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Die Hard

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Cast your vote within this thread. Choose the top 3 teams - in order with the best draft being first - whom you felt upgraded their team the most in the 2002 Mock Draft. Let's see who the potential Redskins GM's of the future should be :)


Gained: Julius Peppers, DE, UNC; Patrick Ramsey, QB, Tulane; Tank Williams, S, Stanford; Najeh Davenport, RB, Miami; Rocky Calmus, LB, Oklahoma, Darnay Scott


Gained: David Carr, QB, Fresno St; Keyuo Craver, CB, Nebraska; Marquise Walker, WR, Michigan


Gained: John Henderson, DT, Tennessee; Kalimba Edwards, DE, South Carolina; Detroit's 4th and 5th rounders in 2002

Lost: Rod Gardner WR; 4th and 5th rounders in 2002


Gained: Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon; Philip Buchannon, CB, Miami; OG Ruben Brown; Buffalo’s 5th, 6th and 7th rounds picks in 2002

Lost: WR Darnay Scott, LT John Jackson, DE Justin Smith, QB Akili Smith

San Diego:

Gained: Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami; Javon Walker, WR, Florida St; Fred Weary, OG, Tennessee; Sheldon Brown, CB, South Carolina


Gained: Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas; Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh; Doug Jolley, TE, BYU

Kansas City:

Gained: Donte Stallworth, WR, University of Tennessee; Deshaun Foster, RB, UCLA; QB Akili Smith; Kevin Johnson; Mark Smith; Ben Gay; Todd Heap; Baltimore’s 5th rounder in 2002; LB London Fletcher; OG Jerry Ostroski

Lost: Tony Gonzales, Rich Owens, Lew Bush, Mikhael Ricks, Will Shields, Marvin Minnis, 1st and 3rd rounder in 2003.


Gained: Albert Haynesworth, DT, University of Tennessee; Andre Davis, WR, Virginia Tech; Roosevelt Williams CB Tuskegee; Raonall Smith, OLB, Washington State

New Orleans:

Gained: Ryan Sims, DT, North Carolina; Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma; Joaquin Gonzalez, OT, Miami

Lost: 2nd round pick.


Gained: Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin; Mike Rumph, CB, Miami; Lamont Thompson, S, Washington St; Will Overstreet, DE, Tennessee; Eric Heitman, OG, Stanford; Buffalo’s 1st round pick in 2003

Lost: Edgerrin James


Gained: Mike Williams, OT, Texas; Bryan Thomas, DE, U.of Alabama-Birmingham; Dorsett Davis, DT, MIssissippi State


Gained: Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawaii; Michael Lewis, S, Colorado; Martin Bibla, OG, Miami

New York Giants:

Gained: Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami; Ron Johnson, WR, Michigan; Rohan Davey, QB, LSU


Gained: William Green, RB, Boston College; J. Wells, RB, Ohio State; RB Curtis Martin


Gained: Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida; Victor Rogers, OT, Colorado


Gained: Levi Jones, OT, Arizona State; Kenyon Coleman, DE, UCLA


Gained: Dwight Freeney, DE, Syracuse; Daniel Graham, TE, Colorado; Josh McNown, QB, Sam Houston


Gained: Anthony Weaver, DT Notre Dame; Levar Fisher, LB, N.C. State; Clinton Portis, RB, Miami; Marc Colombo, OT, Boston College; Antwaan Randle El, Slash II, Indiana

Lost: Keenan McCardell

New York Jets:

Gained: Edward Reed, FS, Miami; Derek Ross, CB, Ohio State University; LeCharles Bentley, OL, Ohio State University; Alan Harper, DT, Fresno State

Lost: Curtis Martin


Gained: Mike Pearson, OT, Florida; Larry Tripplett, DT, Washington; Mike Echols, CB, Wisconsin, Rich Owens, Lew Bush, Mikahel Ricks

Lost: Todd Heap, their 5th rounder in 2002

New England:

Gained: Charles Grant, DE, Georgia; Toniu Fonoti, G, Nebraska; Robert Thomas, LB, UCLA; Brian Williams, DB, NC State; Buffalo's 4th rounder

