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  1. Resident law expert twa explaining why government investigators can’t obtain .gov emails is ES Tailgate at its finest.
  2. If there was anything illegal about obtaining these emails, the course of action by Team Trump wouldn’t be a whiny letter to Congress. They can this to court but they won’t. Because the emails weren’t improperly obtained.
  3. Net Neutrality 2017

    All Democratic Attorneys General it looks like.
  4. I mean the current FBI director has donated around $39,000 to Republicans. Does that mean he's partial to Republicans in his work? This is a stupid sideshow. I assume it is intensifying because of Flynn flipping and Trump team panicking.
  5. Right now there really isn't a real world use for cryptocurrencies for the average consumer. Using cryptocurrencies for transactions isn't really a thing at the moment because transaction speeds are really slow for Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are slightly faster on Litecoin and fastest on a crypto called Ripple. The underlying block chain technology is really what is unique about them. There is a lot of potential to innovate things like smart contracts with crypto's and creating peer-to-peer digital applications without the need for third party involvement to handle transaction operations. The ultimate goal of this technology is decentralization. In terms of what they are truly worth at the moment, that's a good question. I legitimately have no idea why Bitcoin is priced this high and it is hard to know how much of it is inflated by people who are just dumping money into it for the sake of following a trend. This is definitely happening at a mass scale and one of the reasons why I am waiting on making any transactions.
  6. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Two prominent alt-right blowhards, Chuck Johnson and Mike Cernovich, tried to plant a fake sex scandal against Chuck Schumer. Schumer called the police on them and the cops are now investigating who forged documents, signatures etc. It was guaranteed that they would attempt to do something stupid like this because they are just that dumb. Congrats to Steve Bannon and conservatives on building a movement around people with this level of intelligence.
  7. Of course, it's why I put "free speech" in quotes. They use it as a cover, but really they don't want to lose the ad revenue that comes from a huge audience.
  8. Election 2017 Thread

    You are our window into Texan education. Do you blame us?
  9. Election 2017 Thread

    Seeing the numbers, the Republican turnout was about normal for an off year election. The Democrat turnout was through the roof. Doug Jones and his campaign did a great job of getting the base out. In general Democrats are turning out for these off year elections in huge numbers everywhere. 2018 might not be a blue wave. It looks like a freaking blue tsunami at the moment.
  10. None of these companies have the balls to take a firm stand against bot accounts and fake news outlets. Spend 10 minutes in conservative social media, and all you see are posts from obscure blogs with completely made up stories being shared thousands and millions of times. In general, for the sake of “free speech” they refuse to take a stand against bull****. Twitter at this point is basically bots from Eastern Europe and Russia spreading false propaganda across the entire West.
  11. Election 2017 Thread

    Republicans are going to have major problems in Texas and Florida when the Latino youth start turning out in polls and don’t vote as conservative as their parents did. The hot take 10 years from now is going to be if Trumpism was worth alienating massive chunks of key voter groups in big states.
  12. Election 2017 Thread

    The most encouraging thing if you are a Democrat from last nights result is that you are winning a massive chunk of the <44 vote even in Alabama. The GOP is going to run into the millennial and Gen X buzz saw throughout the country moving forward. They know this too. Hence the only thing they care about is satisfying their donors before they get booted out of office.
  13. Election 2017 Thread

    Looks like Doug Jones won 60% of the vote from the <44 crowd. Shout out to the future GOP.
  14. Who wants Olive Garden?

    Going out drinking in Arlington and DC, and stumbling into the IHOP in Ballston at 4 AM happened too often in my early twenties. Life was so much simpler back then.
  15. Election 2017 Thread

    Literally every reputable polling outlet shows that Republicans are absolutely way crazier and deeper into conspiracy theories than Democrat voters. This is not a two sides issue as much as you want to pretend it is. There are some nutjobs on the left. The right is almost entirely composed of nutjobs at the moment.