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  1. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    Since their first playoff appearance in 82-83, the Caps have made the postseason 28 times in those 35 years.
  2. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    I'd need to know who the prospect is. Montgomery doesnt move me.
  3. I mean he said he retired cuz his body was breaking down. This team probsbly.needs some edge, especially in the trenches, but Incognito is probably finished in more ways than one.
  4. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Seems there was an article in the Sun from January where Coolbaugh said he and Davis were working down in Texas. So perhaps some nuance got lost in Palmer's re-telling of the convo 3 months later. Like they worked, but not as much or it wasnt as fruitful as Coolbaugh would have liked.
  5. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    It needed to be said. They've been tip toeing around on MASN for too long about this.
  6. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    One of my best friends was a weed head for a while, so I probably got a contact high at some point. Never directly smoked myself. That's about as close as I ever got.
  7. What to do with LG

    I dont think he's in a position to be playing football if his health issues weren't exaggerated. So pass. But this team could probably use some agitators and nastiness. Especially on the OL.
  8. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    It'll be funny how deflating NOT trading your best player will be if that happens.
  9. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    The only level of excitement I can muster is for the trade deadline. It cant get here fast enough.
  10. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    I would not put Iguadola in. The HoF shouldn't be for role players. When he was a starter, he was good, not great.
  11. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    And he was the best player on a national team that rocked Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Paul. Best player on an NCAA title team. Either folks are smoking too much....or not enough. I dont see any grounds whatsoever that Melo should not be in the HoF. And I dont even like Melo. lol Body language doesnt seem like a relevant criteria for the HoF. lol
  12. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    The HoF is full of guys like that. Melo is no less a HoFer than them and they're all worthy. Dominique Wilkins, Tracy McGrady, Alex English, etc. Elite scorers in the history of the game. And Melo's contributions to college basketball and USA basketball are legitimate. Up until recently, he was never not scoring. Dont let his recent decline detract from Melo in his prime.
  13. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Man, I really dont wanna have to hear about this for another year. They should just stopped showing it on TV when this first started, drawing attention to it, and getting people all riled up Most of this is probably happening or muted, at least.
  14. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    The game was lost by GS at the line, in that they didnt go and Houston did. In a one or two possession game at the end, free throw disparity decides it more often than not.
  15. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    I think Davis' deal will wind up being the single worst deal in MLB history.