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  1. RIP to a lifelong Redskins fan

    All the best to all of you. Sounds like a great person.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Another Sports Junkies segment this morning about Bruce, with Jerry Brewer. The same "junk" once again had some glowing comments about Bruce, especially when talk about how "integral" Bruce is to the stadium deal came from another host. "How integral could this guy be to anything? He's a certified moron." Brewer agreed that this line of argument as to why Bruce "can't be let go" is overblown. Other words tossed around that I recall: Buffoon, fraud, joke, "one of those guys that as soon as you meet him, you know he's a slimeball." Fun times.
  3. The people who have the most to worry about will probably be the ones conducting the investigation.
  4. I saw that on the Today show this morning. Absolutely blew my mind that they would put that on the team website. Just doing a "pick your favorite" is maybe pushing it a little, but "HOT OR NOT"????? Totally clueless.
  5. There's admittedly some gray in this whole issue when you start talking about the cheerleaders' overall purpose to begin with (arousing male fans), etc . But when you get down to what is being claimed here by the cheerleaders, I see a lot of black and white specifics. For one thing, girls who are cheerleaders for the Redskins don't get paid. If they get anything, it's a pittance. This is not a full-time job. These are women who have other full-time positions in a variety of fields. They're not trying to support themselves by being one step away from pole dancers, in other words. Many if not most of them come from dancing backgrounds. They are athletic, and they are probably proud of their bodies. They do a lot of charity work. They often join the team as cheerleaders because they are legit fans and they actually feel like they're helping the team on gameday (I don't really think that, and I'd prefer the whole thing just be done away with, but that's just me.) A lot of them are just like this one here, a woman who's actually a physical therapist in her day job and has a doctorate. http://www.redskins.com/videos/85th-Anniversary-Story-Erin-Ragan/742d19e1-600d-4869-a60c-330afddb41c0 It would definitely be ridiculous for any of these women to walk out on a field, do the sorts of dances they do, where they're bending over, grinding, etc., and then chastise people for being aroused by that and "treating them as objects." I totally agree with that. But this is different and goes beyond that. Being forced to change and to literally be naked during a photoshoot while a bunch of "premier season ticket holders" stand around and watch is truly demeaning. Being pressured into accompanying some old rich dude at some party or event as if you're his girlfriend for the night is demeaning and wrong. Some of the girls probably didn't care and maybe even enjoyed it. But clearly others found it humiliating, and they never should've been put in that position. So the whole, "Well, what did you say when you saw those calendar pictures" argument - as it relates to the specifics of this case - is irrelevant. That has nothing to do with how these women were treated and, imo, disrespected to their faces and during a trip that should've been a good experience for all of them.
  6. I think this one's probably all Dan, personally. Not that I wouldn't mind Bruce being a sacrificial offering. But I'd be happier if it brought down the Eye of Sauron himself, lol. Didn't some of us say awhile back that the only way Dan would ever be gone is if he got caught up in some sort of scandal like this? Will be interesting to see where this goes.
  7. I was talking a few years ago with someone who used to work there, and they said that Snyder would ask for outtakes from the video footage of these cheerleader trips, and that there was indeed nudity. Never knew if that was true or not, but would not surprise me after reading this. Would not surprise me BEFORE reading this, to be honest.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How can you call someone a "scapegoat" if they've been president and GM of the team for roughly 10 years and have the record over that time period that Bruce Allen has? (And was equally reviled in his previous job.) You don't call that guy a "scapegoat." You call that guy the antichrist.
  9. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Just listening to Doug Williams' interview this morning on 980, and it seems like he had a lot more say this year, at least according to him. He even seemed to suggest that he led the charge in convincing everyone to go with Payne. Interesting.
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Anyone who would quit the Redskins to follow Bruce Allen's career trajectory has my condolences. And my complete lack of a rat's ass to give them.
  11. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I thought it was interesting when Guice said at his presser, "Thanks to Dan, the GM and to Bruce Allen." So who's the damn GM? Was he referring to Doug Williams? Sounded nice either way, lol.
  12. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Really disappointed that I won't be able to start referring to Vita Vea as "Vita Vea Vegamin." Apologies if you're too young to get that reference.
