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  1. What is Democratic Socialism???

    This is best 3 minute short video that covers how NASA works today:
  2. What is Democratic Socialism???

    NASA is not being replaced. This is like saying that pharmaceutical companies are replacing the NIH. Without NASA, you don't have a private space program in the US. NASA does the RnD work for space exploration that no private company on Earth would touch.
  3. The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    The goobers who keep stumping for Trump really are clueless at this point. The man surrounds himself with a bunch of crooks. Yet somehow we are to believe that he is innocent in all of this. Drain the swamp. Yes thanks. Robert Mueller is draining the swamp monsters alright.
  4. What is Democratic Socialism???

    These are all nice hypotheticals but we have no real world examples of a country establishing a socialist/anti-capitalist system that wasn't also a totalitarian hellhole. The US seems like a fundamentally bad place to experiment with a system like this for a variety of reasons (as you mention, our government isn't designed to do this).
  5. What is Democratic Socialism???

    I am not arguing for unfettered capitalism. We collect taxes for a reason and I think taxes for a certain class of the population should be much higher. I am all for funding healthcare, education and research. At least for research, the US has a really good system in place that allows for entrepreneurship, economic growth and widespread distribution of technology. There is zero reason to advocate for sweeping changes to systems that are working. What you outline for science and technology today is basically China. The Chinese tech sector has a bunch of "private" entities but the government essentially controls all of them. China right now is a dystopian nightmare of what happens when the government owns the means of production, especially for modern technology. It is kind of mind boggling that anyone in the US would want this after seeing the pseudo-authoritarian tendencies of our current President.
  6. What is Democratic Socialism???

    The US government is able to fund basic science research at the levels it does largely thanks to the wealth generated in our capitalist economy and the taxes we are able to collect. We have a good system in place where the government funds things that private enterprise wouldn't. But a central part of our science and tech policy in this country is allowing private enterprise. We see it time and time again: the internet, the human genome project, NASA/SpaceX etc. Right now our system is the nightmare scenario of unchecked crony capitalism. The solution to this isn't full blown socialism.
  7. What is Democratic Socialism???

    The current global market system is pretty much driven by capitalist policies and countries. Feel free to cite examples of the great socialist wealth creators of this world.
  8. What is Democratic Socialism???

    Spread of wealth through free trade from capitalist countries to the developing world has led to severe reductions in global poverty, less war and major gains in health outcomes. Typing this from an uber but the data on this isn’t hard to find. I would be happy to link it when I’m on a computer. Most of it can be found in two books from Harvard Professor Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now and The Better Angels of our Nature.
  9. What is Democratic Socialism???

    Capitalism and free trade has been one of the greatest achievements of humanity. The world is categorically better from the wealth created through capitalism. Simultaneously, it is true that rules for our markets in the US are heavily tilted to favor a very small percentage of the wealthy population. Nothing about capitalism says that it should be be this way. Change the rules, not the system.
  10. What is Democratic Socialism???

    I find it mind boggling that some people on the left want to the government to have more power in the age of Trump. I still do support medicare for all. I am up for more education investments too but I think free college is kind of dumb when the K-12 system is a complete train wreck in a substantial portion of the country. Outside of healthcare and education, the role of any sensible government should be regulating the rules of our market. We don't have to go to the extreme end of the Republican dream of unchecked capitalism. Private ownership is great and we should ensure as many people as possible have the means of pursuing it.
  11. I wish Omarosa had accepted the hush money. A bunch of clueless racists conned into paying a hefty salary for a black person is the kind of irony we all deserve for putting up with this ****. Congrats to MAGA world on really draining the swamp.
  12. Twitter suspended the InfoWars account for a week today. Their days are numbered on major social platforms. You really can’t survive as a brand if major social media platforms delist you. See: Milo Younnopolis.
  13. Medium: I’m a neoliberal. Maybe you are too

    Complaining about having to click a link.. I can’t tell if this is satire. Sorry you were so inconvenienced.
  14. Medium: I’m a neoliberal. Maybe you are too

    Ok? So you’re just here for attention?
  15. Medium: I’m a neoliberal. Maybe you are too

    There is a link to the entire post in the OP. I will post my thoughts tomorrow