Lost: Drew Bledsoe


Gained: T.J. Duckett, RB, Michigan St; Jermaine Petty, ILB, Arkansas ; Matt Schobel, TE, TCU; Lee Mays, WR, Texas El Paso

San Francisco:

Gained: Lito Sheppard, CB, Florida; Dennis Johnson, DE, Kentucky

Green Bay:

Gained: Andre Gurode, OG, Colorado; Kurt Kittner, QB, Illinois; Keenan McCardell


Gained: Alex Brown, DE, Florida; Terry Jones, TE, Alabama; Kelly Campbell, WR, Georgia Tech


Gained: Josh Reed, WR, LSU; Saleem Rasheed, LB, Alabama; Dwayne Lewis, ILB, Oklahoma State

St. Louis:

Gained: Napoleon Harris, LB, Northwestern; Ryan Denny, DE, Brigham Young; Cliff Russell, WR, UTAH; Tim Carter, WR, Auburn


Gained: Jerramy Stevens, TE, Washington; Jon McGraw, S, Kansas State University; Joseph Jefferson, CB, Western Kentucky; Redskins 4th, & 5th rounders in 2002; Rod Gardner

Lost: 4th, & 5th Rounders in 2002


Gained: Eddie Freeman, DT, Alabama-Birmingham; Reche Calwell, WR, University of Florida; Ramon Walker, S, Pittsburgh; LT John Jackson; DE Justin Smith


Gained: Kendell Simmons, OG, Arizona St; Terrence Metcalf, OG, Mississippi; Trev Faulk LB, LSU; Edgerrin James; Will Shields; Marvin Minnis; Kansas City’s 1st rounder and 3rd rounder in 2003; Drew Bledsoe.

Lost: 1st round pick in 2003; Ruben Brown; their 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th rounds picks in 2002; LB London Fletcher; OG Jerry Ostroski

Tampa Bay:

Gained: Darnell Sanders, TE, Ohio State; (and Jon Gruden)


Gained: Chester Pitts, OT/OG, San Diego St; (and Ricky Williams)



**The Cincinatti Bengals trade their third rounder #73 and WR Darnay Scott for Houston Texans late second round pick #50.

**The Cincinatti Bengals give LT John Jackson, DE Justin Smith and the fiftieth pick for the Minnesota Viking's number 7 pick.

**The Green Bay Packers trade the 60th pick overall to Jacksonville Jaguars for Keenan McCardell.

**Jacksonville Jaguars trade their #9 overall pick to the Oakland Raiders for their #21 + #55 picks overall.

**The Kansas City Chiefs give the Cincinatti Bengals the 75th pick overall for QB Akili Smith.

**The Kansas City Chiefs trade Tony Gonzales to the Cleveland Browns for Kevin Johnson, Mark Smith and Ben Gay.

**Baltimore Ravens trade Todd Heap, their 2nd rounder #56 overall and their 5th rounder to Kansas City Chiefs for Owens, Bush, Ricks, their 2nd rounder #43 overall.

**Detroit Lions give the Washington Redskins their 1st, 4th, & 5th while the Redskins give Lions Rod Gardner, 2nd, 4th, & 5th

**The Cleveland Browns trade their second round pick #47 overall to the New York Jets for the rights to RB Curtis Martin.

**Buffalo Bills trade its #4 overall pick to Cincinnati Bengals for their #10 pick and #42 pick overall.

**The Buffalo Bills trade their third round pick #69 and second round pick #41 and their 1st round pick NEXT YEAR to the Indianapolis Colts for RB Edgerrin James.

**Buffalo Bills trade their 10th overall pick to the New Orleans Saints for their #25 pick overall (1st round) and #44th pick overall (second round)

**Buffalo Bills trade their 1st-round pick #25 overall and their 4th round pick to New England Patriots for QB Drew Bledsoe.

**Buffalo Bills trade OG Ruben Brown and their 5th, 6th and 7th rounds picks in exchange for the Cincinnati Bengals' 3rd round pick (ie. #75th overall).

**Buffalo Bills trade LB London Fletcher and OG Jerry Ostroski to the Kansas City Chiefs for Will Shields, Marvin Minnis, next years 1st rounder and next years 3rd rounder.

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My top three (and i wont vote for myself) are:

Buffalo (DieHard)-still lots of holes on Defence but at least the team will be more exciting to watch.

