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  1. Kirks now pushing for 24-25. I don't think there's any way he gets an avg of 26. At least not from this team
  2. I can't imagine Suds every being starter. I feel if Kirk doesn't re-sign, we retain McCoy and draft a 1st rounder in 2018
  3. Decker now with Titans. We are rolling with who we got, I believe.
  4. Norman Breeland Moreau Fuller Dunbar Cravens Swearinger Hall Everett I was wrestling with Hall/BLackmon. I think Hall because he took a paycut. Who knows though.
  5. Plus his wife is hot. So there's that
  6. Apparently we are interested in decker. If he comes here, what does that do to our corp? Who loses out?
  7. Not sure if Marshall sees the field all that well from behind the LOS, but he sure has some very subtle and slippery body movements in the open field. He is able to lean out of tackles. Can't teach that talent. Not sure if we have the type of OL/blocking to fully utilize Marshall. I assume he gets cut, but I'm rooting for him.
  8. Preston smith. Entering his third year, shown he has the talent to rack up sacks, is probably the de facto starter now with a rookie and suspended player as his competition. I heard he dropped some weight. Probably better his body is an OLB rather than a de/OLB tweener
  9. Seems there are selective memories. When he's getting called a bum and a bust, I'd call that throwing in the towel on a player(albeit, only as much as us fans can anyways haha). And of course, not everyone was expressing that sentiment regarding doctson, but we all know the squeakiest wheels get the attention(oil). I was being a bit hyperbolous. Im really just posting that out of excitement, not to be dramatic(I don't think it was). I'm glad to see some hope and excitement surrounding him, rather than accusations of phantom injuries, etc.
  10. I just think it's hilarious, the stark contrast of the thoughts showing up on Doctson now vs a few months ago. The majority of comments just a few months ago on extremeskjns were that his career was over, he was a homesick baby, bust, etc. im glad the sky isn't falling. I'm hoping the best for him, he has the talent to be a great player and potential major contributor. Thank god our FO doesn't give up on first round picks after year 1
  11. With a bigger receiving group comes (hopefully) improved run blocking as well
  12. The Eagles also picked up ihenacho I think, maybe that was Giants. And Daniels? Not sure why we didn't give him a shot in camp. I believe bates is recovering from an acl tear and is an OLB right? The. I'd rather keep spaight. We are deep at OLB. I think it's carrier, not paul, who never did much. Plus both just coming off major injuries. Plus paul being well liked and a special teams phenom..... give me paul every day of the week
  13. We have two potential high caliber players who haven't touched their potential yet. Crowder is very good but slot. They are under the radar but I think by second half of the season, will be one of top groups in league
  14. I'm glad to get this cat signed. Hoping that injury time off will allow him to progress more quickly in the mental realm than someone thrown to the fire.