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  1. BTTF 2 was cool, it was 3 I didnt care for too much. But for me, it's between Indy and Lethal Weapon 2.
  2. They had this coming putting Kushner in such a position of prominence in the first place. He was out of his depth from day 1.
  3. You almost had to see thus coming. Trump was just handing responsibility to Kushner who was more unqualified than he was.
  4. The offense basically just vanished during this losing streak. They had that one game against Minn where they put up 7, but it's been a total of 4 combined for the other 4 games.
  5. I actua─║ly liked Beverly Hills Cop 2 more than the original.
  6. Uhhh, because they're lying. These two are asking questions they already know the answer to.
  7. I think the teeny weeny itdy bitsy little detail you're leaving out is all the attempts at lying and deception over these Russian ties. Literally every one of 'em has tried to cover up questionable ties to the Russians. If all these people had simply been forthright about their ties or followed proper protocol in reporting them, they wouldn't be in this mess. If they werent trying to hide anything, they certainly made it look like they all were. No, there still is. Any interference is obstruction. And if you're innocent, then why are you doing things that can be seen as obstruction?
  8. I made that argument earlier about Manny this year and Harper last year. I'm talking everything that goes into being a superstar, not necessarily what goes on between the white lines. The kinda guy that can transcend the sport, gets national endorsement deals, gets non-sports magazine covers, cameos in TV and movies, a guy with Jeter level of star potential. That's not Manny, it just isn't. Even if he goes to NY or somewhere. That's what I mean. Even if Manny were having a Manny kind of year, he wouldnt have anybody but Oriole fans really caring what he was doing.
  9. Manny's just a really good baseball player, Harper is a superstar. I think only one gets $300 mil and it's Harper. But for giggles, you could only have one young 3B, Manny, Arenado, or Kris Bryant? Who do you take?
  10. Oh, somebody will surely offer it, I just think they shouldn't.
  11. The thing is, just for fun, let's pretend we're fully serious about Bumgarner. At $30 mil, he wouldn't be worth what he is at $12 mil, which is what he gets now. Cuz even with no cap, if he's getting that much, you're gonna have to get rid of a few people. And then you'd have to have some really good position players making relatively nothing. I think $25 mil is the cutoff where a player stops being worth the price. The only argument I can maybe get with is Harper might be such a transcendent kinda star in sports that he prints money for your team in other ways. But even then, he's gonna have to win eventually and that price tag will get in the way. I dont think you make the playoffs too often with a $30mil guy. Unless you're the Yankees or Dodgers and money is no object.
  12. There literally is no player worth $300mil, not him, not Bryce Harper, not Stanton, or anybody else.
  13. In his heart of hearts, I don't think he truly believes that. I dont think anyone in that building truly believes that. Well, I take that back, a few games perhaps, but both enough to not be apoplectic if that's what you have to roll with all season.
  14. It's quicker to say who in the campaign hasn't lied about cavorting with the Russians than who has. None of these people thought it might be worth mentioning. C'mon man.