Oakland (Navy Dave)-Not as exciting as Buffalo but 4 solid picks. Moving up to get Haynesworth could turn out to be a very good move for Oakland.

New England (SPare)-Grant should pare well with Seymour, their first from last year, other picks all solid. Maybe could have got more for Bledsoe but there were no other good offers (as in real life).

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Too many good ones so I'll exclude my own :halo: and cheat a little. :evil:

1. Buffalo

2. Tie between Indianapolis and Oakland

3. Tie between Baltimore and Houston

Honorable mention: New England and St. Louis did very well picking at the end of each round.

Nice job by all. :cheers:

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Hands down, Buffalo is the winner from this draft. Yes, I helped out with this, but getting James, Bledsoe and Shields, plus all those picks was brilliant. Of course, not much of this would happen in reality.


2. Minnesota for taking a sweetheart of a deal from the Bungles. Getting an LT and pass rusher is sweet, even if it meant giving up Joey Harrington. They addressed the team's weaknesses well.

3. Houston had the extra picks, but did a good job in going with Peppers and Ramsey over Carr (unlike reality).

4. Balmer did a good job just for simple quantity without giving up much, and still getting decent folks in return. There are a few names on that list that I might have liked to be around at the end of the round.

5. Indy. Completely pie in the sky to trade James because of the cap, but retooled pretty well for the defence. The only question is whether James' replacement is up to the job (remember, the Colts kinda sucked on offence last year, even if the guy did stand in for James for most of the year).

I also think that I did an OK job, though I wish that there was more out there for Bledsoe. Straight up, trading Bledsoe for Grant and a 4th rounder is a bad deal. But circumstances being what they are, and me wanting the fun of actually making the extra picks, I think that it worked out OK. I'll see what Pats fans would think about my results and get back to you guys.

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Hey Romo sits to pee - Yes, Buffalo still has plenty of holes of defense... but consider where the franchise was BEFORE the draft? :) It was a team which required a COMPLETE overhaul on BOTH sides of the ball which would've taken years. In single draft, they've rebuilt the offense into arguabling one of the league's best. And the core of it remains relatively young.

If I'm Buffalo's GM next year... they would spend their entire draft rebuilding the defense with 1 or 2 key defensive free-agent acquisitions and this team would be ready to make a run.

Which is a far cry from where Buffalo sits this very second :laugh:

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Die Hard- I wasnt trying to criticize your draft, i did rank you first. Just pointing out that even if Buffalo were able to do as well as you did they would still have a ways to go before challenging for a division championship.

Kinda like my situation with Baltimore. I could have gone one of 100 different ways filling the holes with that team and still not managed to make them a contender. Buffalo, Baltimore, Carolina, Detroit just to name a few need at least 2 years to rebuild.

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Romo sits to pee - I wasn't taking it personally. I was just shooting the breeze dude. Trust me... I KNOW Buffalo has some huge holes on defense. But I think with Trev Faulk/Brandon Spoon and a couple of young former first-round picks at corner... we've got a good young nucleus on defense as well. However, right now... it's one of the weakest in the league.

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Buffalo and Houston got the most bounce for the ounce.

Honorable mention goes to Seatle. They didn't make any big splash trades but they weren't afraid to gamble on greatness. It took guts to grab the undersized pass rusher extraordinaire Dwight Freeney at 20 and then follow it up with the vastly under rated Josh McCown in the third.

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  • 8 months later...

Yeah, you're on my list. But then again, I'm on my list too. :D

The drafts I liked (taking into consideration their draft positions and in one case who they actually wound up with are as follows, in no particular order:




NY Jets

...edit.. now that I look at it, VoR is looking like a mighty smart man, with his estimation all the way back on April 17th.

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Hey Tom, it's the ExtremeSkins annual mock draft. For the past few years... members volunteer for different teams. Around the beginning of April we start... and every GM gets 24 hours to submit a pick - in an ongoing Mock draft thread - or can submit one by proxy. Trades would ideally be done before the draft... but it isn't prohibitive if completed within 24 hours of having to make a pick.

We'll start informing members about a month before the draft. So stick around in the offseason... and you can play :)

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