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  1. we are not going anywhere this year. Instead of signing Earl Thomas who totally disrespected the Ravens coaching staff and players by constantly showing up late to meetings and causing fights, we should save the cap space for next season. We don't need someone like ET on this team even with his talent.
  2. sir, you are dreaming Ronnie Stanley is inactive. That being said, I still think the FT will get pummeled
  3. Prior to Monday night he was completing 77% of his passes with the most blitzing in the league. He's an accurate passer and just had a very bad game against a very good team. If you watch that game, you really can't blame him much. He had horrible protection. I think the Ravens win by 35 points. Ravens 45 WFT 10 sir, you are dreaming
  4. I don't see us winning more than 5 or 6 games max
  5. I actually think the downfall of the Redskins started when Beathard resigned in 1989. Yes, we won a Super Bowl in 1991 due to the excellence of Joe Gibbs coaching and the talent that BB signed and drafted. However the team was getting old and started to fold after Gibbs retired, so yes everything started to come to fruition at that point. Petitbon and Norv along with Charley Casserly just screwed up the entire team. Than it went straight to hell when Snyder got here. Looking back at Gibbs second go around, he absolutely did an amazing job considering the talent around him. We came a
  6. totally agree and calling him a douchebag is a compliment. He's much worse than that...
  7. not a fan of the team changing its name. When you think of Redskins, you don't think of native americans anymore. That being said, it's been retired and I'm ok with Redtails, Redhawks if that's what it becomes.
  8. The creator of the Hogs was essential to our success under Gibbs. He was there for 2 of the 3 SB winning years. Hanifan was the OL coach in 1991. He was also the coach of the Cardinals and the Raiders. I remember him being fired from the Cardinals after improving the record to 8-8. He was fired because the owner said he had to have a winning record......idiot. Love Joe Bugel and was glad he came back with Gibbs in 2004 for an encore. My heart goes to out to his family.
  9. oh yeah, Duvernay is going to be a star in this league and he isn't limited to the slot, although that is his strength.
  10. Muti has talent but he's a huge injury and the reason he fell.
  11. I wish we had a fly on the wall in the Ravens draft room. Those guys always nail the draft. Think we had a good draft for the most part. Really love the value of Gandy-Golden and I'm happy we didn't trade down from our 2nd spot. Landing Young is going to pay off for years to come.
  12. I wondering if the Packers or the Ravens target him in the first round, but I can't imagine that, even with the buzz he is getting from the few sources that have him going in the first round.
  13. I'm hearing several teams have Jordyn Brooks as the 2nd rated ILB in the draft, better than Kenneth Murray and Patrick Queen.
  14. the best April Fools day joke was when they had everyone call the Giants home office. I can't remember anything about the April Fools day joke but it was really good and confused the hell out of the Giants.
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