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  1. Which doesn't warrant a ton of credit in my book. It's basically like a guy who spends an hour loosening the cap on the pickle jar and then hands it to his wife who effortlessly twists it open. She was part of the process of opening the jar, sure. But that final action could've never happened without all the work that came before. The coach definitely has the most to do with that, at least with the "leading" part, but the FO person who signs the players, pinpoints who he wants on his team and creates a template for the kind of player/team he wants and why he wants it is most definitely part of the leadership process as well. Players look to those guys for support, for respect, etc. It's all part of the overall picture of a healthy and strong organization. I think having Allen in those types of roles makes him a weak link in the chain. Like I said, the track record speaks for itself. Here's just one interesting example:
  2. The 2014 draft does seem to be a pretty good one. But I don't see how anyone can put the success (or potential failure for that matter) of the 2017 draft on Allen's doorstep. He certainly had a part to play in it, but the majority of this draft clearly was orchestrated by SM. I've seen other posts reference the 2014 draft as if it somehow absolves Allen of an easily researched, decades-long record of below average decisions when it comes to drafting players and building a team. It doesn't. The fiscal responsibility Allen's brought to the team has been mostly welcome. I say "mostly" because the extreme end of that could end up costing us our franchise QB after this season is over, which would be horrendous. He's got the personality to be the shrewd deal-making money man. He does not have the personality to build and lead a team of men.
  3. The "heart on his sleeve" thing is what I really loved about Scot. I think that's one of those intangible traits that makes so much of a difference in the way organizations are run, and that's one of the reasons he was such a breath of fresh air in this organization. When you build that culture of loyalty and mutual respect among players and front office, that's when things start to really gel in the locker room and then on the field, which is exactly what happened here. He had exactly the mentality I'd been hoping we'd adopt as a team for years now: take care of your own, build a team of Redskins rather than a collection of mercenaries, create a culture where people know others have their backs, from the locker room to the front office ... too much of what came before was pretty much the opposite of all that. What the team does in the near future regarding the now vacant GM position will say a lot about what they've learned. If anything.
  4. I'm more than willing to move on if the Redskins also move on and not move BACK to where they were in 2014. To me, that means finding another GM who's most likely not in the building right now, something they talked about doing initially, but something it looks more and more like they're not going to do. The situation with Scot may have indeed been untenable, but the results of those two years on the field should make it clear that the structure was at least the right one. Find a football mind and let him mold your team. Bruce Allen does not possess that mind.
  5. Another thing he said I loved was when he talked about how much he'll miss the competition and how much he loved being on the sidelines to congratulate his guys after a win. That was clearly a sincere expression of his love for the game and the environment. Back to the old robotic corporate politician approach, I guess.
  6. This may even warrant its own topic, but I'll err on the side of caution for now. Really interesting interview with Scot McCloughan today on 106.7 The Fan. I think it's the first one he's done since being fired. Audio can be found below. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2017/05/09/exclusive-interview-former-redskins-gm-scot-mccloughan/ Some highlights: 1. Sounded totally coherent and non-drunk, lol 2. "Too bad what happened here, but it's mutual." 3. Lots of good things to say about Dan and others. Said, "It just didn't work out." 4. "Hate leaving here. It's gonna be a good team." 5. Hopes he trained people beneath him to take the next step now that he's gone. 6. Very humble, says his name was out there because he had the title, but lots of others were a big part of the success. 7. Nice job on the draft, he says. Never saw Allen going that late. 8. "The head coach is a good evaluator. I leaned on him, he leaned on me. Holmgren, Carroll, didn't want any part of it. Jay watches a lot of tape and can identify, which helped me out quite a bit." 9. Ninety-percent of draft board was set prior to combine. 10. "Wish I could've been here longer to see things to fruition, but it is what it is. It's a marriage that didn't work." 11. Kirk not getting LTD was "an organizational thing." Seemed like he was saying it wasn't him. 12. Identify a franchise QB early, sign him long-term and move forward. That's his mentality. Says when you do that, you create a "We take care of our own" culture. 13. Too many free agency signings give you guys that "aren't Redskins." Gotta take care of your own. 14. Hard to build, but once you get it started, it's like an avalanche. "Really respect the fans a lot. Fans were incredible. I'll never forget it." Hearing him made me wistful again. With all his potential faults, he just strikes me as being so much more likable and knowledgable than Allen. Honest, forthright, clearly cares about the players and relationships. Kind of guy we need in that position. Minus the alcoholism.
