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  1. justice98

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Fury also said the last time he trusted somebody, he lost an eye. Perhaps that will wind up being a reference to a Skrull imposter turning on him. I agree. And I'm pretty forgiving about those kinds of details. It's a plot hole I can live with. I feel like they keep it mostly together overall.
  2. justice98

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I suspect you're just supposed to ignore that happened. lol They probably didnt have this Captain Marvel angle fully planned out. Like, they knew they wanted to include her back then, but having Fury meet her in the 90s was a more recent development. Then they were willing to take the continuity hit for that one line.
  3. I think that offense in the first year of Spurrier, when he was out there running his college offense with his old Florida guys like Danny Wuerrfel and Chris Doering mighta had some issues against Bama's defense
  4. They can complete the investigation and still have time to vote before the mid-terms. I fail to see why they wouldnt push for an investigation......unless they know what it'll say. They would love for her to not testify so they dont have to deal with it.
  5. Alabama woulda picked off Deshone Kizer at least 3 times last year. If they played last year's Browns 10 times, they could get a couple. If it was the 2017 Bama squad, they had 8 players that wound up going in the first round in '17 and '18. They couldnt get a game against a Browns team that had 14 starters that were either rookies or 2nd year players? Not to mention, in genera, I would take young, athletic, and hungry over a team of pros probably a quarter of the time. And not a team of all-star pros. A team of pros with scrubs sprinkled around.
  6. College all stars have beaten pros in MLB and the NBA. I dont see why the same couldnt happen in a one game scenario in the NFL.
  7. But that wasnt the question presented. The question was "could" they, not "would" they. It's not likely, but the idea that's it's inconceivable and there's no chance in hell doesnt hold up when it's happened before. You make it sound like it would be 400-0. lol
  8. http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/55399888/
  9. justice98

    What to do with LG

    This was an eventuality with Lavauo. He's not durable, nor is he any good. Such a waste of time.
  10. Fun fact, FWIW, a college all-star team beat Vince Lombardi's championship Packers once.
  11. And anybody remember this quote from the director of the observatory? So they were gonna release CP? None of it makes sense.
  12. My position is just dont make a decision until you get more information where it's not 50/50. Frankly, Kavanaugh should be pushing for an investigation more than Ford, if he's telling the truth.
  13. justice98

    ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    I hate when retired guys get into beefs with current players on social media. Seems very unprofessional.
  14. Not my thoughts, but this person laid out the issues nicely (shout out to BFC): * The FBI raided the observatory on 9/6 but the arrest warrant for the janitor’s home wasn’t issued until 9/10 * The janitor wasn’t arrested then, on the 10th and apparent no charges have been filed * The entire area - facility, homes, post office was evacuated * CP is not a security threat, a crime but not a security threat to the facility by any standard so it makes no sense to refer to it like that in the AURA statement * if the crime was CP, why didn’t they just say that, or tell the local authorities * no way was a black hawk helicopter needed * there were accounts of antennas being used by the FBI teams which makes no sense if they were searching for CP on the server * the story about CP is coming out today 9/20 when the warrant was issued 9/10 the facility was opened 9/17. If that’s the story there wasn’t any reason to wait * even if the crime was CP forceably evacuating and shutting down an entire area with armed FBI agents and a black hawk helicopter and for 11 days is not the way CP cases are normally handled - what was so different about this one.
  15. In the words of legendary criminal mastermind Hans Gruber, "You ask for miracles, I give you the F...B...I."