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  1. Awesome comments, thanks for sharing that! I agree that the involvement of Bruce in personnel is not something that fills me with any confidence whatsoever, but I like how much of a straight-shooter Jay has always been and was here. We'll see what happens soon enough.
  2. Newsome and Williams are the same age, 61. Newsome got his GM gig 15 years ago. I'd love it if Williams could become a good GM, but I've just never seen any evidence that says he would be. I don't know how his GM stint in the UFL went, but I know it only lasted a year. If Bruce Allen keeps pulling the strings behind the scenes, it won't matter who they get anyway.
  3. Larry Michael says he'd be awesome. That's good enough for me.
  4. Yeah, so if this draft and FA class is successful, a lot of that credit will go to Scot. Likewise if the opposite holds true, a lot of the blame. And yes, no one should be upset at the lack of a new GM so far. There's no way they'd do that until after the draft. That's something I wouldn't criticize them for.
  5. Exactly. And even if they couldn't get him signed during 2015, the window was wide open after the season ended. If they'd truly believed in Scot and allowed him to have the control they said he had, they would've found a way to get that deal done prior to the 2016 season. Those are the far greater issues here. I believe the Breer piece said that Scot wasn't even allowed to deal with Kirk's agent after 2015, that it was put in the hands of Eric Schaefer, and the deal never got done. They hired Scot because, in Allen's words, he had the ability to find the kinds of players who'd make great Redskins. “We picked Scot because of his great track record, but really the way he describes a football player, the intangibles that he’s looking for in a football player and the winning traits that he has helped other teams acquire.” That's another quote from Allen. Scot dubbed Cousins as one of those players with those winning traits, and they didn't listen. I agree, big mistake.
  6. Mostly good points from Tandler. Cooley and Kevin were talking about this this morning, and Cooley basically agreed with Tandler's stance, but suggested that if a $10-$12 million deal was still on the table at week 6 of the 2015 season, Kirk may have well taken it. But they all agreed that it still would've required a huge leap of faith for the FO to even offer a deal at all at that point based on what Kirk had shown up until then. For me, the much bigger takeway is the last part I quoted. "It shows McCloughan's instincts were right." The fact that he could see the worth of signing Cousins back then after a pretty shaky start to his career shows just how valuable McCloughan was and could've continued to be if things had taken a different turn. If nothing else, it's yet more evidence for the argument that another, better football mind is needed out there beyond Allen and a return to the status quo pre-2015. I don't get that one. If he had prevailed in 2015, they WOULD have signed Cousins long-term, so that comment doesn't really make sense.
  7. Can someone translate this Breeland tweet for me? No clue what this means.
  8. Saying that report equates to "Allen didn't support Cousins" is exactly the kind of speculation you seem to be critical of in other posts. Saying Allen needed "to be convinced" to make such a big change is not the same as saying he "didn't support" Kirk. Clearly he agreed with the opinions of SM and Jay in the end. Saying he needed to be convinced isn't necessarily a nasty swipe at Allen. It just goes to further show why the FO needed better football IQs in the building. Here's what Allen said in the preseason of 2015: Translation: "I am not as well-equipped as Scot to identify those character traits and attitudes." I would whole-heartedly agree. Here's what Allen said in June of 2015 about RG3: What that statement CLEARLY shows is that, in June, just a few months before the season began, Allen was on board with Griffin being the starter. So, it stands to reason (and LOGIC) that he needed some convincing if he was going to make a radical departure from that route just a few months later. I actually applaud him for ceding to the conclusions of smarter football minds, as it really called into question his own talent at foresight. Well, there was no positive culture in 2013, 2014. I personally believe that Scot, along with Jay, helped begin to establish a much more positive culture precisely by doing the kinds of things Allen apparently was critical of.
