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  1. Her father is a shameless, pathetic man himself. I'm sure he's proud of her.
  2. The NRA ad is fascism 101. Paint academics, journalists, dissenters as a danger to our society and the future of the country. Every authoritarian schmuck in history has always gone after groups that expose the bull****. No surprise here. They will guide the uneducated white people in this country straight into a political ideology based around fear, paranoia, hate and resentment.
  3. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Ted is such a moron. It was like one week of Blatche and Crawford playing well and he's out declaring a new big three. I am so glad he shut down his stupid blog. I remember when Ted used to respond to fan emails. I remember at one point he simply told me to **** off. I forget what I asked him but I know it wasn't even that bad. Back then it was also known that he monitored and read a lot of fan forums. I wonder if he still does.
  4. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    Rookie's usually struggle but Lonzo has the added pressure of his dad embarrassing him at every turn, being in the national spotlight with the Lakers and having every other team clown him all game long. He better have godlike mental fortitude to deal with all the **** that's coming his way.
  5. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    Has any rookie in the past decade had such a big target on his back as Lonzo Ball? He is going to get the opposing teams guards 100% every single night. Starters/bench players, everyone is gonna be gunning for him. This is so embarrassing. Lonzo is going to be at the buttend of some brutal trash talking.
  6. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Reading the first few pages and we still had hope for Andray Blatche. What a tub of lard he was by the end of his time here. Good times.
  7. He is a reflection of the conservative base in this country. Resentful, hateful, petty, childish, undignified. We are really at a crossroads as a country. Frankly none of this anymore is about small government/big government, and petty policy differences. We really need to make a decision in the 2018 and 2020 elections as to what kind of society we want for ourselves. The fence pigeons who for some reason are still voting third party really need to wake the **** up.
  8. The Dealing with Anxiety/Panic Disorder Thread

    I don't know if this will help anyone, but I dealt with a lot of anxiety earlier this year due to career and location change. It was a rough couple of months until I adjusted. What ultimately helped me was keeping a personal journal that I used every night to write down how I was feeling and put my thoughts on paper. I also started doing Muay Thai which has helped me a lot. I absolutely hate going to the gym because I find it mundane, repetitive and boring. If you are like me, introducing some kind of sport/combat dimension to your workouts might be the trick. I could not be bothered to go do mundane gym workouts but I absolutely love going into my Muay Thai training classes. It's usually 45 minutes of strength/conditioning and 45 minutes of technique. A lot of fun and kicking and punching is a great stress and anxiety reliever ... lol
  9. Great post. Going to copy and paste this to every jerk who likes playing the "you are being intolerant of my intolerance" card.
  10. The online gaming community was always destined to end up as the racist and sexist ****hole that it is today. You merge the anonymity of the internet, with the competitiveness of gaming, and you get the absolutely worst behavior you possibly can out of a lot of people. The ****head 4chan meme culture is a plague on the gaming community.
  11. He has done so many shameful things and he has paid no price for it. I am past the point of getting angry about things he does. But I absolutely loathe anyone who enables this behavior. I am past the point of giving a **** about what any Trump "supporter" says or thinks, or what ****ing bum **** part of the country they live in that might explain their ignorance. Basic human decency that we should all be equipped with, no matter where we're from or what our cultural background is, should tell us that he's a maniac, a sociopath and completely ****ing nuts. People who can't see this are a huge threat to our society.
  12. There is no price to pay anymore for lying as a conservative politician. Anyone calling out your bull**** is fake news and like good cult members, must all return to our bubble of ignorance, resentment and anger.
  13. Can't wait for all the super patriotic rightwing ****heads to start rationalizing Trump's consistent disrespect of our veterans. From McCain, to Captain Khan, to the Johnson family. Cult gonna cult.
  14. Couldn't find a thread on either so made a new one. I recently got a PC that is VR capable and was considering either Oculus or the HTC Vive. Which one does ES recommend? My primary purpose would be to use it for Google Earth VR. I really don't care about VR gaming because I haven't been impressed by anything I've seen so far. But perhaps I am missing out so I'm interested in getting the VR system that offers most potential down the line.
  15. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    Approaching 20 years of futility is remarkable. Kind of amazing to think that it's encompassed my sporting experience from the days of being in elementary school, to my late 20s as a working professional. Probably going to be in my 40s and this thread will still be getting bumped.