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    Some Hard Truths

    1. Our best players are all past their prime. Trent Williams is icing his knees in between plays. Not sure he can play at a high level anymore for 16 games. Kerrigan is done. Adrian Peterson is way past done. Alex Smith, well, hes Alex Smith. I love CT but who thinks he can finish the season with Captain Checkdown feeding him 15 passes every game? 2. Josh Doctson will be out of football in 2 years. Weve seen enough 3. "Club Jay" is a real thing Team got outworked, out coached, and was completely unprepared for Sunday. The Colts had a transparent gameplan with both tackles out. Run the ball up the middle, and quick passes and slants. Absolutely no answer from the Redskins D. Pathetic. There is no accountability, no hard work, and no fear among the players. None. 4. Andy Reid, once again, sold the Redskins a used Chrysler. Congratulations to him. 5. Bruce Allens ego sent Cousins to the Vikings. There is no coming back from that move, not any time soon. We have no QB plan for the next 7 years. Snyder will not allow a rebuild, so forget about getting one in the draft, unless we trade 2 number 1s again. 6. Dan Snyder is an incompetent idiot. Petty, tyrannical, immature, impatient, and most of all, he is dumb. He will never build a winner. We have all seen enough 7. Team has invested two straight first rounders and two straight second rounders on the defensive front 7 and a RB. our defensive front 7 sucks, and our running game is awful. Enjoy
  2. Yah better to have your QB scramble out of bounds uf you don’t trust your receiver to make an easy 10 yard uncontested catch, well, you might just be Gruden
  3. I don’t care about the outcome when it comes to Gruden. He did everything wring on 2nd and 9 when they put 11 guys in the box you PA pass for an easy first down. Game. Over.
  4. If I’m Snyder I make Gruden walk home after this game you don’t believe in your team we don’t believe in you. You gigantic puss.
  5. Didnt you tell me I was wrong 2 minutes ago?
  6. Gruden is a giant puss. Just a scared little ****. No balls. None
  7. No matter the outcome, atrocious. Gruden should be fired
  8. Throw the ****ing ball on 2nd down Gruden you mother****ing **** you don’t believe in this team and they know it now. Not a leader. A scared little ****
  9. Dallas still has 3 timeouts gruden will call 3 straight running plays. Dallas will I’ll get the ball back and tie.
  10. Are we first in the league in defensive holding calls? Good grief
  11. Well that was awesome! Job not over though come on DEFENSE bring it!
  12. I hate field goals. Defense needs a turnover please. Pick 6 would do
  13. Good drive there, keep pounding it. They can’t stop the run. Every time we get cute the drive stalls. Maddening. Just run the mother****ing ball
  14. It’s kind of amazing. 10 years in the league and he can’t read a defense. He looks for the open guy reid was able to hide it with the RPOs just like Shanny did with RGIii
  15. Offense just looks... what’s the word... bad
  16. I am content to see if dak can win this game with his arm. Keep shutting down their run