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Also, if you do this type of thing, please PM me with your experience. I am looking for a few good people with an idea of mine. For right now I just want to know who you are. I will add you to a list I am creating for a {Possible Project} for Extremeskins.com


Im not a graphic artis..Im checking the sig that DEMARC007 created for me how sweet is this?

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does n e one in here makes sigs n if soo can sum 1 whip me up a sig?

type: hang sig

pic- Clinton Portis running

text- Clinton Portis

sub-text- Runnin for Re-Election

B.G. sumthin tyte like a stadium/field or abstract colors or a logo

just try ta make it really tyte and i will appreciate it very much

p.s- a hang sig is a sig that hangs off of the original graphic like this


thanx in advance n i hope u can get it done plz

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