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  1. All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    If Mike and Mike was bland, Golic and Wingo is extra, super duper bland.
  2. Ashleigh Banfield on HLN ripped her a new one saying she tried to turn what essentially amounts to a bad date into something more and this does a disservice to the #MeToo movement.
  3. I liked it, didnt love it. I knew a lot about the story going in and I didnt think the tone matched the reality of the story. This movie shoulda been like Kill the Messenger, which really is the next chapter to this story. But that was my idea, that you could really so a shared universe of based on a true story stories. In this case, you could have 3, 4, 5 movies based on CIA drug trafficking.
  4. Wind River Standard Taylor Sheridan product, which means it's pretty good. Quality performances by Renner and Olsen. I was kinda hoping for more from the reveal of the killer, but it was fine. The clues were limited. They want you to think it's one thing only to reveal it's some other thing, neither of which were given much setup.
  5. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Probably cuz the team and the city love and adore Brees unconditionally and they've had great success there and they would love for him to retire a Saint. And the feelings are mutual. If even half of that applied to Kirk, maybe he might give a different answer. If Keenum cant parlay this season into a multi-year deal, he needs a new agent.
  6. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    So far, you've called him an asshole and a dolt. That man has a substance abuse problem. Is every person in rehab a villain?
  7. Oh, I have no idea where I heard that, it was years ago. Might be an urban legend, exaggerated over time. But they did have a friendly rivalry over who spent more on fur coats, that much is true.
  8. Speaking of breaking kayfabe, I've been scouring the internet trying to find the photo I'm told exists of Dusty and Flair breaking kayfabe at a Hawks game, chilling side by side courtside in mink coats. Story goes the suits werent too pleased about that. But Bray breaks kayfabe on a regular basis on social media. He doesnt give a crap there. Yeah, I watched it yesterday. Jericho/omega was legit.
  9. The Table for 3s are pitiful, IMO. They edit them down too much. They need to let them go. You got Flair, Steamboat, and Sting and they only show 20 minutes. Cornette was saying they sat there telling stories for 90 minutes on his episode and they cut it all out and made it 15.
  10. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    I agree they have to hit on some of those picks, but on paper, they're not that far from respectability. Their QB play alone probably cost them 4-6 wins outright. Kizer was the worst starting QB in close to a decade. Probably since Jimmy Clausen was in Carolina. Quiet as it's kept, they had a solid defense, respectable RBs, and Josh Gordon back, that if they got an NFL QB in there, Joe Thomas back, and a couple good starters out of the draft they could be within shouting distance of .500 next year. They have a better defense, better RBs, a #1 WR, better special teams, the difference between us and them is basically the Grand Canyon difference in QB play. So give me their squad right now, cap space and a boatload of high draft picks. Yeah, they're in a nice position. Whereas we're set up to have no QB with no top pick to get one, the minimum number of picks, a bunch of key free agents. Our upside isnt as great.
  11. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Lesser WRs, not guys you spend a first round pick on expecting them to anchor your WR corps. Who was the last really good WR taken in the first round that took a few years to make an impact? And by "impact", I dont mean they had to catch 90 balls for 1200 yards and 10 TDs necessarily right outta the gate. I mentioned Nelson Algolor earlier, but it's probably Roddy White coming out in 2005. He took a couple years looking like a bust and then took off. But it's not the norm for first round WRs. For the really good ones with first round ability, you can get sonething in the neighborhood of 50 catches, 700 yards, 5-6 TDs as a rookie or 2nd year guy. Doctson got the TDs, at least. Catching 35 balls as a rookie starter is absolutely underwhelming.
  12. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    I think that applies in a more broader sense. Cuz there's plenty of WRs that hit the ground running. And it's not unreasonable to expect that of a first round WR. Since 2009, the only first round WR that needed a minute to get going was probably Nelson Algolor, and he's not a #1 WR, and that's IF we're saying Algolor is decent now. IMO, (and this is not an absolute) the development is usually from rawer prospects you're drafting lower in the draft. A first round WR is expected to contribute and the truly good ones you're spending first round resources on usually dont take long to get to up to speed. Those that dont probably wont be good regardless of how long you wait.
  13. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    I think this is a totally different conversation if, everything else being the same, he just held on to a few more of these TDs. If instead of 6 TDs, he had 10 (which woulda been 2nd in the league behind Hopkins), we probably cut him more slack. And he definitely left 2-4 TDs out there.
  14. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I think he has to look directly into the camera and deliver a "how ya like me now". That always seems crazy to me.