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  1. I love how he basically orechestrated a massive cluster**** in his own country and is now busy doing photo ops as his barely relevant political party is now even more irrelevant than before. The complete rejection of a hard brexit is really quite something. A year later, Farage is irrelevant, Theresa May lost all credibility and the EU has a massive power advantage in negotiations. What is even the point of a soft Brexit. That's not what was pitched to the public and put up for a vote.
  2. Nothing trumps the fear of losing your culture and identity. The poor, uneducated GOP base is sticking around and will gladly march towards its economic doom just to make sure "others" don't take what's "theirs". Sticking it to coastal liberals will really rejuvenate Appalachia. Middle America pretty much deserves everything it receives over the next several years. They wanted this, they got it. Some of the biggest beneficiaries of Obamacare were poor, uneducated whites in deep red counties in states like Kentucky, WVa and Arkansas. Yet, they foolishly voted for the same people who will now dismantle the coverage they receive to make their rich friends happy. Really sticking it to the cultural elite.
  3. Tax cuts and entitlement reform under the disguise of health care reform. Oh well. We get what we vote for:
  4. Special elections usually have abysmal voter turnout. This one didn't and I think even surpassed 2014 midterm turnout. I think it actually shows that the money made a huge difference.
  5. Aside from GA-6, it's really really dumb that the DNC spent no resources whatsoever in SC-5. A district that had a Dem rep till 2010. It swung +16 yesterday and was closer than GA-6, and it didn't even have high voter turnout. The DNC pretty much has no one surveying some of these districts. They couldn't tell from the ground that it was wildly swinging in their favor?
  6. Working poor who are POC will still be a core constituency of the Dem base. Ultimately it will come down to educated professional class voters becoming allies in the fight for labor and economic justice. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that economic policy is not really a driving force in the US political climate right now. I think we are seeing voters coalescing around ideas that define the social structure of our country. And there are apparently enough college educated professional voters who are willing to overlook the leftist economic platform because it comes attached with a social vision they are more comfortable with. We see this because Hillary did great in educated/wealthy districts that were previously inaccessible to liberals. Conversely, poor rural whites are overlooking the GOPs economic platform because of social issues related to ethnicity and religion. The Democrats have plenty of answers for economic issues but no answer for the social anxieties of uneducated religious whites. The only difference is that the GOP hasn't fully felt the effects of losing educated/professional whites yet. So we aren't getting hot takes about this as much as we are about Dems losing working class whites.
  7. It's a district that Mitt Romney won by 23% and we now have two elections (2016 and 2017) showing nearly a 20% swing to Democrats. It's a realignment that will shape out over the next decade. The problem with hot takes is that they ignore long term trends. Democrats had been getting wiped out in districts with uneducated white voters for a while which came to full force in 2016. We are seeing the same trends for the GOP in districts with high percentages of college educated/professional class voters. We don't really know how this play out on a larger scale over the next decade.
  8. You can tell from his twitter meltdowns he's miserable every single morning. It makes me happy.
  9. Lawyers for lawyers I feel like someone made this joke on here earlier.
  10. The person most in need of this advice is Trump. Wonder how the meltdown will look if him and his associates/campaign end up getting charged with serious crimes.
  11. It would truly break the internet if that happened. Come on Vlad, make history. Release the pee tape. While Little Donnie has his daily meltdown on twitter, Bob Mueller continues putting together his dream team. Why does Trump sound so terrified? Just sit back and enjoy the show.
  12. Foreigners hiding money into real estate that sits empty is a fairly big problem in Canada. It's one of the first things I learned when I moved to Toronto because every local has this unanimously as their #1 complaint. If it's anything similar in London, then its nothing similar to what Madura has done.
  13. It's so weird that they are all hiring lawyers for "fake news scandals".
  14. I mean I guess we've taken it as normal that the leader of our country has daily meltdowns on twitter.