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  1. Very true. McAdoo is a goof, but his quote is accurate. This doesn't give me joy, but the Redskins are like the Blue Jays... they may put up a couple good years here and there, but they're not held in the same regard as the rest of the division. We're coming off three decent years, but decent doesn't change the consensus.
  2. What to do with LG

    I'm not defending Bruce or Dan, I'm defending the team. What that agenda-driven journalist tried to twist on this team was wrong. What the media tried to twist on Incognito about being a racist was wrong. Same argument works for both.
  3. What to do with LG

    Agreed. Headcase/Piece of ****, yes. Racist, no. Take a step back and look at Incognito vs Luavao, talent-wise, it isn't even close. Who knows what the coaches are thinking, maybe they have high hopes for Kalis/Catalina or will do something with Nsekhe. But, I'd much prefer to give Callahan better, proven talent to work with. We'll see what the camp cuts offer, but Incognito should be on the radar. He reminds me of Bill Romanowski; not the best player, but a mean sonofa**** who people really don't want to go up against. If you ask me, we could use some of that.
  4. What to do with LG

    If Incoginito came in, met with the coaches, and he checked out, then I'm all for signing him; our issue at LG is a real one. Also, I don't know how anyone could worry about him acting up as long as TW is on the team... We all know about the Martin bullying thing, which was effed up, but the guy isn't a racist. After that Jags game where he was accused of saying racist sh*t, his black teammates, fellow OL who were right next to him, came to his defense. In this thinskinned era, everyone should do their due diligence before believing headlines. Hell, we know first hand, look at how bad the Redskins cheerleader story was twisted.
  5. Agreed. As we saw from some recent posts, both Norman and Breeland ran similar 40 times. The worry about his speed was due to a few articles and the OP listing his 40 time at 4.92... That wouldn't work.
  6. I don't know anything about this kid, but I'm a fan of his size. Obviously he's no speedster at 4.6/40, but did he have a good 3-cone or show good instincts on tape? @Skinsinparadise help a brother out. We currently have 13 DBs in camp, so if we keep 10 then there will be three somewhat difficult cuts that'll need to be made. Norman, Swearinger, Dunbar, Moreau, Stroman, Hosley, Nicholson, Apke, Adonis should be safe-ish. Assuming the aforementioned scenario is accurate, which it most likely isn't, one out of Everett, Smithson, Scandrick, Ladler will make it...
  7. @goskins10 I jumped on the Payne hype train since we drafted him, but man those highlights remind me how bitter I was that we just missed out on Vea. He's clearly the better player, but here's to hoping that the Alabama boys have some special rapport and do big things. I don't know where the pic was posted, but it showed Settle, Taylor, Hood, and Allen. Settle is clearly keeping the weight off, which is a positive, but it looks like he needs to pack on some muscle. Regardless, his quickness is freaky for a 330+ pounder.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Both seem to be ****ty human beings and make this franchise a media punchline, so it's a wash there. I find no redeeming qualities in Cerrato when it comes to football knowledge, so to me he's the obvious loser of this debate. During his tenure, he drafted five starter-quality players; our 2014 draft alone matched that total. The horrific 2008 draft was the epitome of his overall football comprehension. When it comes to Bruce, he seems to either be wising up or listening more to the talented football minds around him. We had a consensus A-graded draft last year and this year looks to be very promising as well. His first couple of drafts were rocky as he got sure-fire studs with his 1st round picks, but not much after that; I have a feeling that Snyder still had his dictator hat on during that time. Regardless, since the 2012 draft, we've drafted three plus starters in each class. Sure I miss the big splash FA acquisitions, but under Allen we're building a team how I believe is "the right way." Draft well, re-sign the studs, and dip our toe into FA. He recently learned that DL deserves a legitimate investment and hopefully next year he realizes the same goes for LG... Now, let's just try to avoid being the most injured team in football for the 3rd year in a row and see what this team is actually capable of. Draft History Cheat Sheet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Redskins_draft_history
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    So you're a big Alex Smith fan... If you're even "theoretically" comparing Alex Smith to Tyrod Taylor, you need to come up with a new system. I don't think anyone would contest that Alex Smith received a healthy stat boost when he was given Tyreek Hill... just like how Cousins had a dropoff after DJax left. Look at career numbers and you'll see that Alex Smith is the model of consistency. You can expect a QB rating in the 90s and a man who will lead your team with authority. I like that a lot.
  10. Settle looks fit. There were knocks about his weight, but he actually looks like he should fill out a bit more. Allen needs to teach him how to do calf raises. Also, glad to see Phil at camp. I thought that he may have been throwing in the towel when he wasn't in attendance the first week. If his body holds up, he'll make the team.
  11. Eeeeesh relax folks... All I meant was that we should play the probabilities and have specific personnel for specific situations. Obviously I understand that there are audibles and that our personnel group won't be correct anywhere near 100% of the time. But when it's 3rd and 1, Lanier shouldn't be in. On 3rd and 7, Lanier should be in. If a team runs the ball on 1st down 60% of the time, Lanier shouldn't be in. How are so many missing this point? If the scouts are doing their job, we should have advanced analytics on the opposing team's tendencies.
  12. I love Tomsula, but I want to see him use everyone more appropriately this year. Injuries and lack of depth didn't help him/us last year, but certain players simply shouldn't be playing certain positions. Ziggy Hood (if he makes the team)- should never play anything other than DE and even there I'm not optimistic. Lanier- should only be in vs pass. Anderson- should only be in vs run. Maybe Lanier learns to stand up OLinemen, maybe Anderson gains a couple of pass rush moves, but barring this, they are liabilities when trying to defend against their weaknesses. I'm unsure exactly where Payne and Settle will stack up at this level, but I want Tomsula to figure out their strengths and use them accordingly. Last year there was far too much square-peg-round-holing. I believe all players aside from Allen and Ioannidis should be treated like Galette was, he was a pass rusher, so that's when he hit the field.
  13. I wonder if the Eagles are kicking themselves because they made public Guice's disagreement with their staff which caused his draft day fall and resulted in their rivals getting the potential steal of the draft... In regard to the conversation above about us not picking him at #44, we need to remember the drama related to Guice. Teams were terrified to take him and it wasn't until a couple of days later that it was a nothingburger (never used that term before and never want to use it again). At #44, it was still a risk, but after gaining another pick in the trade, we were playing with house money and it was then worth it at #59.
  14. I don't get this. You're saying that you believe engaging and fan friendly players are larger targets than the opposite types of players? That's completely backwards. The media loves targeting players who are questionable off the field and tearing them down the second that they take a misstep. If Guice was a problem and had concerns, we'd already be getting knocked for it and WaPo would be licking it's chops at a chance to make us look bad.
  15. One minor critique- Anderson is very good at setting the edge. Unfortunately, that's about the only thing that I trust him to do. Unless finds a quicker first step, he may only be suited for run stopping. I remember drawing a comparison to Perine last year thinking that both of these guys were just tough mothertruckers with limited athletic ability and I was curious to see how they'd pan out. So far, not so good. It was mini case study for future reference; if we're in a position of freaky raw talent vs tough SOB, who should we go with... The case isn't closed, and in fact, should be expanded, but it has me leaning in the other direction.