  7. Your treachery in the 1970s will not be so easily forgiven. You're like the man who dumps his loving wife for a younger, more exciting model, only to find, when the floozy bolts one day and leaves town with no explanation or apologies, that you never knew how good you had it. And then you come back groveling. And now you think you can just pick up where you left off? After the wife has endured years of hardship? The Norv era ... the Spurrier experiment ... the one year of Marty Ball ... the Zorn Invasion ... she endured all of it. Where were you? Sitting in the sun somewhere watching your franchise QB while she went from man to man, always hoping she'd find true love again, but always falling short. Friez ... Frerotte ... Ramsey ... Banks ... TONY FREAKIN' BANKS! ... Grossman ... Beck ... George ... JEFF FREAKING GEORGE ... Wuerfell ... Matthews ... they all failed her. She finally thought she found someone she could count on a few years ago, but turned out he was batting for the other team. Metaphorically speaking. And now you want back in? Now? After all you've done and all you left her to deal with on her own? OK. Welcome back!
  8. Awesome comments, thanks for sharing that! I agree that the involvement of Bruce in personnel is not something that fills me with any confidence whatsoever, but I like how much of a straight-shooter Jay has always been and was here. We'll see what happens soon enough.
  9. Newsome and Williams are the same age, 61. Newsome got his GM gig 15 years ago. I'd love it if Williams could become a good GM, but I've just never seen any evidence that says he would be. I don't know how his GM stint in the UFL went, but I know it only lasted a year. If Bruce Allen keeps pulling the strings behind the scenes, it won't matter who they get anyway.
  10. Larry Michael says he'd be awesome. That's good enough for me.
  11. Yeah, so if this draft and FA class is successful, a lot of that credit will go to Scot. Likewise if the opposite holds true, a lot of the blame. And yes, no one should be upset at the lack of a new GM so far. There's no way they'd do that until after the draft. That's something I wouldn't criticize them for.
  12. Exactly. And even if they couldn't get him signed during 2015, the window was wide open after the season ended. If they'd truly believed in Scot and allowed him to have the control they said he had, they would've found a way to get that deal done prior to the 2016 season. Those are the far greater issues here. I believe the Breer piece said that Scot wasn't even allowed to deal with Kirk's agent after 2015, that it was put in the hands of Eric Schaefer, and the deal never got done. They hired Scot because, in Allen's words, he had the ability to find the kinds of players who'd make great Redskins. “We picked Scot because of his great track record, but really the way he describes a football player, the intangibles that he’s looking for in a football player and the winning traits that he has helped other teams acquire.” That's another quote from Allen. Scot dubbed Cousins as one of those players with those winning traits, and they didn't listen. I agree, big mistake.
  13. Mostly good points from Tandler. Cooley and Kevin were talking about this this morning, and Cooley basically agreed with Tandler's stance, but suggested that if a $10-$12 million deal was still on the table at week 6 of the 2015 season, Kirk may have well taken it. But they all agreed that it still would've required a huge leap of faith for the FO to even offer a deal at all at that point based on what Kirk had shown up until then. For me, the much bigger takeway is the last part I quoted. "It shows McCloughan's instincts were right." The fact that he could see the worth of signing Cousins back then after a pretty shaky start to his career shows just how valuable McCloughan was and could've continued to be if things had taken a different turn. If nothing else, it's yet more evidence for the argument that another, better football mind is needed out there beyond Allen and a return to the status quo pre-2015. I don't get that one. If he had prevailed in 2015, they WOULD have signed Cousins long-term, so that comment doesn't really make sense.
  14. Can someone translate this Breeland tweet for me? No clue what this means.
  15. Saying that report equates to "Allen didn't support Cousins" is exactly the kind of speculation you seem to be critical of in other posts. Saying Allen needed "to be convinced" to make such a big change is not the same as saying he "didn't support" Kirk. Clearly he agreed with the opinions of SM and Jay in the end. Saying he needed to be convinced isn't necessarily a nasty swipe at Allen. It just goes to further show why the FO needed better football IQs in the building. Here's what Allen said in the preseason of 2015: Translation: "I am not as well-equipped as Scot to identify those character traits and attitudes." I would whole-heartedly agree. Here's what Allen said in June of 2015 about RG3: What that statement CLEARLY shows is that, in June, just a few months before the season began, Allen was on board with Griffin being the starter. So, it stands to reason (and LOGIC) that he needed some convincing if he was going to make a radical departure from that route just a few months later. I actually applaud him for ceding to the conclusions of smarter football minds, as it really called into question his own talent at foresight. Well, there was no positive culture in 2013, 2014. I personally believe that Scot, along with Jay, helped begin to establish a much more positive culture precisely by doing the kinds of things Allen apparently was critical of.