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  1. D’Pablo

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Ugh... Bergstrom at guard is scary
  2. D’Pablo

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Cooper is a LG, so I’m hesitant to have him play out of position. Also, Williams hates playing guard. I wonder why we didn’t pursue Jahri Evans for RG.
  3. D’Pablo

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Am I the only one that thinks Cooper is an upgrade over Lavao? In a few games, our line might look something like this: Williams, Cooper, Roullier, Nsekhe, and Moses. That’s not bad considering the loss of Scherff.
  4. D’Pablo

    Gameday Thread

    Nick Mullens is the sex cannon
  5. D’Pablo

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    The chair of the Regents ran Hogan’s campaign. Hogan didn’t intervene until his hand was forced by multiple other politicians, including Jealous.
  6. D’Pablo

    Does Doctson even care?

    Doctson had some great catches today... and a couple way off targets in his direction.
  7. It takes forever for him to decide to throw the ball.
  8. D’Pablo

    Gameday Thread

    You think the niners would take a 2nd for Beathard?
  9. D’Pablo

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    With every coaching hire, I’ve learned to trust my gut. I was sure that Gruden would be mediocre at best, as he lacks his brother’s fire and a team inherited from Tony Dungy. I was pretty sure that Shanahan would be competent but suffer from his ego and inability to hire competent defensive staff (this, like the common cold, has transferred to Gruden). I don’t know anyone that didn’t think Zorn would be a trainwreck after hearing him speak. I felt similarly about Spurrier, too, after we all learned about his work ethic. Anyway, we’re two years late on firing Gruden. Next coach better be able to play chess and motivate players.
  10. How to shut down Alex Smith: soft zone and a stunting D-line. I’m surprised the Colts didn’t win by more.
  11. D’Pablo

    Tough Question: Is Jordan Reed overrated?

    The simple answer is that Alex Smith is overrated and it’s baffling the amount of incredible opportunities he has been gifted.
  12. D’Pablo

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    I hate this ****ing team.