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  1. Six kids man. I only got one and the idea of leaving her behind is unfathomable. But six? I can only imagine what was going on in his head and he did it anyway.
  2. Any rookie QB.
  3. I used to wanna go until it really became more of a TV showcase. Even then, I just wanna see all the footage.
  4. I shoulda been playing fantasy golf this whole time.
  5. It's the kind of sticky hot misery where you literally cant walk to your car without needing to change your shirt.
  6. Can't call myself a big Linkin Park fan, but that Encore/Numb mashup with Jay-Z hit the feel spot.
  7. I think the two recent acclaimed series/movies upped his profile. OJ coulda been the Man of the Year in 2016 if not for Trump, from behind bars, at that. He was everywhere.
  8. I'm more excited for the trade deadline than I am for the rest of the season.
  9. It's kinda crazy that there is a whole generation that doesn't appreciate anything about what made OJ famous, or infamous. It's a story the old timers tell. I think if you took a poll, Trump would beat OJ for that title, it wouldn't be close. I bet OJ wouldn't even be in the top 5.
  10. Empire Strikes Back Back to the Future Die Hard Hunt for Red October There's Something About Mary
  11. If the thread no longer interests you, just don't go in there anymore. Stop lobbying to have it closed.
  12. This cat has nine lives though. Between marrying a 15 year old and the pee tape, he's probably put out 10 albums since those things happened.
  13. I always thought Kasich was the best candidate in the field during the campaign, on either side.
  14. But as much as we'd hope he was worth. He's gonna be 30 when the season starts. Which I think makes him more desirable in trade to a team like Buffalo or Denver, rather than a rebuilding team that will have the good draft position that we would like, like CLE, NYJ, or SF.
  15. They failed to convince him long before this offseason.