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  1. Tax Bill

    Congrats to every sucker who fell for the GOP tax scam once again:
  2. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Ultimately, no one will remember the moral cowards who have decided to side with police brutality and some faux sense of patriotism, as if protesting conditions in your country somehow makes you a bad and unpatriotic person. The history of civil rights in this country tells us that activists are always maligned by white conservative America. No form of protest is accepted. But down the line, our society reveres the activists and remembers who stood in the way of justice. There are going to be thousands and thousands of Hazel Brown's in this country twenty years from now. The internet doesn't forget.
  3. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Ah yes, the person who supports protests against state sponsored murder of citizens is the commie. Not the bozos who demand blind and unconditional patriotism at a god damn football game.
  4. I would agree but he has the backing of the GOP and what is essentially, state-run media at this point. We are yet to see what happens once his family members start getting indicted, which seems likely at this point. We should not underestimate the fact that he has broad support from some absolutely insane people.
  5. The next time some religious wanker tries to make the argument that religion provides America with a moral compass:
  6. Of course not. W was a disaster for this country but he was not a raving lunatic like Trump. Of course, it was also never in doubt that he may have intentionally used the help of a hostile nation to get elected. W after losing the popular vote, didn’t spread bull crap like “3-5 million people voted illegally”. Such statements seriously jeapordize our election integrity. But nonniey knows this. And I believe there is a little bit of projection on hyper partisanship going on. Because a month ago, he was telling everyone how dramatically the economy turned around under Trump and how much it sucked under Obama.
  7. The Brexit Thread

    The vote from the younger generation in Ireland was 87-13 in favor of repealing ccording to exit polls. Youth across the West see through the bull**** of the Church.
  8. America is being gaslighted. He can’t even own up to the cruelty of his own administration. ****ing despicable. Everyone who voted for this garbage person is deplorable..
  9. I knew it wouldn’t take time until the right wing nutjobs welcomed him into their clan:
  10. Cities Race for Amazon's second "head quarters"

    Eh, Amazon's services are great. However, Bezos is a grade A asshole. I still welcome the economic growth it will foster in the DMV. However, I am hoping that the next admin takes a stronger stance against tech giants than our current one.
  11. The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    It's a criminal enterprise that is deathly afraid of our judicial system. Hence the full blown assault against people they appointed to the DoJ.
  12. It's fine. I hope when Dems are back in power, with control of the Senate and the House, they get rid of the legislative filibuster. It's the only thing that will counteract the GOP's judicial agenda.
  13. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    I used to go to a pop up in Adams Morgan but it doesn’t happen anymore and I haven’t found a replacement since.
  14. Like Chris Hayes said: the entire world is enrolled in Trump University.