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I'm 1-0...how did everyone else do?


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My Upset pick of the week was Cleveland over Baltimore. I can't tell you how many people (not in here) told me I was crazy. Baltimore has a wicked D & Cleveland doesn't have the weapons to do very well against that kind of D. On top of that, I always get the history lesson. Baltimore has beaten Cleveland 3 out of 4 times. Well, it looks like Cleveland doesn't read into that stuff. They went out & played their game & beat the snot out B-More. I don't have the official stats yet & if anyone gets them, I would love for them to be posted here.

Well, I'm 1-0, sure to be 1-1 next week. :laugh:

Just wondering what everyone else picked & how you did with your "Upset picks"?

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Originally posted by DarkLadyRaven

I saw the game- it was a fiasco at best.

Deion was used for a punt return - as soon as he caught the ball he was quickly tacked with authority.

Yeah he's a waste. I don't know why he came out of retirement & why the Ravens wanted him, but I'm glad.

BTW, I don't know whether to :laugh: or :puke: because of your sig.


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