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  1. The GOP won't rest until it absolutely destroys all forms of civil decency. Rage on Party of Stupid.
  2. Hannity is just a sad sack of **** at this point. I won't be surprised if FNC is about to boot his ass. They are bleeding viewership these days.
  3. She seems like she has mental issues. I've had mentally ill people yell racial slurs at me. Escalating a non-violent situation to violence is never a good idea. I thoroughly enjoyed the video of Richard Spencer being punched in the face. This one was just uncomfortable.
  4. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha You are so precious.
  5. It's officially happening. Temporary pass for now but who says they won't be given every day credentials soon?
  6. More breaking news ... I don't think it's a coincidence that all of this is coming out as soon as Comey got fired. IC people going straight to the media.
  7. NYMag reporter claiming that he's confirmed the person of interest is Kushner: Would explain why Kushner was pushing for Comey to be fired. Bannon had apparently flagged this issue early on and asked for Kushner's role to be reduced. Bannon apparently tried to talk Trump out of firing Comey as well.
  8. Grifter gonna grift: It takes special skill to turn your criminal investigation into a fundraising opportunity.
  9. The optics of all this are so so terrible. Dissing your own law enforcement officials to a hostile foreign power behind closed doors. I remember when Fox News was freaking out about Obama chewing gum while saluting or something. I bet they are secretly pissed that all this drama isn't unfolding for a liberal politician. Fox News would be having a ****ing party if Hillary and her campaign were under criminal investigation by the FBI for collusion with a hostile foreign government.
  10. There are very few people who probably genuinely like him. Everyone around him seems to be in a rush to expose him to the media. What a miserable way to live.
  11. This is just a straight up dumpster fire at this point. No way this dude finishes his full term.
  12. Social isolation and shallow relationships are almost built into the fabric of most communities in the US. The loneliest I felt at times was living in the busiest parts of DC.
  13. This is nothing unique to Muslim extremism. Muslim extremism is much worse than your basic state-sanctioned thuggish goonery that has been a staple of authoritarian rulers for all of human history. Casually assaulting protestors while being egged on by a nationalist leader was pretty much a staple of US politics through 2015-2016. We're not at the level of Turkey et al but we can't definitively dismiss that our current political climate isn't slowly inching towards this future as well.