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Which rule in particular? Thats a lot of words, most of which seems irrelevant.

15. Please maintain respectable size signatures within the limitations set herein. Maintaining reasonable size signatures minimizes the amount of load time needed to access a given page. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of excessive scrolling required of users perusing threads. Signatures should not exceed 550 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height. These dimensions are not a guideline, they are a rule. It is the standard dimension for the entire signature size a member can use. Regardless of the quantity of photos posted, the sum area of all the photos must not exceed the stated size limitations. In addition, signatures should not contain any more than 10 lines of text. The sum total of the height (ie. 200 pixels) INCLUDES text or any combination of images and text.

An example is provided below:


Any other questions rocket scientist?

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