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Depth Chart added


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Here's something to chew on as June 1 approaches-- a team Depth Chart. Until Redskins.com posts an updated one, you'll have to get by based on my opinion of how the chart sizes up. You can also access the chart by clicking on the "Depth Chart" link on the front page.


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Nice work, Buddha.

It's sad that this kind of work exceeds what we can get on the redskins.com site. It strikes me that the collective talents and dedication of members of this forum would create a kick-a$$ redskins.com site, if the team ever bothered to be open-minded about it.

To those who say that a team site has to be totally stuffy, I've been impressed by the NFL.com site. Its articles actually sound like journalism, not like PR releases. Maybe not *great* journalism, but I think they do an excellent job given their position as the league mouthpiece.

It would be terrific if some of the better ExtremeSkins members could be hired as unpaid stringers for redskins.com. Sure, the team would control the content and edit out what they didn't want published -- but I'm guessing the stringers would catch on pretty soon and be smart about what they write.

I used to be the editor of some corporate magazines -- maybe I'll volunteer to edit redskins.com.........

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Great Job Buddha! Looks reasonable to me.

For those who can't get enough and want to see what the starting lineup *might* look like in an Xs and Os formation, check out the PDF I made. It also includes a season schedual. I designed it to look good enough to post on the fridge or cubicle and threw in the reciever routs from that excelent PDF on the fun n gun offense.


I will update it after the final cuts and changes.

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Looking at that list of Guards I'm starting to wonder if we are already set with what we already have.

Some of these guys just need experience and we should play these guy sooner than later.

I just can't see Skaggs not pressing to be the 4th or 5th WR on this team over Derrius and Lockett.

Next year at this time the oldest guy on the team will be Jessie Armstead followed by BDW.

We are gonna be a young squad.

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I don't think they should even consider cutting Lockett, he's very solid and equal in ability to James Thrash. Of course, as the third WR in Marty-Ball, he didn't get many oppurtunities.

How I would rate the WRs ..

1) Rod Gardner

2) Jacquez Green

3) Kevin Lockett

4) Reidel Anthony

5a) Justin Skaggs

5b) Cliff Russell

6) Derrius Thompson

7) Chris Doerning

8) Darnerian McCants

9) Emmett Johson

I think Russell may rise up the depth chart as the season progresses, and will be a successful player for us in the future, but he is very raw right now. His route running needs some serious work before he can be seriously featured in this offense.

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I agree with your WR assesment for the most part but I would add that Russell's 4.27 speed and the fact that he will be taught by the best may put him at the top of the list by seasons end. (I hope - please lord let it be so!)

Dude, I checked out your site. Take some tips from a graphic artist and web designer?

1) blue links on a red background are VERY hard to read. black or white would be better. Think contrast. (for example if you take a screenshot of the page and convert it to greyscale, red and blue become very similar versions of a dark grey)

2) Test your site with other browsers than IE. In Netscape or mozilla the copy shows as black text on a black background. the only way to see it is to select the text (assuming the viewer figures out that there *is* text there).

Though I don't have a lot of time I would be willing to help if I can. Check out my site and some of my work at....


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Emmett Johnson is my roughie to make the 6th WR spot on the roster. Also think we will sign Willie Jackson - we're just waiting for the market to flood on June 1.

my list :


2)Willie Jackson - signed after June 1





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