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  1. Redskins Spotlight: Alvin Walton

    Wow, how sad he lost his rings and hit hard times. I loved this guy. He was absolutely brutal back there. Very Taylor-esque in a lot of ways. He would just crush people and just exuded meanness and nastiness. Was glad to see a little glimpse of that from this year's squad before all the injuries hit. That's what you gotta have. Hope things work out for Alvin. Lot of good memories from his playing career.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Can you imagine Beathard paired with Spurrier? Yeah, that would've worked, lol. As far as the "fan" thing goes, though, what kind of "fan" of that era treats BB that way and then doesn't return his calls in some tit-for-tat childish fit?
  3. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He tried a few years back. And of course he screwed that up, too, being the incompetent goon that he is. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2002/01/27/the-deal-that-wasnt-done/ff2f67c8-b29a-4ae2-aeb4-fb2b142e6d39/?utm_term=.9719a5e11ae2 My favorite section that sums it all up: And since I'm posting old Beathard articles, here's one from 2015 right after SM was hired. Read this and either cry or laugh. Up to you. You can also do both: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2015/01/08/former-redskins-gm-bobby-beathard-says-scot-mccloughan-was-the-perfect-hire/?utm_term=.fa12acd91dda
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You can listen to the whole thing here. I still haven't gotten through the entire thing. He was supposed to also talk about the McNabb trade from the Eagles perspective, but I haven't gotten there yet. It's an interesting listen. http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wtem/media/mp3/01_12_18_Joe_Banner_with_Al_Galdi-1515759454.mp3
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Listened to a really interesting interview on ESPN 980 today with Joe Banner, who used to be with the Eagles front office. He talked about a lot of Redskins-related things from the perspective of competing against them while with the Eagles. A couple takeaways: 1. He said he really respected SM and thought losing him was a big deal 2. When asked if he respected Bruce, he said Bruce was "very smart," but he said it was the opinion of himself and of most of his peers that Bruce would do the best for an organization if he was working with a "strong personnel guy." Interesting thoughts from someone who used to be working for an enemy.
  6. The Coaching Free Agent Thread

    It's absolutely mind-boggling (if such a thing is still possible with this team) that Kotwica remains employed on this team. Just about at the bottom of every special teams stat I believe. I figured he'd be gone as soon as the season ended.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The thing that got those guys more chances, though, is that they were part of Super Bowl winning teams and widely credited with helping those teams win Super Bowls. Gruden has never been that.
  8. As if this season wasn't depressing enough...the Giants

    If Bruce is involved, it would be a "Children of the Corn Maze".
  9. Hey Jets fan here.

