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  1. Unfortunately, Adam Schiff is no Dr. Strange, and thus, Thanos is going to win twice.
  2. I don't think that the fetus is solely just part of the women's body, nor that it is a separate human life. However, I think it is intellectually dishonest to claim that it is not a human life until it is born. Sure the main proponents of the pro-life movement are very religious, but even atheists can be pro-life. Scientifically, there is a separate, developing human being inside a pregnant woman. An abortion kills that life. I think everyone on both sides of the debate should acknowledge that. However, the woman should not be forced to have to carry this life in her body if she does not want to. But, what happens after a woman decides that she no longer wants to carry the baby could be debated. Depending on an assessment of the fetal development, our society should consider the option of strongly requesting (maybe requiring) a transfer of the baby out of the womb and the mother being allowed to just relinquish all rights and responsibilities without society looking down our noses at her. If the baby is not yet viable to live outside the womb and the mother wants to end the pregnancy, then oh well. Sorry kid, but that should be her call to make.
  3. HoustonSkin

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    I hate GS. They are gonna lose this series and then get broken up. Houston can beat Denver in 5. Portland on the other hand... The finals will have two new teams, and that is good for the NBA.
  4. Much better in the 2nd period so far. Just kill this PP...
  5. You would think, but.... Trying make Trump look bad (via investigations and non-stop attacks on his ethics, morality, etc) is not going to get it done.
  6. Well, to be precise, Clinton was impeached because he committed perjury not because he got a blowjob. Like Trump, Clinton had his fair share of shadiness, misogyny and sexual assaults. Maybe the Dems will catch Trump in a similar trap. My guess is that he will be impeached, but will finish out his term. 75% chance he gets charged with something and 25% chance he's found guilty.
  7. HoustonSkin

    Election 2018 Thread (An Adult Finally Has the Gavel)

    I have voted on these Texas voting machines at least a dozen times, and they are easy and intuitive to use. Never seen an issue, but never vote straight ticket. I voted early yesterdsy and had over 100 positions to vote for. Still only took me less than 10min.
  8. Not exactly. There is an issue with millions of people in the country being undocumented and thus have to "hide in the shadows". In general, i think we need to make the process to become a legal resident much faster than the 10-20 years it takes now. If it was. A 2 year process, i think the number of illegal border crossings by otherwise law abiding people would drop considerably. After that we could have a process for getting those in the country without proper documentation to get it.
  9. I can agree that these things above are problematic for BK, and could potentially be good reasons to seriously question his confirmation, if not flat out deny it. I haven't watched / read enough in detail to compare his statements against some of the evidence for me to conclude he specifically lied about things. I can certainly agree that he was being evasive, but in some ways, I can understand why. Whether the accusations against him were true or not, they were already being assumed to be true by lots of people. If he openly admitted the amount of drinking and other dumb stuff he did as a teenager, that would have been enough evidence in a lot of people's minds to prove to themselves that he did do the things he was accused of. To answer others as to why I use the term Hysteria. We have a large segment of the population that have been led to believe that it is a 100% fact that BK was a serial sexual predator. Those people are hysterical about the notion that our country would put such a person on the Supreme Court. They are stopping politicians and yelling at them while breaking down crying. They are talking about how this is the darkest days of our history. How the me too movement has failed, etc. I agree that people's reaction to Trump from a sexual offender point of view is not partisan. The guy is a dbag, ahole. You're right about the Gorsuch nomination. The difference with BK is that this nomination will tip the balance of power in the Court and we are close enough to the election for a stall to work. I do think that there is politics at work in how the dems handled the timing of this info on BK, but I don't think it was necessarily something they started planning from the moment they received the info. It would have been a lot better if this issue was dealt with by the Judiciary Committee when it first got to Feinstein and that they worked in a bipartisan manner, behind the scenes, to determine if the Ford accusation had merit and did some real digging at that time. That was a failure of the system for Ford, BK, and all of us.
  10. But it does seem to allow for the possibility that BK could have been the victim of mistaken identity. If you go by the assumption that all BK accusers are accurate and truthful, then confirming BK would be absurd. If you feel that maybe BK is mistakenly identified by Ford and that the other accusers may not be telling the truth, then you could allow for BK to get emotional defending himself and your decision to confirm or deny him is suddenly not so obvious. Dems have purposely tried to delay the nomination, if not outright blow it up. Reps have tried to get through the 11th hour claims and investigation as quickly as possible. I don't see how one is any better than the other on that. The anti BK hysteria is really just partisan BS disguised as real concern. And the hysteria itself, and not any real proof is ultimately why BK's confirmation is generating so much hate. That and just the mere fact that the dbag in chief was the one who nominated him. It would be great if we could apply the same scrutiny to every nomination (presidential nominations and party nominations) going forward. Investigate all of them, and assume all accusations are accurate and truthful. I'm sure that would be a great approach. But hey, we all have our opinions I guess.
  11. HoustonSkin

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Repeat of game 6. Hopefully the rockets can keep the defensive intensity up and increase shot percentage close to 50%. If not, they will lose.
  12. HoustonSkin

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Rockets wont have an answer for Lebron, but he won't be enough. I agree with you guys predicting a sweep in the finals. Go Rockets!!!
  13. HoustonSkin

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Halfway home...Houston needs to ball out on D in the 3rd.
  14. HoustonSkin

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    The sun peaked out today! Looks like rain will be all but gone from areas west of Beaumont by tomorrow. Still got a bunch of water rescues to go, hopefully they can get to most of those tomorrow.
  15. HoustonSkin

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Headed to the GRB convention center with more supplies. Luckily I'm dry here on the north end of the Heights and have access to open portions of the freeways to get around and do what I can to help. As far as the Mayor goes, I think he has done a very good job, especially a couple days ago when things started getting crazy and before state assets could move in. It's easy to sit here and say "Houston should have evacuated", but we did a mass evacuation once during Hurricane Rita and we had a million cars stranded on the roads and dozens of people died in non-weather related incidents. The areas where Harvey came ashore were evacuated. Projecting where the flooding was going to happen and how extensive it was going to be was probably too sketchy to plan any specific evacuations.