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  1. They havent been serious for however many years in a row that we've been saying we need to improve the DL.
  2. This is the same board though that is enamored with PFF saying Preston Smith and Gallette were two of the top 3-5 pass rushers in the league by metrics. If the metrics suggest he was better in getting pressure than I think he was, an edge rusher with his ability will be in demand. Him staying healthy would count for a lot.
  3. Kinda interesting that a 25 yr old, above average, solid citizen DT will be on his 3rd team in 3 years. Not saying it means anything, you just don't normally see that.
  4. Just sounds like a guy that knows he has more leverage than he did the last couple years. Albeit with more colorful language.
  5. I've been hearing from Dolphins fans that Pouncey wasnt really all good last year. Then PFF backed it up saying Mike Pouncey was actually graded as the 27th Center in the league last year. I think people hear Pouncey and remember a few years back when he was good.
  6. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I just don't think they're gonna take the two most profitable characters out of play prematurely. If there's one more movie with the old group, Iron Man and Cap are making it to it.
  7. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I don't think any of the big deaths come until Avengers 4. I can't see them killing somebody like Stark or Rogers until then. Or if they do die, they come back some kind of way. The secondary characters are all up for grabs in IW though. I think Rhodey is a goner in IW. Bucky might take one for Steve, paying back all the loyalty.
  8. I'm just amazed that these things are flying around, freaking out the best of the best and the govt is barely interested.
  9. The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I have no hope for this Shazam movie.
  10. This is sad. Taking my kid to Toys R Us has been one of life's little joys. And there's one just a mile from my house. I just took my 3 yr old there the other day. And I love online shopping as much as the next guy, but I will always lament the inconvenience of not having a brick and mortar store to go to when I need/want something immediately. It's basically Wal-Mart/Target or bust.
  11. Strong front lines in the division and no running game. What could go wrong?
  12. Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Agreed. The one part about Doctson's game I havent been concerned about is his ability to get deep. Richardson's fine, I guess, but I don't know if he have that guy n the WR corps you have full confidence in when you have to have a play.
  13. Fantasy DL going into 2018: Allen, Poe, Richardson along the DL. Or Allen, high level FA acquisition, 1st/2nd rd draft pick. Then working Ioannidis and the best of the rest into the rotation. I could live with that. But I wanna see 2 new starting caliber people up there. Ioaniddis was decent up there last year, but I don't totally trust it yet. And a guy of his caliber spelling people isn't bad.
  14. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    I see zero reason why he would be interested or why the team would be interested. Zero.