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Winslow acknowledges year is over; reportedly will lose bonus money


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Winslow acknowledges year is over; reportedly will lose bonus money


Wire reports

CLEVELAND — Kellen Winslow Jr. apologized to Browns fans on Thursday for his reckless use of a motorcycle and confirmed that he will miss the upcoming season because of injuries sustained in the crash.

Winslow tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and suffered unspecified internal injuries on May 1 when he wrecked his high-powered motorcycle while attempting tricks in a secluded parking lot near his home.

For the first time since the crash, Winslow confirmed that he will miss his second season as a pro and acknowledged that it was a mistake to take up motorcycle riding.

"To those members of the Cleveland Browns family who I have disappointed by my decision to ride a motorcycle, I humbly apologize," Winslow said in the statement. "In hindsight it was unwise to attempt to learn to ride a motorcycle without a professional instructor in a controlled environment.

"While many of you are disappointed that I will not be on the field with my teammates for this upcoming season, no one is more disappointed in this fact than me."

Winslow did not indicate if he will seek a second medical opinion on his knee. Last week, two sources within the league told The Associated Press that Winslow tore his ACL in the accident.

Winslow, who spent nine days at the Cleveland Clinic recovering from injuries in the crash, has been working out at the Browns' training facility in Berea. He has taken part in the team's 11-day passing camp, learning the new playbook and system being installed by Browns first-year coach Romeo Crennel.

Because he broke a dangerous activities clause in his contract, the Browns will reportedly try to recoup a portion of the $5.05 million in bonuses he has received since signing a six-year, $40 million contract last season.

According to a report on ESPN.com, the Browns will seek financial adjustments to Winslow's contract once he is unable to participate in a mandatory team function.

Severe swelling in the knee prevented doctors from doing a thorough examination until 16 days after the accident. Since the injuries were not football-related, the Browns are not obligated to disclose the extent of Winslow's injuries until he fails a physical.

The report on ESPN.com indicated the Browns will enforce the "dangerous activities" stipulations of his contract once he misses a mandatory three-day minicamp, which is scheduled to begin on June 13. Cleveland is expected to seek repayment of between $2 million and $3 million of the $5.05 million in bonus money he has received.

The sixth overall pick in the 2004 draft, Winslow was limited to just two games in his rookie season after breaking his right leg in Week Two. He had five receptions for 50 yards and underwent two leg operations. Those leg injuries cost him $5.3 million in bonus money.

He was still recovering from two operations on his leg at the time of his motorcycle accident.

On Wednesday, first-year Browns coach Romeo Crennel said Winslow has been coming to the team's facility everyday for rehab and has participated in the club's 11-day voluntary passing camp. But Winslow was not on the field during the portion of practice open to the media on Wednesday.

"He comes out on the field and he has been learning the system just like everyone else has," Crennel said. "I told him I expected him to do that."

Riding a high-powered Suzuki he had just purchased, Winslow ran into a curb at 35 mph in a community college parking lot near his home and was flung over the handlebars into a landscaped area.

Surveillance tapes obtained by police in suburban Westlake showed him performing front wheelies before the wreck. He was charged with disregarding safety, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum fine of $150.

While he was in the hospital, Winslow apologized to Crennel him for letting the Browns down. In the past week, Crennel said the 21-year-old Winslow has spoken to some teammates.

"He's a young player who realizes that he's a part of a team and by the possibility of him not being there, that he's hurt the team," Crennel said. "But I think that he has hurt himself and he feels disappointment in himself and for himself more than anybody else.

"He's a football player and he wants to play football. His rehab was coming along good and he felt good about where he was, and then now to possibly have to take that step back, he's disappointed."

Browns quarterback Trent Dilfer said he has spoken to Winslow almost every day.

"These guys got me into video games for the first time in 10 years," Dilfer said. "It's been great getting to know K2. He's awesome to work with and I will continue to treat him like every other teammate. I have nothing but good things to say about Kellen Winslow."

Crennel was asked how Winslow might react if the Browns try to recoup some of their investment.

"I'm not sure," he said. "That's something that he and his agent are going to have to discuss and talk about and then they're going to have to make their determination whenever that occurs or if that occurs."

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Even with Taylor's antics I am glad we didn't saddle ourselves with Winslow.

This guy has had a big attitude problem for a long time.

Always seems to happen when Daddy is a star.

Anyone remember the draft when Winslow had his agent, business manager and marketing 'team' in New York?

What a circus.............. :laugh: :laugh:

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Originally posted by illone

Who here wanted Winslow again?


I admit I wanted him, and at least he talks to his team :)

I do think asking for some money back is a gamble for the browns, when he is healthy why would he want to stay. 2 or 3 million isn't worth the hassle I think.

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Jbooma, from the exodus in Cleveland of former high draft picks it is clear that Crennel is coming in with an attitude of 'what have you done for me lately."

I really don't think he cares whether Winslow is upset by the team trying to get a rebate on the money they paid him to suit up and play football, which he hasn't done.

The Browns drafted Braylon Edwards to be their offensive playmaker in 2005.

I don't think they are waiting on Winslow to take them places.

I think they are MORE worried about a potential cap hit they may have to take to release this bozo once and if that time comes.

Winslow does not seem to fit the profile that the 'new' Browns under Crennel and Savage are trying to create.

It will be up to him to change and prove he belongs :)

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