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  1. Clown show. Total clown show. Every day it's something.
  2. I dont have a problem with it, I just don't see the clamor for it. And I dont see where Silver is thinking it's coming soon. Pop can't be progressive for the entire league, and they don't seem all that interested in female coaches.
  3. Female head coaches in the NBA, Adam Silver commented on it, what say you?
  4. The first one is much better than the second one, IMO.
  5. The guy on the left looked like he knew the deal, I hope he cleared that up in the moment. But it looks like she just got her names mixed up, she meant to say James Foley. She sounded shaky when she said it. She says crazy things, but that's an honest mistake, IMO. I thoroughly agree with your assessment if Sessions, but I dont think any of them should get into the habit of answering questions somebody's yelling at them in the hallway.
  6. It's crazy somebody is even remotely interested in Johnny Manziel, but won't kick the tires on Kaepernick. Shows what people are about.
  7. I dont think this Gordon interest thing is true. But playing along for a sec, if they essentially traded DJax and Garcon for Pryor and Gordon, I'd call that a net gain.
  8. They didn't even need to play as many as they did. Those 3-4 minutes at the end of the first half up 20+ were unnecessary.
  9. Trump is out here hoping Obamacare fails just to prove a point. If it's gonna be the law, make it better, don't openly wish for not to blow up which will hurt people. What kinda president is this? Smh
  10. Quick isn't replacing Pierre, Doctson is. Who they already spent a top pick on. There's always a chance a guy can overachieve, but are the chances good is the question. I dont think we can bank our defense on overachieving.
  11. So is it the money now or the length? Cuz that makes it sound like the money is coming down, but not enough that people aren't sold on him beyond a prove it deal. Kinda feels like we're stick to what we know and throw the crap out if it again. They haven't seemed to show much concern for improving the running game beyond hopes and positive vibes.
  12. The thing is, they have plenty of holes on that side of the ball, the chances are probably good that somebody in the neighborhood of BPA will be a defensive player. The other thing about BPA is we tend to talk about it as if there's always a clear separation between one guy and another guy. It could get to their pick and there's several guys fairly close together where you're not necessarily blowing up the draft board by not taking the next ranked guy.
  13. That seems kinda risky, hoping somebody worthwhile gets cut. They can't plan on that. To not really upgrade at either ILB or DL, makes me think they're going all in on defense in the draft. If they got 10 picks, 7-8 of 'em will be on defense and probably the first 2 or 3.