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  1. The explanations to try to defend/explain this more than anything. They are all laughable. As is the entire topic. Reads like a Mel Brooks script from his prime. But that doesn't make the issue unimportant to me. I see it as a microcosm of the man's ineptitude. In fact, props to the mods for letting this thread stand. As for the main issue, I'm not confused at all. Allen knows his name is "Kirk," but he clearly says "Kurt," most likely out of an unaware laziness, which is the same reason many others say "Kurt" instead of "Kirk." Next press conference, let's see how he pronounces it. If it still sounds like "Kurt," maybe I'll start rethinking things. If it sounds obviously like "Kirk," then we'll know he could've done it all along. The world waits in anticipation.
  2. Oh, man. This has to be a future avatar. It may be mine soon enough if no one else claims it, lol. Stellar work.
  3. I know, I know, but that's so typical. "YOU'RE" out of touch because you happen to be able to hear. He's not out of touch because he won't just make the extra effort to say the name the way 99 percent of the world says it. "It sounds like Kurt, but trust us, it's Kirk." That's so Redskins under this regime, making things unnecessarily confusing.
  4. For every Ying, there is a Yang.
  5. I think the people who can't hear what's obvious have fake ears.
  6. Whatever people's feelings are on this, it'll be very interesting to see how he pronounces the name in his next presser. If he ever has another one.
  7. Looks like Redskins Nation has addressed the matter.
  8. I think this should be his new pre-presser routine.
  9. Orapko.
  10. Oh, man, he's another guy who thinks God is going to tell him where to sign. It's not about money, it's about "finding peace" with an offer, he says. He says if God tells him to stay in D.C., he will stay, no questions asked. I'm assuming that also means no matter what the deal is. Is someone here capable of doing a strong God impression? Maybe try to work out a way to appear outside of Kirks' window and tell him to sign a 5-year deal for a sandwich and a silver dollar? Add an "I command thee" in there somewhere too, please.
  11. It seems trivial, but it's not in my opinion. How you handle the little things reflects on how you handle the big things. As for the continuing "accent" debate, I have never in all my years heard of or encountered an accent that ONLY causes "K"s to be said as "T"s in words that also start with "K." It's a ridiculous premise.
  12. I'd say 99 percent NO, he is not doing it on purpose, because that would be insane. Wait ... did I say 99 percent? Maybe 90. I think he's being L-A-Z-Y. The idea that this is an "accent" is utterly absurd. It's very simple: It's much easier to say "Kurt" than "Kirk". Allen slips into that trap as many before him have, but the fact that someone in his position doesn't have the foresight and simple common sense to make the effort to correct that issue when making huge public statements like the one he made yesterday is unacceptable to me. And he didn't just do it once. He said "Kurt" at least six times. It's lazy and utterly disrespectful, plain and simple. There are many names of people I know or work with that are difficult to pronounce. Once I know the correct way to pronounce their name, I make the extra effort to do so. That to me shows respect and consideration. Plus, it's not that hard.
  13. This is your pattern when cornered, clearly: "You don't understand" or "You don't realize what your'e saying here." Not a shred of substance anywhere in your meandering retort. Yeah, and I'd sort of like to keep it at zero, if you don't mind. Besides, unless it's a name like Superman's arch villain Mr. Mxyzptlk, I'm sticking to my original assertion, especially if your name has been pronounced clearly to these people and they refuse to react accordingly. But whatever. That's your business. Again, in the case of ALLEN, as with most things, simplicity is King. Kirk is a simple name. It's made up of three letters. It's not a name that flows off the tongue, but if you make even a half-hearted effort, it's quite possible that even people with incredibly rare (i.e., nonexistent) dialects and accents characterized by the inability to pronounce "K"s when they come at the end of names that also start with "K" can do it. For Bruce Allen to clearly make zero effort to pronounce that name correctly - over and over and over again - on a day as important as yesterday is, at best, a bad look and another small embarrassment to add to the giant dungheap of embarrassment upon which Bruce Allen's office was built. Just google "Bruce Allen Kurt Cousins" and you'll see this hasn't gone unnoticed. The suggestion that this is some sort of speech impediment or unavoidable accent pattern is utterly laughable. Robert DeNiro Cape Fear laughable. Larry Michael has called the man on this before. Larry Michael. I think that means something.
  14. If "supervisors and bosses" or anyone you have a longterm relationship with mispronounce your name "all the time," sorry, but that's most definitely laziness, stupidity or, worse, apathy. Oh for the love of all creatures great and small. LOL, once again we have people bending over backwards with anecdotes and actual research to try to make the latest buffoonery from this FO appear normal or "no big deal." Not one of your examples of dialectical nuance has anything whatsoever to do with Bruce Allen's inability to say the name "Kirk." In each of those examples, the pronunciation of a particular letter or sound applies across the whole language spectrum, not just one word. Is there a particular "southern accent" out there that simply can't pronounce the name "Kirk"? Let's get a linguistics professor on the case toot sweet. Maybe someone's written a thesis on this. Or, as I said in another post, ask Bruce to say "Pork" and see if he responds "Port." Or maybe a better choice might be "caulk" to see if he says "cault." If so, I might buy into this. It's so, so simple. The "K" sound isn't that hard to make. It really isn't. With a name like "Kirk," however, it requires a little more effort, and, as science has proven over and over again throughout the centuries, the mentally lazy and/or stupid will often just go right to the more familiar "T" sound, because it's easier and requires less effort. In fact, my grandfather used to have a saying he repeated almost on a daily basis: "You know, boy, you can tell a lot about a man's intellectual fortitude by how he pronounces the name 'Kirk.' " I believe he was right about that. In all seriousness, it's mind-boggling that someone doesn't at least give ONE **** about it. It's telling of the utter idiocy that drives this organization at the highest levels. What's ironic about all this is that Bruce Allen has a sign hanging in his office that's one of his father's favorite sayings. It basically says, "The difference between good and great is in the [tiny] details." I'm quite certain that sign is hung crookedly.
  15. An accent where you can't pronounce "K"s? Hmmm. Sounds questionable. Could easily test that theory by asking him, "What's the meat that comes from pigs, Bruce?" If he responds with, "Port," I might be inclined to agree with this thesis. Of course the guy knows his name is "Kirk." But the truth is, he's a Lazy, Stupid, Incompetent Buffoon, and it's much easier for members of the LSIB community to just turn that "K" into a "T." It requires less effort, and when it comes to Bruce Allen, every brain cell is crucial to maintain even minimum functionality.