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  1. Martin Shkreli sentenced to seven years in prison for defrauding investors
  2. Movie characters you can't stand

    Fabienne (Butch's gf) in Pulp Fiction. Everything about her character is terrible. Nothing she says is interesting. And she serves no real purpose in the story. The only things she contributes are a setup for Butch to say "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead." and the plot device of being the one to forget the watch so he has to go back to the apartment. She's so terrible she almost single-handedly ruins a decade-defining movie.
  3. SK seems like an overreaction to an ambiguous comment without anything really behind it. People out there sure are jittery. Which is probably a sign they have too much money tied up in this. I gave about 30 seconds consideration to "buying the dip". But for me this is just for fun and to see what happens and I don't want to put more money into it. Sooner or later it changes from a fun gamble into an investment and then you become one of those jittery people.
  4. Podcast Recommendations

    For comedy, another vote for How Did This Get Made, which is incredibly funny. Bang Radio Hour. I've been listening for a few years now. It's legit hilarious. Judge John Hodgman is also pretty entertaining (couples/friends take their petty disputes to the internet court of John Hodgman). This American Life is great. I also like Nerdist. Chris Hardwick is an insightful interviewer, and will sit down with someone for an hour and have a real conversation with them. Gets some pretty big name guests See what all the fuss was about with Serial. It really was that good (season 1, anyway).
  5. with hundreds (thousands?) of coins to choose from, what led you to pick XVG, CND and TRX specifically?
  6. Took a flyer on $1k worth of Eth about a week and a half ago and it's nearly doubled since then, so that's cool. Thinking about diversifying a bit, maybe taking half and putting it into Ripple and NEO. Or maybe a little more and get into LTC too. Appears Coinbase makes you go to dollars first and then to whatever else, instead of letting you go coin to coin, so you get two transaction fees. Changelly looks pretty easy for switching between currencies. Bittrex looks complicated. What do you guys use?
  7. by doing the little things. Don't take politics too seriously. Try to unplug from it from time to time. It's good for you mental health. You didn't become friends with them for their political beliefs in the first place, I assume. If you can't have civil conversations about politics, talk about something else, and don't engage on that topic if they bring it up. If they post a lot of crap on FB that is getting in the way of your friendship, unfollow them. It's good to have friends with varying political positions. Helps you remember that people who disagree with you aren't a bunch of monsters who want to destroy this country. Just good people with differences of opinion on issues that are infinitely more complex in the real world than we treat them in conversation.
  8. "if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh"
  9. Congrats to I Isn't Dumb for winning the 6th Annual Survivor League! Post in this thread, take your bow and join the hall of champions. Thanks everyone for playing. We'll do it again next year...
  10. These guys are killing it. The 2-man playoff heads into it's 4th week after both correctly picked the Lions.
  11. Thanks LSF. Luckily Jews don't do open caskets, because I'm with you. I have only been to one that had that, and it was for a good friend who was only 26. It was awful.
  12. My grandmother passed this morning at the age of 96, and my wife and I are struggling with the question of whether to let the kids attend the funeral. My oldest is 9, and youngest 6, and this is the first time that a person they know has died (experience so far is limited to 1 cat and 1 hamster, both in the last year). Funeral will be in NJ on Friday, and we were heading up to Maryland early next week for Thanksgiving anyway, so are just going to go up a little early instead. So they will be in the area regardless. Because of the distance, we only got to see her maybe twice a year. The last year or two her eyesight was pretty much gone and we couldn't really FaceTime any more either. So while they obviously loved her the visits and interactions were kind of limited. 6 seems too young in any scenario, but I'm not sure about the 9 year old. I don't want to deny the opportunity if it would be helpful or meaningful in a positive way, but I also worry about putting her in that situation if she's not ready to handle it. My mom will be a wreck. We're not religious, so we don't have anything to tie it to on that front. If anyone have any advice here it would be most appreciated.
  13. Top 2 keeping it going, with both picking the Saints this past week.