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  1. He has nothing on the line so he can sit back and point fingers as he wishes. Here's a good account of what some of his neighbors in Tennessee have been up to: Of course he doesn't have to worry about silly little things like his children being persecuted and bullied at school for their race and ethnicity. Or constantly having to prove his credentials and accomplishments to racist white people who brought us birtherism and question the accomplishments of any person of color.
  2. How I feel rn:
  3. Steve Bannon has been fired according to NYT. Let the real fun begin.
  4. I think it's a Republican base thing. They pretend W doesn't exist. McCain and Romney are colossal losers in their eyes. I cant wait to see how they paint Trump 10 years from now. They'll probably label him a Democrat.
  5. Talk about an overreaction. Liberals in this country just won a major battle last month by destroying the GOP narrative on healthcare. Preservation of medicaid and medicaid expansion is a monumental liberal victory. We are much closer to achieving a universal healthcare system than ever before. The mainstream culture of the US is decidedly to the left on almost every issue save for maybe gun control. Democrats are making gains in parts of the country that will be steering our economy and culture into the coming decades. Pretty much every economic hub in the US is a liberal center. The mainstream corporate culture of this country is decidedly shifting leftwards on social issues. I'm not sure how you can say that criminal justice reform is dying when American cities across the country elected liberal DA's who favor reform and we see a major push for marijuana legalization in major parts of the country, that should seriously curtail the devastating war on drugs. Issues like abortion access, income inequality and higher education costs date back decades and are part of a larger American political narrative. We aren't living in some far right dystopia as you are trying to paint. I was afraid we would be headed towards this path when the GOP won in 2016, but it's fairly obvious that the current GOP is incapable of even tying its own shoelaces, let alone winning legislative battles.
  6. Anti-semitism and alleging a vast Jewish conspiracy in banking and media was always popular in Ron Paul circles. They found natural allies in white nationalist groups.
  7. Liberals lose elections because they suck at getting their voters outraged and consistently to the polls. On the flip side, liberal politicians and activists have taken on social causes much more polarizing than confederate statues and won these culture wars. Playing to what the majority wants, while disregarding your core values, is how you get spineless politicians and a rigid society incapable of growth and change. No thanks. And I suspect more and more Americans will gravitate to the liberal position on the confederacy. In fact, we are having this conversation because liberals have made significant gains in the urban south.
  8. My first thought was why Montana has a confederate monument to begin with.
  9. Like the one or two Trump supporters in my friends circle never got an invite again. Most conservative or right leaning people in my circle are RINO's who are repulsed by Agent Orange. Not many die hard Trumpers to find in urban millennial circles. I had an aunt who voted for him but I was never close with her.
  10. That blacks were better off as slaves and God would resolve the issue of slavery was a common defense of slavery in the South. Churches in the South have a deep rooted history of racism. The Southern Baptist Church wouldn't even take up a resolution condemning the alt-right as recently as last year. They only did so after word leaked to the media and they received heavy criticism. I wager that the SBC is still chalk full of closeted racists.
  11. Before Cantwell joined the alt-right and white supremacy movement, he was a hardcore libertarian who formed a tiny little club in his city called the Free Keene Society. They used to open carry and intimidate parking meter maids. Harass them and post the videos online. A lot of these alt-right guys are ex-libertarians. Die hard Ron Paul cats.
  12. I watched it due to lack of self control.
  13. Jeb! nailed this right of the bat. Chaos candidate. Its sad that more than half the country didn't see this coming. And a third is still oblivious to it. Cuck
  14. There is no choice. Anyone who stands with him will forever have their reputation tarnished. It is really amazing that he's this toxic even though the country has not undergone an economic collapse or catastrophic war. He's accomplished a disapproval rating that Bush earned after Iraq, Katrina and the recession.