    This is like some dude asking a soon-to-be-ex-husband if his soon-to-be-ex-wife is good in the sack, would have any problems with him playing video games all day, can whip up a mean carcass-based dinner and would be a good mother to his future spawn. Give this tactless J-E-T-S fan N-O-T-H-I-N-G! And btw, thanks for this guy: The favor will not be returned.
  10. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Going back to look at stats, we've amazingly only drafted five receivers in the first round in our history. I'm not counting Charley Taylor, because he was drafted as a running back. Here's how their stats play out respectively in their rookie seasons. I'm considering 2017 to be Doctson's rookie season. Art Monk 1980 Games played: 16 Games started: 11 (targets weren't a stat back then), 58 receptions, 797 yards, 3 TDs, 3.6 receptions per game Desmond Howard (Howard was drafted in '92, but I'm going to go with his '93 numbers, as he was basically just used as a return specialist in '92.) 1993 Games played: 16 Games started: 5 52 targets, 23 receptions, 286 yards, 0 TDs, 1.4 rpg Westbrook 1995 Games played: 11 Games started: 9 88 targets, 34 receptions, 522 yards, 1 TD, 3.1 rpg Rod Gardner 2001 Games played: 16 Games started: 16 101 targets, 46 receptions, 741 yards, 4 TDs, 2.9 rpg Josh Doctson 2017 Games played: 16 Games started: 14 78 targets, 35 receptions, 502 yards, 6 TDs, 2.2 rpg Compare all these numbers, and Doctson generally looks comparable to most, better than some. The only problem is that only one of these receivers, Monk, turned out to be worthy of that first pick. The next closest would be Westbrook, who at least played with us for 7 years, but only had one season with more than 1,000 yards receiving, 1999 with Brad Johnson. Westbrook had 9 TDs that year. Gardner also put up only one 1,000 yard season, and he was only with us four years. Was out of the league after 2006. As for Howard, he improved a lot in his third season, but was traded right after. So he was only with us for three years, only two of which as a starting WR. The 6 TDs from Doctson is clearly the most impressive number in his stats so far when you compare him to our other first round WR picks. Amazing how poor we've been overall though when selecting a WR in the first round. Hopefully Josh will follow the Monk trajectory starting next season. Just for fun, even though Taylor was drafted and played as a running back for us initially, in that first season here he had 53 receptions, 814 yards, 5 TDs and 3.8 rpg. That was in a 14-game season. So he was killin' it.
  11. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Fair enough, but questioning someone's heart and commitment isn't the same as saying they definitively have none. I can only go by what I see/saw and my interpretation of those things. As for the rest, when someone expresses an opinion and you say they're only "seeing what they want to see," you shouldn't be surprised if that's taken as an insult. But yes, moving on. I admittedly don't know anything about that, so I will check this out. Maybe that will affect my perception somewhat. Like I said, I am totally open to having my mind changed on this kid. I haven't made that judgment yet. I've just said I have my doubts based on this season. Again, I hope he proves those doubts wrong.
  12. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Which is laughable nonsense and something that I could easily turn around and say to you regarding how YOU see the guy. It's just "message board debating" mumbo jumbo that means nothing in the scheme of an argument, especially when I've said over and over that I want the guy to be great and want him to succeed and even WANT to be proven wrong about my current opinions. "Validate the narrative." Please. Again, you're not at all seeing the complexities of what I'm talking about here, which is typical of pretty much all these discussions. So now if I say he doesn't show enough passion on the field, that must mean I want him to be a Dez Bryant diva who gets in everyone's face. Or because I say he seems not to care enough, it must mean that I'm devaluing the fact that he's "quiet and cerebral." It has nothing to do with whether he's "quiet" or "calm". I actually like those traits, too. But like I said above when referencing Monk, you can have those traits and still show a lot of passion in your play. I'm simply not seeing enough of it from Doctson in his play. Doesn't mean he NEVER shows it. Just that, in my mind, he didn't show it enough this year. Yeah, that's what I said, alright. The HC's opinion "doesn't matter" and that the radio hosts' opinions do. No, I said using Gruden's comments at a presser to end the season isn't strong evidence to make your point. What's he supposed to say in that situation? No coach is going to go out there and criticize a player honestly in that scenario. His comments mean little IN THAT SITUATION because he was just giving a safe, political answer. Get me a comment from him in a coach's meeting where he expresses his true, unbiased opinion, and I'd give that a lot of weight. So, to sum up: 1. I want Doctson to be great 2. I hope he's great next year 3. He didn't show me nearly enough this year to make me feel confident that he will be
  13. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    "Saw what you wanted to see." Yeah, that makes total sense. I, a Redskin fan, want to see our number one draft pick fail. I want to see our number one pick, who was drafted by a guy (SM) I've championed, turn out to be a bust. Yeah, OK. Brilliant points all around. I went into this season WANTING to see Doctson explode onto the scene and show me something to be excited about. I wanted him to erase all the lingering feelings of doubt regarding the strange circumstances of his first missed season. Didn't expect perfection, didn't expect pro bowls, just expected him to become someone I could point to as a guy we could be excited about for the future. As far as what I WANTED to see, that's it. I haven't seen that yet. And it's not just me. Here's what Sheehan said about him yesterday: "Looked totally disinterested. I was his biggest fan. I watched him throughout college. I wanted the Redskins to draft him when they drafted him. Right now, if I had to wager legally somewhere, I would wager that this will ultimately be more bust than boom. There's an urgency you have to have at that level that he just ... now maybe it's an immaturity and maybe he will grow into it, but it's just painful to watch him at times. Painful. The lack of like true, 'I'm in an NFL game, I can't let the corner just go right in front of me, I have to actually cross his face and show a little urgency in doing it.' It was painful at times to watch him this year. It's his first year for all intents and purposes, and I want him back next year and I want them to throw him the ball and give him a chance, but if I had to wager big time number one receiver worth a first round pick or not, I think I would wager 'or not' at this point." Cooley: "He has to be way down the list in completion percentage on targets [in the NFL]. I mean, he has to be way down the list. He's got 23 targets over the last two weeks, six receptions. That's a very low catch rate. As low as it gets." I guess these guys are just "seeing what they wanted to see," right? Yeah. My opinions pretty much mirror Kevin Sheehan's. I haven't written him off as a bust at this point. I hope he proves my current doubts about him to be unfounded. But I have pretty much the same questions about him after this season as I did after last, and what's worse, I have those questions after actually seeing him play all year. So feel free to say why my current opinion on him might be wrong (a quote from Gruden in a season-ending presser isn't really strong evidence, imo), but don't suggest that I "want" to see the guy fail or have somehow blinded myself to all of Doctson's "greatness" this season. Far from it. I'm just going by what my eyes and gut tell me, and I wish they both told me something different.
  14. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Throwing tantrums isn't what I want to see. I want to see someone fighting for the ball every time it comes his way. I want to see a guy playing like he wants to be out there, like he loves what he's doing. I just don't see that right now with Doctson. If I'm misjudging him, I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong next season, but my experience has shown me that first impressions in football are usually lasting ones. Again, I hope I'm wrong. He was just very uninspiring this season on just about every level.
  15. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    I could deal with his lack of production much better if he had a better attitude/vibe. That's my biggest red flag. He just doesn't seem to play with any passion whatsoever. That truly bothers me. Art Monk was about the farthest from an "in your face" type of guy as you could get, but you could still tell he played with passion and went all out every play. And I remember Monk's rookie season: he was a game-changer from the beginning. All this "we need to give him time" stuff would also be easier to swallow if he wasn't a first-round pick. Someone picked as high as he was shouldn't be as raw and seemingly uninspired as he showed himself to be this season.