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  1. There's nothing wrong with St.Mary's County! :saber:
  2. i was just walking around my building and saw some of the ladies with sleeveless shirts on and a skirt, lucky! i'm wearing a damn long sleeve shirt and a tie with khaki pants. its not fair!!!
  3. o's game 2nite! $3 beer and $2 hotdogs before the game!!!
  4. I'm craving a Mango Misto from Rita's!
  5. i feel the same way. the rain is not helping at all...
  6. I can't wait to go to the Tiki Bar opening 2nite!!! Anyone that lives in Southern Maryland knows its the biggest event of the year. They usually have around 10,000 people turn out for the opening day. Its crazy!!! If you are ever in SoMD, you need to check it out! http://www.tikibarsolomons.com/
  7. Thanks HogNose for making me hungry now
  8. i was about to ask what u did that you ate lunch at 4:30, but then i realized you're in california. i'm dumb lol
  9. did you just find out that you're preggers?
  10. man thats rough. hopefully a new oppurtunity will come from this. just keep on workin hard. it seems like people are starting to notice you which is always a good thing.
  11. i can't wait for this weekend to come so i can go to the tiki bar opening!
  12. I remember watching wrestling when I was in middle school and the early part of high school. My parents recorded every RAW and Smackdown so I could watch it the next morning before I went to school. I think I slowly stopped watching after The Rock left and after Stone Cold left too. In the late '90s early 2000's WWF/E was great. I think now since there is no more WCW in kind of watered down everything for me. Since there wasn't much competition after that happened, I feel like the WWE became less creative. I still watch from time to time, but I'm not obsessed with it like I used to be.
  13. Haha wow I've never heard of that before. So who does she root for when they play each other? I guess it would be a win/win
  14. Is that even possible? That would be like one of us being a Redskin/Cowboy fan. How does that work?
  15. yeah yeah. i've been a unc fan since the days of stackhouse and wallace. the first college bball game i watched was a unc/umd game. both my parents graduated from umd so i rooted for the heels to be different. i've been following them ever since. even those bad years that we don't speak of anymore (8-20). my friend has a cal ripken license plate and a yankee tow hitch on his truck. that would be like having an art monk license plate and a cowboy tow hitch. the two just don't go together
  16. Oh I live and die by the Skins. I guess because they only play 16 games and once a week, its easier to get more excited for a Redskins game than an Orioles game. One game in April or May isn't going to make or break your season like one game in September or October could do in the NFL.
  17. I agree. One of my friends is now a Yankee fan because the O's are horrible now. What a bandwagon jumper!
  18. it better not rain 2nite. i wanna go to the o's game and drink lots of beer!!
  19. Observe and Report. Seth Rogen is the man!
  20. anyone gonna watch that murder mystery show 2nite on nbc?
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