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  1. Had this been an epidemic exclusively ravaging poor Latino and Black communities, Christie would have been leading a law enforcement task force to lock em all up. We all find empathy in quite the interesting ways.
  2. It still baffles my mind that the public doesn't make a bigger deal out of this. I get that we love sports, but to some extent, it seems like the relationship of the NFL (especially) with the public has crossed into a fairly toxic zone.
  4. This is a real cop out of an answer. But I suppose if you interpret people on the left pointing out the flaws in American society as "America sucks", then a constructive dialogue on this isn't even possible. Bear in mind, that the candidate who won pretty much ran on the theme of "America is ****ing ****, I alone can fix it". And with this, I'll bow out by pointing out the right wing privilege of "America sucks". Because it seems that when Trump and his minions do it, they are "everyday Americans with real problems". But when the left does it " Why do you hate America?? YOU'RE MESSAGING SUCKS". If I wanted to piss off some of you, I would even point out the white privelege that enables this ridiculous double standard. I seem to remember Hillary running on the theme of a unified and good America. And Trump using words like "wasteland" and "carnage" to describe present day US. But yeah it's liberals who think "America sucks". That must be why they lost.
  5. I remember when social scientists, neuroscientists and "libruls" who tried to make the point that drug epidemics are linked to loss of social stability and economic wellbeing were laughed at by "real Americans" for believing in myths. "We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee. We don't take no trips on LSD.' WHOOPS.
  6. It would be great if someone can define "everyday American's". Is the white working class, and white voters without college degrees, the only part of "everyday America"? Are the young, minority groups, educated Americans, "fake America"? It's too bad that the Dems have a geographic disadvantage with concentration around parts of the country that are actually doing well and sustaining our economy. If only they were marketing themselves to "everyday America" that thinks the wage gap is a myth, listens to InfoWars and believes John Podesta runs a pedo ring out of a DC pizza shop. All snark aside, Zoony this is pretty typical of you now to paint the left in that image. I think many people have asked you to put out solutions YOU think that everyday American's will respond to. In reality, the left has given "everyday America" easier access to healthcare, has actively tried to do infrastructure and retraining programs in rural America and campaigned this year on easier access to education so "everyday America" can perhaps enter the present day economy. I think that some of you are uncomfortable with the reality of "everyday America" and instead want to paint the Dems as "out of touch". If that were the case, you wouldn't see the parts of the country that are doing well and have a concentration of well educated and informed citizens, increasingly shifting to the left.
  7. So if women could legally go topless in public, then dudes wouldn't pull their tops down? You aren't making much sense.
  8. I'm pretty sure the "free the nipple" movement doesn't advocate that dudes go around freeing other women's boobs.
  9. I was really hoping we had a Pizzagate nutter on this board. Anyways, a perverted Republican politician is hardly a surprise anymore. Party of sexually repressed and perverted wankers hiding behind religion.
  10. Its usually bad politics to double down on your base and think it will ride you into glory. Trump won thanks to a lot of people who normally don't vote GOP. He is on very thin ice. I think there is a reason why even the biggest hacks like Jason Chaffetz aren't towing the party line this morning. They know this is bad.
  11. Man only if a Democrat did this. The Benghazi rage would have nothing on it. Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled partisan hackery.
  12. They will be embarrassed to oblivion by slow and steady leaks to the media, coming from the intel community. Trump is so deeply unpopular already that they have little to gain by tying their own reputation to his treasonous behavior. Im really enjoying the fact that the Benghazi!!!! posters are totally absent from this thread.
  13. Russia's spy efforts aren't all that discreet in the US. Obamas post election sanctions on them included basically kicking out a ton of RU diplomats who we knew were really just spies from their intel community. Im seeing a lot of well respected ex-intel guys on twitter basically confirming that the RU ambassador is generally working hand in hand with the FSB/GRU.
  14. This is something I've suspected for quite some time. Russia also infiltrated far right wing circles in the US and Europe a long time ago with targeted online misinformation campaigns. They are using the freedom of information access in the West to wage a full on asymmetric information warfare campaign. Literally ever single far right extremist party in Europe is licking Putin's ass. This is a coordinated takedown of the Western world order that was built after WW2. Russia recognized how many ignorant morons live in the West and they've found their proxy actors in hyper-nationalist right wing parties.
  15. I just wanted to drop by to comment on how hilarious it was watching a bunch of idiots wave the Russian flag at CPAC. If there was ever any evidence needed on how dumb the voting base for this party is, there you have it.