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  1. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    Another quote from that article (just read it): Funny, since he seemed to beat Norman when he was with Cleveland the year before and played us. If a lot of his issues this year were the result of injury, as the article suggests, I'd have no problem giving him one more shot. The potential reward would outweigh the risk, imo. Sort of the same way I feel about Su'a and bringing him back.
  2. That's awesome. Was always proud to call those guys Redskins. They definitely deserve it. No problem with the fanfare, either. Those guys deserve a little of that, too. This will be life-changing for many of them. If you watched that doc, you'll know what I mean.
  3. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    If SM's wife is remaining silent, you have to assume it went in their favor.
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You're making the mistake of judging this situation with 2017/18 eyes. Gaze into the crystal ball of the 80s! Let the memories of past greatness guide you in the present. Suddenly, Doug Williams looks awesome again! Hey, who's on Carson tonight?
  5. It's pathetic, but when you think about it, it's not surprising, and I do think it's a mixture of having players you don't really want a jersey of and just being sick of the embarrassment of the team itself. But let's take the former point. When most people buy a jersey, they want a name on there that inspires them, someone with attributes they want to associate with themselves, whether that equates to power, fight, charisma, elite talent, etc. Who on the Redskins personifies any of that? You could've possibly said Cousins. Well, our FO made him a lame duck QB for two years straight, so that cuts jersey sales right there. People aren't likely to buy a jersey of a guy who could be gone the next year and now is. Chris Thompson? Jordan Reed? Thompson was beginning to flash and got injured. Reed is always injured. Not good jersey-bait on either. Trent Williams? Yeah, great baller for us, but ... very rare for someone to want a jersey of an o-lineman. Any of our receivers inspire you to buy their jerseys? LOL. Yeah, that's what I thought. How about defenders? There was one who was starting to show signs of being someone like that and they traded him. Cravens? Breeland? Mason Foster? LOL. Not that they're all bad players, but ... jersey bait? How about our running backs? Any names there that you want to put on your back? I'll save the "LOL" this time. Kerrigan is still sort of a fan favorite among the more casual and mostly female fans, but most see him as solid but not elite. There's simply no one on this current roster who inspires jersey sales. When RG3 was here in 2012, I believe his jersey was the most popular in the entire NFL that first year, and we all could see why. So yeah, the team sucks and people are depressed, but this also speaks to just how few elite players are on this roster right now.
  6. Another thing I prefer about Jerruh. He actually isn't afraid to stand in front of people and talk, even if he makes an arse of himself. Dan just hides in his spider hole all day.
  7. As awful as Jerruh is, I have more respect for him than Dan. He's actually played the game on some level, he's been part of Super Bowl teams, etc., etc. It would suck to have him as our owner. I would RATHER have him as our owner.
  8. Remembering Beathard's last contact with the Redskins

    So glad Beathard didn't end up tainted by the Snyder regime like some other past greats.
  9. He wants to win the way a spoiled little kid sees some great athlete on TV and says, "I'm going to be that," with no understanding whatsoever of what it took for the person to get to that place of greatness: practicing your craft, honing your skills, committing yourself to excellence, surrounding yourself with people who've been successful, listening to people who are wiser than you are, etc., etc., etc. He has no concept whatsoever of how to inspire people, how to build a strong foundation of an organization, how to attract and keep and motivate good coaches and players and even people. It wouldn't matter so much if he just found someone who DID know how to do all those things and let them do it. But he's too ingrained into the operations, and the people he has hired to oversee things are cut from a similar cloth. Bruce Allen? What a piece of garbage that soulless husk of humanity is. I truly hate both of them with the burning, white-hot heat of a thousand suns. And btw, the great Coach Joe has slipped in my estimation, too, for going out of his way to say he's "good friends with Dan," etc. How can he not see what Dan has done to this team and the kind of person he is? Snyder has poisoned everything Redskins.
  10. Redskins have the rustiest rings.

    I hope one of those Jurassic Park dinosaurs actually does eat Snyder. How soon everyone forgets Osaka. We will always have Osaka.
  11. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Pretty accurate. Worst owner in the league. Worst coach in the division. Worst RBs in the division Worst receiving corps in the division Up-in-the-air QB situation. Worst "GM" in the conference if not league. Yeah, things are looking bright, lol.
  12. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Pederson has been incredible this game, much as I hate to admit it. I'm so jealous the Eagles have not just a QB situation like they have, but a coach like this. Fearless coaching tonight, absolute balls. Much as I don't like to admit it, they have just played an incredibly gutsy and inspired game from beginning to end.
  13. JOE Gotta Go...... To Canton, HOF

    Wow, absolutely sucks. Such a great guy. I thought this would certainly be the year, as he's now going to have to wait a longer time to get in as a senior member. If he lives long enough to even see it. Feel really bad for Joe. I could tell he was really wanting it bad.
  14. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    He usually only proves people wrong when they say things like: 1. Bruce isn't a problem drinker. 2. I really believe Bruce is going to make some great decisions for us this year! 3. I guess Bruce really does have some talent! 4. Bruce is a competent GM! 5. Bruce won't take this organization back to the age of letting young drafted talent walk and replacing them with aging free agents. He loves to prove those types of things wrong.