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  1. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I figured this was the case. It makes me feel a LITTLE better, in that Kirk seemed to make the right decision in retrospect since Crowder did not turn around for the screen. Absolutely sucks to have games hinge on this kind of crap, though.
  2. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    You're taking that comment WAY out of context. NOWHERE does Kirk say he was generally "nervous", which is what you seem to be implying. The question was whether or not he talked to the ref about the flag for intentional grounding, and he said, paraphrasing, "No, I don't have time for that, I'm nervous about getting the next play called, the play clock running ..." In other words, he's focused on the fact that the game is winding down and isn't going to waste time arguing with the ref. Kirk made some mistakes, but he also played awesome for most of the game, again with very few weapons. He made some great, tough throws while taking a beating, too. While he made some mistakes, too, I thought he was the least of our problems today. That play call on third and less than a yard was possibly the most egregious thing to happen on the field for us the entire game.
  3. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Wow. Thanks for the difficult details. This one is going to hurt awhile, that's for sure. It's a really weird game to contextualize. They played so well and overperformed in so many ways, but to get up like that and then utterly collapse on what sounds like all facets of the game ... just mind numbing. And yet ... not.
  4. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    OK, guys ... looking for a bit of a favor here, because I'd rather hear how fellow fans describe it than go back and pore through a play by play. I left for a movie when we were up 31-16. I was so happy. Couldn't wait to get home and revel in how we beat the freakin' Saints and saved the season again. I check the scores during the previews of the movie. I see the Saints have come within 8. I'm nervous, but still ... the odds are long, right? I check again a few minutes later (previews STILL running) and see that it's 31-29. Just stop the two point conversion, I think. Nah. Of course not. I then get up and walk out of the theater shortly after the movie finally starts and see that the game is over. Can someone kindly give me a synopsis, if you can stomach it, of how in the HELL this team gave up that kind of lead that fast? I see that one of the Saints drives was almost 90 yards??? I was so proud of this team when I left. They are so beat up on both sides, and they played with so much heart and fire. I can't believe they let this get away. What. The. Hell. Happened. Thanks.
  5. Skins reportedly to sign RB Bryon Marshall from Philly

    This pickup will be the key to our victory over the Eagles in the NFC Championship game this January.
  6. I remember the first year or so the stadium was called "The Cooker." That was actually pretty cool.
  7. I guess it depends on your age. When I was a kid in the 80s, our fan base was not soft. It was a very blue-collar type of fan base, which mirrored the team and the beat-to-hell stadium we played in. Lots of blue collar working stiffs at the games, screaming their lungs out, loud and nasty. Even FedEx has had its moments over the years, although not lately. I guess we're starting to see a completely lost generation of Redskin fans who've known nothing but disappointment become mature adults, and the last thing they want to do is go to the trouble of going to these games just to watch the team lose and make the walk of shame out of the stadium while being heckled by opposing fans. I'm sure it's happening in plenty of other markets, and a lot of it is also the nature of things these days, but I also blame the corporate-ized nonsense that permeates so much of pro sports, starting with stadiums being named after corporations. Who feels inspired going to FedEx and looking at those "beautiful" FedEx colors as they approach the site? I remember how it used to feel to see RFK looming in the distance. There was a purity to that. Now everything is sponsored, everything has a corporate stain on it. Even the in-game experience now is full of craptacular commercials and lame voice-overs trying to sell something. When you win, it's easy to forget about those things. When you lose, it makes them twenty times worse.
  8. I feel bad for Fat Rob, but he's terrible. He gives it everything he's got, but he's a third string back on most other teams, imo. Might as well see if Perine can do anything. He showed some flashes yesterday. If he can get over his fumbling, maybe he can raise our running game from "humiliating abomination" to "barely mediocre."
  9. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    So frustrating, in that it's another game that was there to be won and we blew it with bone-headed mistakes. The Vikings outplayed us in most phases, but we still had a great chance to pull this one out, even into the early portion of the fourth quarter. The main culprit has to be the defense. They were terrible for pretty much 3 quarters today. Next up, Kirk. Too many missed opportunities, from the pick to the Doctson overthrow to the ridiculous sack he took at the end. Didn't end up really costing us, but you have to be smarter than that, more situationally aware. Just some rotten breaks, i.e. Doctson slipping on a sure TD and us settling for a FG. Gruden's typical "What was that" moments, like when he runs Chris Thompson up the gut then tries to spring him outside on a fourth and 2. I thought it made sense at the time, but after seeing Rose pummel that 56 yarder, I have to question Gruden's decision not to kick a FG earlier on fourth and six, a series where we ended up with nothing. Rose seems legit so far. Except on onsides kicks. Where he seems ... the opposite of legit. Still no running game, although Perine clearly looks better than Fat Rob as long as he isn't fumbling. Mo Harris was the main standout for me. Plays with passion and confidence. We need to see more of him. Battered o-line played pretty well. Doctson could've had another big day if he doesn't slip and Kirk doesn't overthrow him. Vikings are simply a better team. We're going to be scrapping and clawing to reach .500, it appears. Pretty much like last season. Said it before, but the fan takeover thing has reached epic proportions. I even heard a reporter ask about it in the presser, asking Gruden, "Do you think you're losing the home field advantage?" It's freaking embarrassing.

    The loss sucks obviously, but wow ... seeing the stadium practically overrun by Vikings fans was a real kick in the old twig and berries. I expect it from teams like the Steelers and Cowboys, etc., but the Vikings?? This may be a new low.

    Has Ryan Anderson done anything at all of note this year?

    We had one in Garcon. Could definitely have used him this year.

    This team is such a yo-yo, man. What a blown game. Vikings are really good, and they obviously earned it, but so many great chances blown, so many terrible mistakes. What a frustrating loss, especially after that amazing start.

    OK, now Gruden does officially look bad for not going for the FGs earlier.

    What a terrible game for Cousins today overall. You have to know you just cannot take a sack there. Just cannot. Period. If they make this FG, earlier decisions by Gruden to NOT go for these kicks will be questioned even more.