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  1. Nerm

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Stupid trade by the Cowboys in my opinion, Ithink Cooper will disappoint the same way past WR trades have for Dallas. However, for all the Redskins fans who think that this team can't compete in the playoffs due to Alex Smith... It is interesting that the Raiders are in full rebuild mode. Even hearing they will move on from Derek Carr. So, it is possible that a franchise QB will be available if the Redskins wanted to take a shot.
  2. Nerm

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I know that this seems far fetched... But I am seeing rumors that the Raiders are considering moving on from Derek Carr. Anyone think there is a possibility that the Gruden brothers would consider swapping QBs? Would such a trade even be possible under the salary cap, or could their deals be restructured to make it work? John Gruden had success previously with aging veteran QBs. I wonder if he would have any interest in giving Alex Smth a shot.
  3. It sounds like the issues that Skins and Cowboys fans feel about a win is very similar. Several of the Cowboys fans I know had the same concerns that many Skins fans have. Most Cowboys fans I know do not feel that there is a lot riding on these division games. There is a sense that, even if you make the playoffs, the team will have no chance of making a run for the Super Bowl. At some point, you need a passing game that will keep up with teams with very good offenses... which will also be the teams that you would play in the playoffs. Personally, I think fans should savor these types of wins. If you make the playoffs, you give your team a chance to get hot at the right time. The Giants have turned some flawed teams into championships. Also, I would rather be a fan of a team that won their division and lost in the playoffs, than a fan of a team that needs significant improvement to make the playoffs.
  4. I would root for a Giants blowout loss. The Giants stopped playing last week when they fell behind by a couple scores. OBJ got pissed enough at Eli that he left for the locker room early for the half, even though the Giants were on offense. That team looks ready to implode again. If Norman can get into OBJ's head, he may be able to trigger an epic meltdown. The downside to the Giants imploding would be that they may get a shot at a franchise QB in the draft.
  5. Nerm

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Congrats on the win (from a Cowboys fan). I really like the Skins chances of winning the division this year. I think you win next week again, Eli is playing very poorly. I don't expect Philly to tear things up. I think the Skins take the division if they play at least .500 from here on. The only thing that would really tank the Skins would be an injury to AP, or maybe if you were swept by Philly. Dallas is going to be a .500 team at best as long as their passing game sucks.
  6. They way we spend on weapons is a big area of frustration for me. It seems like the deciding factor on weapon systems has nothing to do with defending national interests. Instead, we get a process where we chose weapons based on how many states/congressional districts have businesses that will benefit from the chosen weapon. Much like NASA, they keep spending more and more money to try to build a rocket that isn't nearly as efficient or inexpensive as ones that are currently available. Their goal has already been surpassed by private companies, but NASA continues to go over budget trying (but failing) to build something that is useless, but has parts manufactured in as many districts as possible.
  7. Nerm

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    Fun fact for this game: Adrian Peterson needs 125 yards to pass the Cowboy's Tony Dorsett for 9th place on the all time rushing yards list. Could do it against the Cowboys this weekend if he has a big game.
  8. If it makes anyone feel better, the Skins are going to have the better WRs and TEs this weekend. Also, Alex Smith has more passing yards than Dak does, even though Dak has played one more game. You guys look like the greatest show on turf compared to the Cowboys passing attack.
  9. I just watched two old HBO series that I heard good things about but had never seen. I finished The Wire, and I'm on the last season of Sopranos. I enjoyed them both a lot. Interesting characters, good drama, and understated humor. I would recommend them to those who enjoy crime dramas.
  10. Nerm

    Gameday Thread

    Very frustrating for the defensive players. But in the end, I don't think it changed the outcome of the drive any. There was a defensive holding penalty, so even if Brady was sacked on the play, the Pats would have had 1st and goal at the 1.
  11. Nerm

    Gameday Thread

    I don't understand the NFL. Why is Dak having his best game in more than a year, against the best pass D in the NFL. If he keeps this up, he may have 250 yards, which is rare for him.
  12. Nerm

    Gameday Thread

    I thought that only the player who fumbles is allowed to advance the ball, so Dak can advance his own fumble.
  13. Nerm

    Gameday Thread

    Keyshawn Johnson? Not sure how long he played in Tampa though.
  14. Nerm

    Gameday Thread

    Mike Evans is 25 years old. He is also the all time leader in receiving yards for Tampa Bay. My god, that is just strange.
  15. Nerm

    Gameday Thread

    I wonder about this. There are comparisons with Barkley and Barry Sanders regarding highlight plays. For all of Barry Sanders' great plays and statistics, it is easy to forget that he often had to be taken off the field on obvious run downs. When coaches tried to use him inside the ten or on 3rd and one, way more often than not, he would kill the drive. I dont know enough about Barkley to know if he will be a good short yardage back. I really think he is a special player, and I think he will be considered the best RB in the NFL in the near future. But his stats from last week at Carolina may be a reason that the Giants didn't try to run inside the 5. Last week, Barkely ran for 48 yards on 15 carries. Those numbers include runs of 30 yards and 20 yards. So, his other 13 carries went for a total of negative 2 yards. He has a horrible offensive line, and even with his talent, there is a low chance of success for each run.