  13. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So that would mean, in your Boston "cahh" analogy, that they only pronounce their "r"s that way when followed by an "a", right? So I guess they say "Weird" and not "wee-id," right? Or "Paul Revere" and not "Paul Reveah"? I could go on. Allen was not right on this. But I was. I said right after the media blitz about "Kurt" reached a frenzy that Allen would get it right the next time he had to say it. And he did. It even made news when he finally pronounced it correctly. He simply made an effort that time. Finally. It was almost as impressive as Helen Keller learning to sign. Your analogy was faulty.
  14. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    If Allen would've pronounced every "k" as if it was a "t", you might be onto something. But he didn't, so you're not.
  15. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Alright, I'll take a few of these. If I leave some out, don't take it as a concession. I have crap I gotta do, lol. Wait, I thought his consistent botching of "Kirk" was possibly the result of some sort of dialectical anomaly that could not be helped, something that linguists could potentially identify if they studied hard and long enough, lol! I guess when he suddenly got it right after the media firestorm, that nonsensical notion went down the crapper. And yes, mispronouncing your franchise QB's name time and time again - for YEARS - is indeed a sign of something that does not even remotely resemble competence when it comes to being a GM. "Winning off the field." Some fair points made on that one. But it was an easy bit of ammo that Bruce stupidly provided, and the quote should be considered in proper context. You have to remember the fan mentality at that presser. It was as low and down as it's ever been. I maintain that presser was one of the lowest points ever in franchise history. The comment was a gut punch during a presser in which zero change seemed to be on the way. Had he delivered that line the day SM was hired, maybe it would've been forgotten amidst the euphoria. My favorite line from the day was, "After that press conference, the Redskins are 4-13." It's like if someone jabs you in the gut with a trident accidentally and, while calling 9-1-1, says, "Hey, at least you've got good insurance." CONTEXT, baby. You don't say **** like that at a time like that. If you do, you're a moron. Read more great comments from that day below. Bruce, as the supposed leader of the franchise, failed miserably to inspire anything resembling hope that day. And it's his inability to inspire period that, imo, makes him a constant liability when it comes to building a team. You're right - the "winning off the field" comment, taken in a totally different context, may not have inspired such derision. But you can't separate the context from that comment and speak accurately about its effect on the fans who heard it at the time. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2014/12/31/so-that-bruce-allen-press-conference-went-well/?utm_term=.272686fb59c5 Because Bruce was still the GM in the Shanny years. And btw, there's another example of someone who supposedly had "final say" in player personnel (Shanny), but often ... didn't. If you believe Shanny, he didn't want McNabb, but the trade was thrust upon him just the same. In any case, Bruce was 28-52 when SM was hired. Let that sink in a minute. It's not that black and white. I don't think Bruce immediately put shackles on SM right after the introductory press conference. I don't think he told Scot, "You're GM in name only, alikie. I'm running the shots here, you're DOING the shots." I think SM had much more free rein in that first year. And I don't think the sudden success is in any way a coincidence. For all Scot's flaws, he was able to foster something on that team that Bruce never could: more of a sense of family, of a team that was on the right path, of a team where your bosses had your backs. It's my belief those sorts of things translate into better chances of winning ... ON the field. I think Bruce started asserting himself more in 2016, and I grant that much of that was as much SM's fault as anyone else's. But I also don't think it's a coincidence that as soon as Bruce began reasserting himself, the nosedive began. And again, this points to ego. Instead of saying, "our setup is working, but Scot isn't. Let's find someone else to take over," his ego took control in an attempt to prove that his career record is somehow misleading, that he'll "get it right this time." The data speaks for itself: Two seasons with SM as GM? Winning records. Allen returns? Back to losing. But sure, if you really want to add the SM years to Allen's résumé, I will allow it. That brings his amazing record up to: 52-75-1, raising his winning percentage here from .364 to .406. Adding these two winning seasons, which I don't believe he earned, still doesn't help any arguments for Allen. It all boils down to Allen's own words: "Wins and losses is the most important statistic when it comes to equipment manager, a team president, a quarterback, a running back, a guard or a coach. Yeah." - Bruce Allen How much more evidence does anyone need that this guy sucks at this job, lol. He's not "meh" at this job, he's TERRIBLE at it, both from a personality standpoint to a professional standpoint. You can throw out the fact that he couldn't get a deal done with the guy who should currently be our franchise QB, throw out the fact that he's been voted the least trusted executive in the league and named the second worst GM in the league by another poll, you can argue and nitpick and blather on all day about how he's been unfairly portrayed by the media, how he's been taken out of context, etc., etc., etc. Only one response is needed: 35-61.