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  1. Schefty makes it sound worse than what was being reported elsewhere. Is it still 6-8 months?
  2. justice98

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I think everyone assumed it was going to be horrific and career threatening based on how it looked. But 6-8 means All-In for Week 1, Part Deux. Knowing where to go with the ball and staying in rhythm counts for a lot though.
  3. justice98

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    In fairness to Colt, the last time he was a starter, his "weapons" were Peyton Hillis and his top WRs were Mohammed Massoquoi and Greg Little. And even with that, he's positive TDs to INTs. His floor just needs to be .500 ball.
  4. Mediocre for a mid-season street free agent is as good as they were gonna get. And mediocre beats whatever Paxton Lynch is, which isnt even that. If Paxton Lynch even had potential, Denver woulda held on to him. But either way, I'm not losing sleep over whoever they were gonna sign. Nobody that was available was gonna come in off the couch and save our season if Colt goes down.
  5. Agreed. I broke my leg when I was 10 years old, and it certainly hurts, but it's not really the worst pain ever kinda feeling....as long as you're not moving. Once they immobilized it, the pain dropped precipitously in my case. Getting to the hospital in the backseat of a car wasnt fun.
  6. I think a lot of people are knee jerk reacting to how the injury looked. There's no indication he wont be fine by next season.
  7. I dont know why people think Alex's career is over. If it's an uncomplicated fracture, he'll be good to go by training camp. Bones you can come back from. Having said that, they do need to draft somebody, but I dont think it's because Smith is gonna retire or otherwise not gonna be healthy enough to play.
  8. Anybody available in late November isn't going to be good though.
  9. Kaepernick hasn't played since New Year's Day 2017. At this point, I'd want a guy that has been playing football. Training camps, practicing, games. He's been on ice a long time.
  10. Even if they sign somebody at QB, he'll have one day and no practice time for Thursday.
  11. I have to think Hopkins puts on a display in practice that convinced them he at least had enough leg to get it there. And hopefully there was a discussion before the kick where Hopkins said he could do it.
  12. Man, I hate the postgame at FedEx on Comcast. Yahoos yelling and screaming.
  13. If they couldn't play today, I'll be surprised if they're good to go 4 days from now.
  14. But we're bowl eligible already, so it's cool. ?