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  1. Still 3 alive. Not bad! For a whole there I thought we might be done week 4
  2. I picked the vikes days ago but yahoo says I had no pick. Weird. Oh well, same difference. Bloodbath
  3. Me included. I thought last week was a mirage with those Pit turnovers and that the Saints after losing to TB would rock out. Whoops. A narrow escape. I'm done underestimating them
  4. I think this might be the first year we didn't lose anyone week 1 to "forgot to make a pick". Looks like all of my nagging finally paid off. Let's keep that going for week 2. I don't like to get fancy on these picks week 1. Buffalo clearly terrible, so Ravens were a pretty easy choice. Shoutout to the one guy who picked the Skins. Nice
  5. Bump. Just a couple days left to sign up and make your picks. So do it already!
  6. Nah, didn't win. I think I came in 3rd maybe. Damn yisman Prouder accomplishment was making you and Tom laugh on podcast at some team names over the years. Iirc Circle Joique and Lawrence of a Labia both got you pretty good
  7. 2 weeks left to join! We're up to 20 players. 3 daredevils with no placeholder pick, planning to remember to make their picks later
  8. Hey! Get your own thread, buddy
  9. Bliz

    Fantasy Football leagues

    I went through the same. My old league imploded after a few years of it. If you find one or get enough posters in this thread to start your own I'd be interested
  10. Bliz

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    you anti-mixing meat people are crazy. And, for the anti-CFA people, i would add that the chicken egg and cheese on a biscuit from CFA is the best fast food breakfast out there. Last Crusade is better than Raiders of the Lost Ark. I really don't hate the Patriots that much at all. No more than any other decent non-NFCE team. James Cameron is a hack. He hasn't written a compelling character since Sarah Connor.
  11. If you played last year, you should have gotten an invite. If not, you can join here: Group ID# 4918 Password: httr For anyone who hasn't played before, it's simple. You pick 1 winner straight up each week. Pick correctly and you move on. Pick incorrectly and you're eliminated. Once you pick a team to win, you can't pick them again the rest of the season. Last one standing wins. We've had a lot of participants the last six years. And every year a big number go out when they forget to make a pick. Don't be that guy. Sign up for reminders. Good luck everyone! Pick wisely, and you can join our Hall of Champions: S1 - @HBnotBlades S2 - @dfitzo53 S3 - @Mr. Sinister and @burgundyrush co-champs S4 - @abdcskins S4.1 - @btfoom S5 - @Corcaigh @btfoom @mcsluggo @China 4-way tie. S6 - I Isn't Dumb. Who never posted in the thread to claim their glory and tell us who they were.
  12. Martin Shkreli sentenced to seven years in prison for defrauding investors
  13. Bliz

    Movie characters you can't stand

    Fabienne (Butch's gf) in Pulp Fiction. Everything about her character is terrible. Nothing she says is interesting. And she serves no real purpose in the story. The only things she contributes are a setup for Butch to say "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead." and the plot device of being the one to forget the watch so he has to go back to the apartment. She's so terrible she almost single-handedly ruins a decade-defining movie.
  14. SK seems like an overreaction to an ambiguous comment without anything really behind it. People out there sure are jittery. Which is probably a sign they have too much money tied up in this. I gave about 30 seconds consideration to "buying the dip". But for me this is just for fun and to see what happens and I don't want to put more money into it. Sooner or later it changes from a fun gamble into an investment and then you become one of those jittery people.