  9. Yes, I will indeed be one of those who claims Allen's physical presence at the meeting does not matter whatsoever in the overall scheme of this argument. First off, to suggest he was not a part of this decision would be lunacy. Let's just make that clear. Whether he was physically in that meeting or not, he WAS part of the decision. Maybe he was there that particular night by phone. Maybe the things SM said to Dan that night were later reported back to Allen. Clearly, though, more discussions took place before and after that meeting, and Allen was obviously a part of the final decision to remove Griffin's starting status. Two hours, five hours ... what difference doe that really make? The far more important take-aways from that piece for me are: 1. SM wanted to extend Kirk in 2015, and that was rejected 2. This quote: "What those on the coaching and scouting staffs did see, eventually, was a blurring of lines that created a level of tension in the upper reaches of the club" 3. This quote: "Some veterans felt like McCloughan was simply trying to uphold the culture that he and Gruden had worked to build, which is seen as a “Seattle” thing (McCloughan worked for the Seahawks from 2011-13) to do—If you see something, say something." First point lets us know pretty conclusively that if anyone had a problem with extending Kirk, it wasn't SM. Second point reflects something that many have been criticizing the FO structure for for some time: a lack of transparency, confusion as to who does what, roles that are not clearly defined, all of which lead to organizational dysfunction. Third point reinforces the story of Allen berating SM for speaking to a player after practice who was having difficulty. It also - for me - reinforces the feeling I got from Scot that, despite his flaws, he came across as a real human being, someone people could rally behind and respect on a personal level because of the way he treated players and the way he obviously cared about them. To me, that tone stands in stark contrast to the politician/Fembot vibe we've gotten from Allen since Day One. I don't consider SM a "holy martyr" by any stretch, but I do believe this: In the interest of the Redskins truly changing their culture and becoming an upper echelon team again, the wrong man was fired.
  10. Good luck on your surgery. But if past history means anything, a Monday Night game would probably be the WORST way we could honor the man.
  11. I definitely think Dan wants to win. The same way Kim Jong Un wants to "win." The problem is, Dan has no concept whatsoever about how to create an atmosphere that's conducive to winning. He has no concept at all as to how to motivate people to want to do well for reasons that aren't based on fear or jealousy or greed. He doesn't inspire loyalty or even respect. Look at my avatar. Look at Norv's priceless reaction to Snyder's hug. No fan of Turner as a coach here, but I think he was/is a good man. You can tell just by that expression he knew what kind of douchebag he was dealing with. And he'd find out just a year later. Just two years before, Norv was actually crying in the locker room as he spoke to the team about Jack Kent Cooke and tried to get them to play the game in Cooke's honor. Can you imagine Snyder even inspiring a shred of emotion like that from his players or coaches? No way. He wants to "win", but he has no clue what winning really is on a football field, how you have to depend on others to support you just as they have to depend on you to do the same. With Snyder, it's never "I got your back," it's always "watch your back."
  12. I don 't see anything at that link about people cancelling their tickets. Is that coming from another source?
  13. Nice quote. I love that book! Everyone should read it. Words to live by that never go out of style. In this case, definitely applies to Snyder perfectly. LOL, it's Wylie (Coyote), but I'm fine with either one. Total incompetent.
  14. Sort of how I feel, which makes things much more difficult. I wish I COULD transfer my emotions to some other vessel, but it ain't happening. I can get into hockey at playoff time. Same to a lesser degree with baseball and basketball. But there's absolutely nothing like football to me. Nothing comes close. As I said in the Snyder thread, though, it gets more and more difficult to reconcile my love and support of this team with my absolute disdain for the person who runs it and his soulless toadies. Just makes me sick that this franchise is in those tiny, clueless hands and may well be for the rest of my days. Anyone have a tazer I can borrow so I can self-administer some EST and see what happens?
  15. The Sally Jenkins piece on the boy blunder is perfect. And yeah, I know it's Sally Jenkins. I don't care. Right is right. And she is absolutely right on this one. The most telling stat here is this: That's mind-boggling, and that's at the absolute heart of all the team's problems imo. If it's that way in the lower levels of the organization, just imagine what the coaches and other higher-ups deal with. Under Cooke (certainly no saint himself, but nothing like Snyder), the place was run like a family business. People were there for years, knew each other's names, etc. When Snyder came in, he was like a puny Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glennross in his approach. Pretty much fired everyone and brought his telemarketing culture to the inner-workings of the building. It became a "watch your back" culture instead of a family culture. And I have no idea what can be done about it. Probably nothing. It's so hard to continue rooting for a team whose ownership espouses the kinds of values and traits that I personally find despicable. Full piece here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/tired-of-the-redskins-dysfunction-theres-one-person-to-blame/2017/03/11/2aef60dc-05d3-11e7-ad5b-d22680e18d10_story.html?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.67c120524f4b#comments