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  1. James Comey: Republican, Bush appointee Robert Mueller: Republican, Bush appointee, currently appointed by Rod Rosenstein Rod Rosenstein: appointed by Trump Would love to see @IHOPSkinsexplain this web of “deep state” actors.
  2. There is currently no one but the special counsel holding him accountable, as unfortunate as that is. The Republicans, at least in the house, have given him a blank check to do as he pleases.
  3. Trump is a guilty mf’er. It’s kind of hilarious that the official reasons for firing McCabe and Comey is because they were unfair to Hillary Clinton.
  4. Election 2018 Thread

    It's kind of hilarious that the GOP message not even a year into passing the tax cut has been reduced to "omgzzz brown people are coming". Let's see how long they can keep the con going.
  5. Yeah. There’s this bull**** narrative that Conor Lamb is some kind of conservative Dem. Even Brian Williams was saying this. Narrative first, facts second.
  6. In fact, lack of education and critical thinking is probably a plus at this point.
  7. Election 2018 Thread

    Trumpism seems to be going well for the GOP
  8. Election 2018 Thread

    The new GOP spin is quite funny. Connor Lamb is now a gun loving Marine. Two days ago he was a Pelosi Democrat who was going to bring in a horde of illegal immigrants who were going to rape everyone at the town square. A pro-ACA, pro-union, pro-welfare and anti-GOP tax scam liberal just won in a +20 R district. Just a few months ago a liberal, pro-abortion Democrat won in Alabama.
  9. Election 2018 Thread

    I don’t know how blue dog Connor Lamb is. He ran on a pro-ACA, pro-Roe v Wade and pro-welfare ticket. Guns and tarrifs seem like the only positions he had that went against mainstream liberalism.
  10. Election 2018 Thread

  11. Donald Trump won the presidency without the popular vote and a margin of 80,000 votes spanning three states. He is more vulnerable than Carter and Bush Sr, despite the economy. We know that because his approval numbers are horrible and with each passing year, there are more voters who absolutely loathe Republicans than they are gaining voters
  12. This is a straight up Republican wet dream. A failing government that doesn't work, in full chaos.
  13. It’s not a theory in my mind. For me it’s basically an indisputable fact. Any dude who feels icky about proximity to gay men is 100% interested in getting the pipe. Now how deep that interest goes is another thing. Lots of self loathing conservative men in this country.
  14. I absolutely cannot wait for the Trump press conference after NK diplomats shower him with praise and boost his pathetic little ego. The two people still left working at the State Department must be having a panic attack right now.
  15. Trump going to North Korea is absolutely ****ing hilarious. This is going to be a ****show of epic proportions.