in the playoffs
  7. Game was over early, but I really hope 6-10 happens for draft positioning and hopefully they blow this thing up
  8. This is going to be worse than after their owner passed away
  9. Defense has officially QUIT
  10. Smith, McCoy, or Sanchez then for you?
  11. I personally don't care how much it takes because what they're doing hasn't worked. Otherwise it's going more of the same for years to come
  12. I want Will Grier from WVU. I think he's worth it. Trade up. They went all in for Griffin in 2012. Why not now. Do something.
  13. They have to keep this up. I want 6-10. They need to find a QB and that guy is not on the roster. They need to get better draft position and this is the best way to get that done
  14. Pretty much. So bad right now