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Kipp Vickers....Is He Better Than We Suspect


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Let's face it....most of our memories of Vickers are jaundiced by that final image of his whiff block vs. Tampa Bay in the playoffs. It's hard for me to get over that.

And yet...this guy has been starting for the Ravens, who've experienced incredible success ever since he joined them (and, no, I don't believe he was the missing piece to their puzzle). The guy has picked up some much needed experience that didn't come at our expense.

Someone in Baltimore must have thought highly of Kipp - he started pretty consistently. I'm guessing they asked Marvin Lewis for his take, since Marvin's guys would have been going at Kipp every day in practice.

I'm just looking for the silver lining. Vickers is not one of the FAs I was hoping for, but I can see where it could work out.

Anyone else think we might have picked up a useful player?

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I'm pleased with both signings. I think we're better off with him than what a few of us were speculating about last week, and that was the re-signing of Matt Cambell. The guy plays a couple of positions along the line which always helps.

I'm not sure we need to go after anyone else on the O line. I think this signing will create a whole lot of competition for starting jobs and the best man should win. But if we can continue to sign people at the Vet min signing another O-lineman wouldn't hurt.

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As a quality depth guy he's a great signing. If he's the starter at left guard it's going to take a while to know whether we'll survive that or not. I like Vickers better than Campbell and it's pretty clear the Redskins are looking for lineman who can be flexed around where need exists. Rod Jones is our backup left tackle. Vickers is our backup right tackle. We're building guys with playoff experience along that line and that's a positive thing. I'd rather have Ray Brown starting, but, other than Brown right now, I'm not sure we're going to get better than Vickers. Ben Coleman is a fine player who can also backup the right tackle spot, but, I believe Brown is still better overall right now. Vickers is not as good as Coleman, but he's more versatile in that Coleman is pretty much a right guard at this point due to those knees.

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