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  1. CTskin

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Ugh another month of trade-down rumors “heating up”... the draft can’t come soon enough. You take chase, you don’t look back, you don’t regret it for a second. This team needs a blue chipper. The trade would have to be borderline RG3 compensation for me to think about it and I don’t think there’s a team desperate enough to put all that on the line for a guy coming off of a brutal injury.
  2. CTskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If we really can’t fetch more than a 3rd for TW then I’d be all about a player for player trade. Other teams may be able to digest TWs contract demands better if we give them relief by taking someone from them. I’d much prefer a solid, proven, even overpaid player in return vs a crapshoot 3rd rounder. that being said, if HOU is involved then I’m a bit more optimistic about trade return value...
  3. I haven’t been this torn about a FA period in a long time. Usually we come out with some nice names added and I get a beautiful sense of that offseason false optimism... and then wed go on to have a less than stellar season. So maybe now that I’m not getting that sense it means we’ll be awesome? I’m no scientist but that Reasoning definitely checks out. in all seriousness, on paper, we went from average to average across the board. Maybe a slight upgrade at ILB and TE, maybe? I think our secondary got worse; Davis is absolute garbage. I do however appreciate the addition by subtraction of Dunbar and Norman, malcontents and underperformers can see the door. at this point I don’t really see anyone out there on my wish list so I’ll assume the reports are accurate and were essentially done. I’d like Logan but i don’t see it happening. The only thing left is LT... get TW the **** out of here and bring penn back, if nothing else. On the bright side, at least we’re not JAX! I can’t say I’m surprised, on paper it seems pretty accurate.
  4. CTskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    difference is TW could have played and had no injury... the helmet thing was laughable.
  5. The quantity methods Just brings me back to the McGee/McClain signing days. We have loads of depth players, but are severely lacking playmakers. sean Davis has failed at this level, so I don’t think he was worth even looking at. Davis and Pierre-Louis Im okay with. Like I mentioned yesterday, my bears fan buddies loved him and think he is starter quality. three ehh players signed to one-year deals just isn’t the ideal start of FA.
  6. Cant say this one gets me too pumped. Quality not quantity please. Davis, smith, Pierre-louis add to depth but offer little improvement... i trust Ron but can’t say I’m enjoying the start of his first FA here.
  7. He’s a troll, not a fan. just talked to my bears fans buddies and they are bummed to see the French ILB leave. They said he played really well when both of the bears LBs went down and at that price he’s a huge bargain. Sooo we’re chalk full of depth if nothing else. If Foster were sure to be back then this would be a bit of a head scratcher, but I like the potential and look forward to a good position battle. I trust that del rio will bring the best out of this bunch. enough with the homer offseason optimism, lets make a damn splash.
  8. Cheating or not, Brady will gown as the goat. He can’t tarnish those rings with his post-patriots career, but this is a big mistake on his part. That system was tailor-made for an aging, intelligent qb; he always had great protection and multiple dumpoff options. He will not improve whichever team he ends up with. anywho, welcome back Kendall. I hope u can regain your old redskin form. with all of these trades, I’d really like to get in line to ship out TW and Dunbar... they’re just a cloud hanging over this team
  9. Would be a huge fan if we could make this happen. I like him better than any other FA TE and should be at a discount because he had xfl Caliber qbs last year.
  10. CTskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    This was always about money hombre... it’s just now becoming obvious to some that he was bull****ting his reason for holding out. What’s wrong is that’s $13m of wasted cap space because there’s no way he’s playing here; we already have enough invested in Alex Smith. He’ll again sit out and Hit the market after the season. It’s a bad business/monetary decision for him, but it was also last year and it’s obvious he’s still living in Lala land now hearing his contract demands. I’m wondering what you think can happen that would result in his value rising? I don’t see any scenario...
  11. CTskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I guess that’s my issue with your take. He never owned anything. He used the misdiagnosis as his reason for holding out, but that simply isn’t true. He wanted more money and used this as his excuse. What makes it even worse is that he went as far as to say his holdout was to also protect teammates yet it was widely reported that BA would fire anyone on the training staff for him, but he turned down that offer. What kind of sense does that make? he was made aware of the misdiagnosis 6 months before declaring the holdout, but decided to wait until right after FA and the draft. He did this to tie our hands in an effort to get more money. The motivation was strictly for financial gains. I don’t mean to pile on, but you seem to be giving him a pass and I just don’t understand.
  12. CTskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I guess we can say we agree because both TW and BA acted like POSs... the thing is that BA got canned and TW is still on the team acting like a POS. Again he has gone public with demands and put the team in a bad position. He’s essentially saying either you pay me a lot, more than I deserve, or youll have to get fleeced in a trade. When you said you only see him taking care of himself, I agree if you’re only referring to the financial side. If you’re referring to his health and somehow still not seeing that this injury dog and pony show is a farse then I understand why we won’t agree.
  13. CTskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    amen to your first point. That truly is the silver lining in this mess. your $15m/yr number is low compared to what I’ve heard. It came out the other day that he’s demanding $18-20M. I also saw a $30m number on here but don’t know of the source. Given his injury proneness and regression in play I wouldn’t touch any of the numbers. He should be grateful that the team would even consider taking him back after his childish antics last year, but no, instead he continues to take the dbag route.
  14. CTskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I understand that view, I just think there’s a slim chance. If he knew what was good for him, he’d do as u say. but look at what he did last year. If he indeed did had family money issues then he should have sacked up, admitted his health complaint was a lie, and got back on the field. I’ll admit, I was getting ready to forgive him and understood his beef may have been with BA, but now we hear what his salary demands are. I mean come on, the guy is a selfish prick, he’s clearly still in a ****ty mindset and don’t see any way he’s be content to play on his current salary.